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Fall Festival Daisy!

We took Daisy to her first fall festival a couple of weekends ago, and she had a blast!

One happy pup at our lakeside break.

One happy pup at our lakeside break, sitting on her daddy’s lap.

Well, it’s actually the second fall festival we took her to, but after driving over an hour to one last year and then searching for parking on small streets for another 15 minutes, then walking a quarter of a mile to the festival, they wouldn’t let us go down the street with the festival because dogs weren’t allowed! RUDE!!

We were pretty angry, and I did get in touch with the organizers afterwards and told them that nowhere on their website does it say “no pets” and I gave them an earful. Now they finally have that notice on their site. (Still RUDE, though!)

AAAnyway…this was a pet-friendly festival – as it should be since it’s all outdoors – and Daisy was thrilled with all the new smells and new places and, of course, all the people who couldn’t resist petting her and gushing over her. 🙂

It was perfect weather – 70 degrees and sunny. This is a small, historic New Jersey town that we’ve been going to for many years now. I just love the charm and ambiance of small old towns.

The old Farmers’ Bank building, built on a narrow corner. The building is shaped like a triangle.

One of my favorite small homes in town.

One of my favorites of the smaller homes in town. You know how much I love cozy cottage-type homes!

One of the large old homes in town (most of it isn't in the picture). I had to take this pic because whenever we go there, there are always people sitting on the porch with a couple bottles of wine! Always!

One of the large old homes in town (most of it isn’t in the picture). I had to take this pic because whenever we go there, there are always people sitting on the porch with a couple bottles of wine! Always!

As usual, my photo focus is always on the charm and serenity of areas I visit, and I realized I didn’t even take any pics of the festival itself! I enjoy the live music and all the tents with artists displaying their beautiful creations, but I never think to take pics of the crowded street scene.

So you’ll have to bear with me as I show you some of my favorite spots in town, like the peaceful lake that I always visit…


…and the bamboo forest I always hike through (VERY dense, but there is a trail!), I’m like a kid in forested areas…

bamboo forest

…and the colors of fall starting their glorious display…

fall at the lake

…and these little remnants of summer, quietly standing their ground so beautifully…

last summer flowers

We walked and strolled and enjoyed ourselves for a good three hours, and I’m happy to report that Daisy did very well, both physically and without displaying any reactive leash issues. Although she wasn’t as relaxed as this little guy…

pooped pup

…Daisy had some cheat time, when her daddy carried her through the more congested crowds so she wouldn’t accidentally get stepped on…

Hello! Nice to meet you! Please feel free to shake my paw! :)

Hello! Nice to meet you! Please feel free to shake my paw! 🙂

And of course, there was the happy ride home, where Daisy saw scenes like this

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!

…and I saw scenes like this…

One happy, pooped pup as seen through the car's vanity mirror. :)

One happy, pooped pup as seen through the car’s vanity mirror. 🙂

Wow! That was fun!! :D

Wow! That was fun!! 😀

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Happy Havachon Halloween!

Fall and Halloween go hand-in-hand around here. It’s my favorite season and it’s tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday. And since my birthday is October 30 – yes, Mischief Night! Bwahaha! – there’s lots of extra celebrating going on. 🙂 So I enjoy every precious second of it.

From our vet’s highly decorated office (notice the fireplace – it used to be a house, and he kept it warm and homey):

vet's autumn

vet's in autumn

To walks in my favorite park:

autumn tree red

This tree is actually quite red, but my smartphone isn’t smart enough to get the color right!

autumn trees with geese

To visits to those wonderful family-owned garden centers:

pumpkins at farm

mums in bloom



And last but certainly not least, Daisy’s attempt at striking fear into our hearts with her definitive Mark of the Vampire:

See Mom? I told you there was a canine vampire here! ::heeheehee!::

See Mom? I told you I turn into a vampire at night! ::heeheehee!::

I look innocent when I'm cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I'm really hiding vampire fangs...

I look innocent when I’m cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I’m really hiding vampire fangs…

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Monday Mischief: Unexpected Dinner Guests

Hi friends! Daisy here.

We had some unexpected guests visit us for dinner the other day. If you ask me, I think it’s rude to just pop in on someone for dinner. Shouldn’t they let us know they were coming so we could make sure we had enough for them to eat?

Well it turns out we had plenty for them. Just one came at first….

Proud as a peacock...er, I mean turkey....

Proud as a peacock…er, I mean turkey…. Staking a claim on his dinner plate.

Walking to and fro, surveying his buffet while nibbling.

Walking to and fro, surveying his buffet while nibbling.

Apparently Daddy had put a lot of grass seed down in the dirt patch where we had the tree removed, and Mr. Turkey discovered it. But he’s a generous old dude and shared it with his clan:

Everyone came to the table for their own pre-Thanksgiving "paleo" dinner.

Everyone came to the table for their own pre-Thanksgiving “paleo” dinner.

He must be the grandpappy of them all, because he was the biggest and his tail feathers were a gorgeous variety of patterns and colors. The white one was also incredible. Even after the rest of the team left, Grandpa stayed and ate for the better part of an hour.

Fortunately Daddy put a LOT of seed down and we still have a nice velvety covering of green on the patch. But it was fun to watch and a good excuse to bark LOUD!!!! 😉

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Faceless Puppy – The Chill of Fall!

We’re celebrating the passing of our humid, miserable summer and the start of a beautiful fall with crisp air and gorgeous leaves that energize puppies and humans alike! LOL – you can’t tell that I love fall and cooler temps, can you? 😉

On these lovely fall mornings, I have to drink my coffee quicker than usual because it cools off pretty quickly. Mornings in the house are quite cool, but I refuse to turn the heat on until October. Mid-October, hopefully! Besides, the sun and low 70 degree afternoon temps warm us up enough a little later in the day – that’s what layers are for! 🙂

Daisy’s thick double coat keeps her warm, but today it seemed she wanted the help of her favorite fuzzy blanket to take the chill off her nose….and face….

Hey, it's cold in here!

Hey, it’s chilly in here!

I know my nose is supposed to be cold, but this is ridiculous!

I know my nose is supposed to be cold, but this is too much!

Hope you’re all having a beautiful fall too!


Wordless Wednesday: Snug as….a Havachon in Fleece :)

'Nuf said....

It’s the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Check out all the cute pets whose pictures speak louder than words! 🙂


Wordless Wednesday: Leaf? What Leaf??

Shock and horror – Havachon style – at our discovery of her autumn treasure:

Unhand me! I don't know anything about an autumn leaf in the house!

It’s Wordless Wednesday! Hop around and meet new friends! 🙂


October Snowstorm!

Wow, no one was ready for this! A weekend that started out like this:

….suddenly turned into this:

Yes, that’s a crazy snow/sleet mixture coming down in October!  Even the pumpkins didn’t look too happy….

And 4 inches later, ice took over:

Whoever heard of fall leaves frozen in ice?!

And before we knew it, our governor declared a state of emergency. But the last of our tomatoes already had their own emergency:

Snow-topped tomatoes weren't on the menu....

So we all snuggled up inside with cocoa, warm apple cider, games, movies, books, and everything else our hearts desired, especially our little Daisy, who really knows how to make the best out of a freakishly frigid October day:


Happy Halloween Havachon!

This weekend will be full of fun for us – Saturday is my birthday (yes, I’m a Mischief Night baby) and Sunday is Halloween, so I probably won’t be online at all. Lots of plans, lots of fun!

So I thought I’d post this picture of Daisy in her Halloween pumpkin costume now, and wish everyone a spook-tacularly fun, sweet-filled Halloween!

I love my pumpkin costume! I hope I get some Halloween candy!


Fall Fashion Havachon Style

DD loves argyle and she really wanted to put something pink on Daisy, so when we found this sweater that was the best of both worlds, we just couldn’t resist!

I love my new fall sweater!

We thought we’d have trouble getting Daisy to let us put the sweater on her, but she just loved it! We put it on her when we went to a fall festival on a chilly day, but she seemed to enjoy wearing it at home too.

Bad Vet had told us that Daisy would need to wear something indoors all the time during fall and winter, but that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. After all, Havachons have a double coat, and we’re letting Daisy’s hair grow a little longer during these cooler months.

So we double-checked with our new vet, who’s a much more down-to-earth doctor and whose opinions we respect. He said she should only wear something in the house if the house temp is 40 degrees or less, which of course it never is! He told us that if she always wears clothing, her double coat won’t come in and she’ll freeze when we take her outside during winter months. However, if it’s very cold outside and she’s going to be out for more than 15 minutes, then she should have something on to keep her warm.

Looking online, I can see lots of freebie, unchecked articles recommending dog clothes in all types of weather; many of those “writers” are actually sellers of pet clothing, so their articles serve their own purpose.

How do you know whether and when you should clothe your pet? Check with your trusted vet, he/she knows best!

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America’s Most Dog-Friendly City

::Dreaming about dog-friendly vacations::

Taking a break from journaling Daisy stories to pass along some cool info – apparently Dog Fancy magazine has crowned Provincetown, Massachusetts as “Dog Town USA 2010”; it’s being touted as the most dog-friendly city in the country.

And what better time of year to go to Massachusetts than fall — autumn in New England! Breathtakingly gorgeous! And now we can share those stunning fall colors with our four-legged pals!

Apparently the entire town is open to dogs: from hotels and restaurants to shops and even banks! And it has the country’s second best dog park (Pilgrim Bark Park), according to Dog Fancy.

There’s a great article about it here: http://tinyurl.com/2uypq3f, on About.com.

I think we may have to change our fall travel plans! 🙂


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