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Spay Day Arriveth

Well the Day of Spay is here. We’re dropping Daisy off at the vet at 11:00; I feel like I’ll be turning my back on my youngest child! I hate the fact that she’s going into an unknown situation alone; at least she knows and likes the vet and his assistants, that’s a little relief.

You're taking me WHERE?? To do WHAT??!!??

DD took the day off from work so we could do this together. After we take Daisy to the vet, we’re going to lunch and then spending the day shopping to keep our minds off our little pup. Maybe even a Starbucks stop in the afternoon…gotta try those fall flavors while they last!

I scheduled the spay date for a Friday so we’d all be home over the weekend, especially for Daisy’s first day home on Saturday, when she’ll still be kind of “out if it”. I don’t remember what the post-spay situation was like with our previous dog, but I do remember that she was bandaged up like a mummy; now they don’t do that, and I’m worried that Daisy will lick and gnaw at the stitches enough to cause bleeding. The vet assured me that he quintuple-knot s them, but still….

On the down side, her rash is back full force now that we stopped all the meds. I hope this won’t cause a problem with the spay, or the other way around. Once everything’s settled down again, I’m going to take her for a second opinion to a vet who combines traditional and alternative therapies in his practice. No more cortisone poison for Daisy.

Wish us luck this weekend!


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