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Follow-up to Daisy’s surgery

Well if there’s one thing I can say about our little Daisy, it’s that when she does something, she REALLY does it.

The surgeon called me after her surgery yesterday and said that she not only tore the ligament clean through, she also tore the meniscus (the disc that cushions the knee joint). He said the surgery went well, but she’ll have to be inactive for two months.


Keeping a springy little Havachon inactive for two months will be like trying to keep champagne from exploding out of the bottle. Thank God Daisy likes being in her crate, because there’s no way we can leave the house without putting her in it so she won’t jump on the furniture or run around like a nut when she hears something.

The surgeon said they had to remove the meniscus as well the damaged portion of the ligament and replace both with artificial parts. He said because they did the surgery so quickly – within 24 hours of the injury – and because Daisy’s so young, there’s a good chance that she’ll heal completely. Ninety percent of dogs do. But if she re-injures it, he said, “that’s a different story”. Yikes.

There’s also  a 50/50  chance that she’ll get arthritis because of this injury. He shocked me when he said it could show up in only 4-6 weeks! We’re praying that doesn’t happen. Daisy’s only 3 years old, and I’d hate to think of her aging with worsening arthritis from such a young age.

We’re waiting for a call from the surgery this morning telling us we can pick Daisy up this afternoon. I’m a little nervous about caring for her to prevent her from injuring herself further, but mostly I can’t wait to get her back!

I snapped this picture of Daisy just before DH and DD left for the vet. I can see the difference in her expression – she looks sad, scared, and confused. (Maybe only a mommy would see the difference!)

Poor broken little Daisy.

Poor broken little Daisy.

We’re taking this as a positive sign – we got an early snow today!!

A beautiful November snow!

A beautiful November snow!


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