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A call for advice – Daisy’s gone reactive!

Ack!! I don’t know what’s suddenly gotten into our little miss, but she’s suddenly become a reactive dog when we take her for walks. And she’s barking at every little thing she hears at home, too.

When we would walk her and we came upon another dog walker, Daisy was always friendly. Now all of a sudden she’s straining at the leash, barking up a storm, and occasionally throwing in a little growl as well. All of this happened within the past two weeks, and we want to stop it right away. Our dog walking neighbors now cross the street when they see us coming, and that has to stop. I don’t even want to take her to PetSmart until we fix this thing – close quarters are no place for a reactive dog.

A lot of the advice I see online asks us to work with a friend who has a dog; well, that’s not possible for us. Only one of my friends has a dog, and her dog is completely antisocial. We can’t even walk our dogs together anymore, he’s gotten so bad. So that’s out.

I’m becoming very confused by all the instructions I’ve found online because some actually contradict others. We need to start something now, before this behavior really takes hold and maybe even escalates.

Can anyone recommend a good website or technique that you know works? We’d really appreciate the help!


The Dog Who Cried Wolf

I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place.

I tell you I HEARD something!!

Daisy barks at everything AND nothing. Now, I know dogs have exceptionally keen hearing, but you’ll see how this case is different when you read the circumstances surrounding Daisy’s “cry wolf” routine.

When we’re in the kitchen/family room/living room area of the house, she only barks when she actually hears something unusual. But when we’re anywhere else, she goes into these constant barking tirades like an intruder was breaking down the door with an ax.

I can’t figure out why she does this. And I don’t want to tell her to stop because I DO want her to bark if something is actually awry.

I end up wasting time running around to check and make sure everything’s secure. So I decided to stop doing that in case it was providing entertainment for Dear Little Daisy. Dear Little Rascal Daisy.

I can't believe you fell for it AGAIN....

It didn’t matter. She still barks at phantoms. And it always leaves me wondering if I’m picking the one wrong time not to check.

Does anyone else’s dog do this? Any ideas how to stop her from crying wolf and teach her to only bark at actual sounds? How do I turn a faker into an honest watchdog? 😛

Happy Friday and a great weekend to everyone!


Becoming a “Real Dog”

It’s a funny thing, but when we brought Daisy home as a young puppy, she didn’t do any “real dog” things. Things like


At 2 months old, I only liked cuddling with soft, warm things!


chasing balls or toys, chewing chew toys, wiggling her nose at every passing breeze, showing an interest in birds, squirrels and other wildlife, etc. were not part of her personality yet.

In fact, at 2.6 pounds, she couldn’t even hold the smallest chew toy steady enough to do any real chewing – we had to hold them for her, and then she’d spend about 15 seconds making an attempt at chewing before she gave up! Just about everything was too big for that tiny mouth.

Every time one of those innate characteristics kicked in, my daughter would get excited and say, “She’s becoming a real dog!” It was true – she was moving away from that extremely shy puppyhood period and discovering herself and the world around her. And with that, those canine instincts began kicking in.

Now, as happy as we are that she’s a “real dog”, there are times when we long for those pre-canine days. Like when she’s barking her head off at a poor little unsuspecting chipmunk who’s just going about his business, and we feel like those sharp shrieks she throws in are ripping holes in our eardrums.

The parallels between puppies and children are amazing if you think about it. We can’t wait for our children to walk, we’re so excited when it happens, and then they end up trying to run all around public places while we spend more time trying to get them back under control than doing whatever we went there for. We teach them how to talk and are so excited at their first words and every new phrase until they turn into nonstop chatting machines, revealing our secrets to the world, and we long for those quieter days.

And we love them both unconditionally regardless of all their silly little ways….and maybe because of them.

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