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Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Go To Dinner

I just had to share this observation with you, even though it has nothing to do with Daisy.

George, I TOLD you we should have come earlier! 😉

Our bird feeder ran out of seed this morning. Naturally, DH put the big jar of seed away in a spot that’s inaccessible to me, so these poor birds will have to find another source for the day.

But a funny thing happened. The male cardinal landed on one of the perches, checked for food and, finding none, he cleverly hopped around to each perch on the four sides of the feeder, checking the openings on each side.

Discovering that his favorite food source had run dry, he looked around, then flew away. Seconds later, Mrs. Cardinal flew onto the perch and double-checked for food.

So I ask you – is the animal world any different than the human world when it comes to relationships? If a man goes into the fridge looking for milk and finds none, doesn’t the woman always go in right after to double-check his claim?

The only difference is that in the human world, the woman usually FINDS the milk that was staring the man in the face the whole time….



“What’s a Havachon?”

That’s the first thing people ask when we say we have a Havachon puppy. Havachons are a relatively new mix of Havanese and Bichon, and they generally grow to all of 10-12 pounds. She’s our first small dog and as we’ve come to find out, with small dogs come BIG responsibilities!

There’s precious little information anywhere about Havachons because they’re such a new mix, so we’re inching our way along with training and personality traits. LOTS of fun and plenty of challenges too, but she’s so darned cute, it’s worth it!

Funny stories, crazy moments, nutty personality traits, and training techniques that work and don’t work with this little bundle of fur – that’s what you’ll find here.  🙂

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