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Daisy needs your positive thoughts

We had a very scary Saturday. It all started when Daisy let out a yipe when nobody was touching her. Then she did it again a little later. And she was walking a bit carefully, not her usually rompy, frolicking little self.

Then it all hit the fan. She was up on the sofa with us, and she gave another little yipe. DD touched her lightly on the back, and all hell broke loose.

She cried out and kept crying, making her way awkwardly across the couch to me – she always comes to me when she needs comforting.

She tried to sit on my lap but couldn’t get comfortable. She was trembling, whimpering, and couldn’t position herself.

“Call the vet!” I yelled.

DD was on it. You see, I’m good at panicking, DD is good at taking action. After the crisis is over, we both fall apart.

Anyway, our wonderful vet told us to bring her in even though his schedule was packed. He usually closes at 2:00 on Saturdays and he was backed up until at least 3:00, but he still let us come in.

He tested her neck and legs – all fine. Then he pressed along her spine and at one point she screamed.

“It’s her back,” he said. “She has back pain.”

He told us that it’s common for small dogs to get back pain between the ages of 4 and 6 – Daisy is 5. However, it can go either of two ways – either it’ll get better over the course of two MONTHS or it’ll get worse, which would be really bad. I don’t even want to think about that, don’t want to talk about that outcome. It just can’t happen. It just can’t.

He said if her legs start to wobble we have to call him immediately; that would be extremely bad. He wants to see her again on Tuesday morning; it’s never good when a vet wants to do a follow-up in three days.

She can’t go for walks, just a short, slow trip outside to take care of business and then back in again. When we got home and took her out a few hours later, after just a few minutes she had to take a 15 minute break to lie down in the grass. It was heartbreaking.

The vet gave her a shot to help take the edge off the pain and gave us two meds for her, one of which is pretty strong. She was crying when she walked, but once the meds kicked in, she could walk gingerly without constant crying. She whimpers here and there, screeches occasionally, and walks like a cat with its back arched, very slowly and awkwardly. Mostly she’s just lying absolutely motionless for hours, very occasionally looking up at us with big scared eyes.

If I could take the pain from her and put it into myself, I would do it in a heartbeat. It’s so painful to watch such an innocent little pup – or any animal – suffer so much. She doesn’t understand, and she’s scared. Understandably. We’re wrecks, also understandably.

We’re asking our blog buddies for your prayers, positive thoughts, messages to the Universe, or whatever you believe in to pull her through this and let it be something she can recover from and not the worst case scenario.

Because we just couldn’t deal with that.

We’ll keep you updated as the days go by.


Down But Not Out….Completely….

First of all, thank you to everyone who has expressed concern over our absence in the blogosphere. We missed everyone and it’s so nice to know that our wonderful little community here cares so much.

Originally I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog for a couple of weeks due to another sudden influx of work – that’s one thing about freelancing, you never know when every client you have is going to dump projects on you simultaneously.

Well, that went fine, I just worked around the clock to get everything done on time. But The Big One was yet to come.

Ever since Daisy tore her ACL and meniscus, we’ve tried to prevent her from jumping on sofas and chairs, and especially off them because of the impact to her body. The surgeon and vet both told us that any dog who has this sort of injury is very likely to have it happen again. In fact, the vet who was on call the night after Daisy came home told us that her small dog did have this injury twice and that we should expect it if she continues to do the same thing that caused the injury.

So we put up a baby gate between the kitchen and family room to stop her from jumping on the sofas. When we’re going to be in there, we pick her up for cuddles and lift her off again when we leave. She’s managed to slip through our vigilant precautions a couple of times, but with the gate up, her evil little plans are thwarted. 😉 We keep all kitchen and dining room chairs tucked under the table or tilted against the table to make them inaccessible, and we have all kinds of stuff blocking the living room sofa and chairs. We’ve even blocked off the space under our beds to stop her from army-crawling underneath in case she hurts herself under there – how could we ever reach her?

Anyway, several days ago Daisy was extremely naughty. After taking her for her morning walk/run, she was eating her breakfast in the kitchen and I was in the family room with the gate up between us. I looked up and suddenly saw her in Poop Position! I screamed, “NO DAISY!” and ran to get her. In my wild Olympic-style hurdle of the gate, my back foot caught on the top of the gate and the gate, which wasn’t firmly in place, came along with me. I couldn’t catch my balance because the gate was stuck on my foot; I knew I was going down.

But on my wild flight, my back must have arched suddenly and I heard a loud CRACK and felt a tremendous pain in my lower back. I hit the floor and a searing pain shot across my lower back relentlessly. I was just like that annoying commercial – I’d fallen and I couldn’t get up.

Naturally, I was alone in the house. It was early in the morning but DH was already out and DD was away for the weekend. Of course!

Fortunately, I’d landed next to the kitchen chair where my purse was and I was able to tilt the purse so my cell phone fell out. I called DH, who was only 10 minutes away, and he came charging home like a knight in shining armor. He’s a strong guy, very muscular, and was able to slo-o-owly lift my 110 lb. body off the floor. It was extremely painful. Since I couldn’t walk, sit, or lie in a way that lessened the pain, he insisted we call the paramedics to take me to the hospital, which scared me to death. I hate hospitals and I hate needles even more, and I was so sure I’d need back surgery.

But he was right, he had to call the paramedics. Out came the police, followed about 10 minutes later by the paramedics. Now, you have to understand that I’m more of a private person and don’t like to be the center of attention, so this was NOT a good situation for me. But the paramedics and police were SO incredibly nice, it really helped me deal with the situation.

So there I was, on our first gorgeous spring day, strapped to a board, choked by a neck brace, and tied to the stretcher like a mummy.

AND I HADN’T HAD MY MORNING SHOWER YET. I looked like a wreck! I think my embarrassment level equaled my pain level!

Anyway, during my 4-hour ER stay, they did x-rays and other tests and determined that, thank God, my spine and spinal cord weren’t affected and the cracking sound was most likely two or three vertebrae crunching together from the abnormal backward arching, but fortunately they didn’t get damaged. The upshot was that it’s a back sprain and will take 2-3 months to heal completely. Yes, MONTHS. Ack!! They also said if I didn’t have any improvement in 2-3 days, I needed to see an orthopedic doctor for an MRI. Fortunately we happen to have a good one who operated on DH’s shoulder last year.

But I am seeing improvements. I’m still extremely limited and can’t go out. I just stopped taking the pain killers and anti-inflammatories today, so maybe I’ll come out of this legal-drug-induced stupor. These meds have me sleeping most of the day and dopey the rest. Ugh.

Daisy keeps gazing at me from afar with big soulful eyes. It’s not her fault that her mommy was stupid enough to vault the gate (though I’ve been doing it ever since her surgery without incident, but I guess it was just a matter of time before one of us took a header).

So DD and DH are taking turns working from home to babysit me. DH has to lower me to the floor for my naps and lift me back up again. Believe me, I appreciate to no end how much my little family is pitching in to help me, but I’m an independent sort, so I’m anxious to do things on my own again. And that’s what they’re most worried about – that I might try to do too much too soon.

Then I got to thinking that we’ve had quite a run within a year’s time: first DH had his shoulder surgery, then Daisy had her ACL/meniscus surgery, and now I had this accident – poor DD is worried that she’s next!

And that, my dear blog friends, is my sad tale of woe. I’m now off for my first 3-hour nap of the day – I can’t wait for these meds to wear off!

Hope you’re all having a better spring than I am! 🙂


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