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Daisy the Canine Teabag

She’s tenacious. She’s stubborn. She plays hard. She’s….Daisy the Canine Teabag! LOL

Daisy loves playing tug-o-war with her blanket, aka her best buddy. I know, we broke a basic rule of training BIG time by allowing this, but it’s just so darned fun! I think it takes more discipline to stop a human from playing tug-o-war with a dog than the other way around. 😉

Those steel jaws of hers absolutely refuse to let go of the blanket when we play. She whips her head back and forth like a wild animal trying to shake its prey to death. She growls up a storm, and those growls range from high-pitched maniacal growling to deep, steady, long rumbling growls. And everything in between, including multi-toned growling LOL! What a nut.

But the funny thing is that when we pull the blanket upward, she still hangs on. Her front half just floats in midair as she growls away – anything to hang on! So I started doing a gentle up-and-down motion, thinking the light bouncing might encourage her to let go – nope. She just bounces up and down with the motion, looking like a canine teabag. 🙂


Creative Daisy-Made Interactive Dog Toys ;)

It seems to me that Daisy creates her own interactive puzzle toys.

Lookee what I did, Mommy!

Sometimes, when I’m too busy to play with her, she’ll take one of her longer blankets by the corner, dragging the rest behind her like a bridal gown train, and circle in, out, and around table legs. This causes the blanket to wrap around the legs so that eventually it gets stuck and she can’t pull it anymore.

At this point, she’ll start growling and tugging at it in a game of tug-o-war with the table. She really gets going, too – her growls get louder and louder and sometimes they even get pretty high-pitched when she’s trying to warn that table that the blanket is rightfully hers.

After that, she embarks on an all-out campaign to figure out a way to unravel the blanket from the table legs. This is the “interactive puzzle” part of her homemade game. She’ll go this way and that, and the blanket gets a little longer, then a lot shorter, and on and on until finally she gets the pattern down and untangles the blanket.

Then the Victory Dance begins, where she struts around with the blanket, head held high.

I'm pooped from trying to figure this one out!

So far none of the tables have suffered any ill-effects from her little games, because most of them are heavy and sturdy enough to withstand a Havachon’s wrath. BUT – one day she did this with a folding snack table, and what’s worse is that the table had a full glass of water on it. We were on the edge of disaster with that one!

Other times, the blanket will be underneath the kitchen table, which has a central pedestal. If the blanket is to the right of a leg, she’ll go to the left and try to grab the blanket from underneath the leg, which is impossible. But she does work hard at it, until she finally concedes defeat and simply reaches over the leg to get the blanket.

What a character!


Ring Face Havachon

Daisy loves ring toys….for the whole 20 minutes that they last….

Hey! Where'd everybody go??

The funny thing is that she likes holding them in her mouth so that the ring sometimes covers her eyes and she can’t see where she’s going! When she was only a few months old, we thought it was just couldn’t figure out how to hold the ring so it didn’t cover her face, but she still loves doing it. And we can see that she does it on purpose!

One time she actually ran right into a piece of furniture because she had the ring positioned so that it acted like a blindfold. Silly little puppy!










Can you see me if I can't see you??


Announcing Destructo-Pup Toy Reviews!

It’s Wimps vs. Warriors. We’re talking about dog toys.

Don't underestimate the power of those Destructo-Pup teeth....

Forget “ultimate toy” claims – we have the “Ultimate Toy Tester” – Daisy, aka “Destructo-Pup” – our 15 pound Havachon.

The ultimate toy bully.

Got a toy-tough dog? Are you like us – spending more money on dog toys than food and treats combined?

Daisy puts toys through their paces better than those corporate “spokes-animals” –  tigers, German Shepherds, Dalmatians.

They claim their toys are tough? We’ll see how they stand up to a real-world toughy.

Visit our Destructo-Pup Tested Dog Toys tab on this blog for the straight poop… scoop.

We’ll give you the real low-down without any of the advertising hype.  What toys pass the Destructo-Pup Torturous Teeth Test and which ones succumb without a struggle?

Find out how long it took Destructo-Pup to do this to a Level 9 Tuffie toy:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And follow along as we separate the Wimps from the Warriors!


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