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Breakfast in Bed for Daisy? I Think NOT!!

What am I, a maid? A servant? I think Daisy’s trying to be Queen Bee again.

You can serve my dinner to me here, my good man.

Lately she’s been acting very strangely at mealtimes, especially at dinner. Our routine is that once we put her filled bowl down, she has to sit and wait until we say “okay”, indicating that she can go eat (maybe 5-10 seconds, no longer). That worked fine for months.

All of a sudden, she’d just keep sitting there after we’d tell her “okay”. Just sitting there, staring at us. We knew she was hungry because she did her little excited prancing routine while we served up her food, ears high, eyes wide, tail wagging. But when we said “okay”, she just sat there, as if it had to be her decision when she’d eat, not ours. A very “Daisy” thing to do.

She wouldn’t go to her bowl until we left the room. Then the crunching began.

Oh, water boy! I need a fill-up here, please!

Now she’s escalated that to a new level. I think she wants to be served meals on the couch! When we’re getting her food, she gets excited, but then she goes onto the couch, lies down, and waits. Expectantly. Watching our every move. Daisy the hawk.

We say “okay”, she just sits there. We leave the room….no crunching….she’s still sitting there. Looking at us expectantly. Waiting. The Queen Bee. Bring me my food, there’s a good chap. And exit backwards, please, bowing as you go.

What’s next? Breakfast in bed? Dinner by candlelight? Supper by the fire? I think this little Havachon is going to have to “ruff it” and keep eating her meals on the floor from her pretty little silvery bowl on the pretty little silvery mat. Life is tough sometimes….LOL!


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