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That Distant Memory of Sunshine….

It seems like a distant memory – sunshine….birds….rain-free days….

So, to keep a positive attitude, here are some photos of a sunnier time (just last week!), and a blue jay who was seriously considering knocking on my glass door:


You know it's fun *to the max* when you can only get blurry pictures!


The Post Formerly Known As “Rain, Rain Go Away….”

…but I didn’t want to call it that because my blogging buddy Daily Bailey scooped me on the title! LOL! Both of our dogs have the same reaction to rainy days – they get lazy and enjoy a good loll about the house. I guess it’s the Bichon in Daisy, eh Bailey? 😀

Not much outdoor time for Daisy this week. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain with dark gray cloudy skies and thunder in between. Whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? Seems to me like this year, April showers have just brought more May showers.

So now this:

Has turned into this:

And this:

Has turned into this:

Frankly, I prefer the snow. At least we can take Daisy out to play in it, and it’s so beautiful. (Rain can be beautiful too, but not when it lasts a whole week and floods the yard!)

And then there’s the work involved. When Daisy goes out in the snow, she comes back in and simply gets blow-dried. On rainy days, she has to be bathed – she’s so low to the ground that she comes in with a muddy underside, muddy legs, and muddy paws. Not to mention that wonderful “wet dog smell”…yuck. And I don’t even want to talk about what happens when she inevitably shakes herself off before we can get her into the bath!


Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Go To Dinner

I just had to share this observation with you, even though it has nothing to do with Daisy.

George, I TOLD you we should have come earlier! 😉

Our bird feeder ran out of seed this morning. Naturally, DH put the big jar of seed away in a spot that’s inaccessible to me, so these poor birds will have to find another source for the day.

But a funny thing happened. The male cardinal landed on one of the perches, checked for food and, finding none, he cleverly hopped around to each perch on the four sides of the feeder, checking the openings on each side.

Discovering that his favorite food source had run dry, he looked around, then flew away. Seconds later, Mrs. Cardinal flew onto the perch and double-checked for food.

So I ask you – is the animal world any different than the human world when it comes to relationships? If a man goes into the fridge looking for milk and finds none, doesn’t the woman always go in right after to double-check his claim?

The only difference is that in the human world, the woman usually FINDS the milk that was staring the man in the face the whole time….



Daisy and The Cute Chipmunk

All the cute spring critters are making their way back into our world, and this weekend we were happy to see our resident chipmunk out and feeding on the seeds that collect everywhere.

Here he is, in all his chipmunk glory!

This, of course, brought out the Crazy in Daisy. She’s gotten used to the constant flurry of birds and the scampering of squirrels (except for the Taunting Squirrel, who still gets her fired up), but those tiny little chipmunks drive her absolutely wild. They’re so small, I think she sees them as some kind of wind-up toy that she can chase.

This little guy had tried to make a home in some very inappropriate places outside our home for months. First he found a tiny little gap in the base of a shingle and started building a nest there. DH patched the spot while he was out gathering building materials.

No one wants an infestation of critters, even if they’re cute.

Then he chose a downspout during a particularly dry spell. DH put wire mesh over the opening, knowing the poor little guy and his family would be washed away during the first rain.

Chipmunk decided the front of the house wasn’t safe, so he went around back and found a cozy spot that was good for us all. Being cautious little creatures, he races back and forth like lightning along the edge of the house to reach whatever spot he deems safe to venture out and find food.

Can't I PLEASE go play with the chipmunk??

Miss Daisy, of course, is usually perched at the sliding glass door watching the world go by, ears perky, eyes missing nothing.

Until Mr. Chipmunk pops by. Then she goes ballistic. But while she’s shriek-barking up a storm and jumping around like a lunatic, her tail is wagging wildly. I’m not sure, but I think she regards him as a self-propelled toy that needs to be chased because he’s so tiny. 🙂

I have an amazing story about a friend’s dog’s incredibly well-thought-out and logical evaluation of a chipmunk issue at his house, but I’ll save it until tomorrow. This post is almost a novella already! 😉


Bug Season is Back…Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Dogs?

I’m not a fan of bugs, especially spiders. YUCK. The very word makes my stomach turn.

Image via Wikipedia

And that’s the one thing I dislike most about spring and summer – the bugs emerge, bigger and more resistant to pesticides every year. They get into the house who-knows-how and I swear they laugh as they terrorize me. Why on earth are spiders getting so darned BIG??! I heard last year that because summers here in the northeast are hotter and more humid than ever, bugs are growing bigger, more like tropical bugs.

I need to move to Alaska.

We’ve already gotten four stink bugs in the house, far more than typically come into the house in an entire spring/summer season. Stink bugs are the skunks of the insect world. Then I heard an expert say that our tri-state area is seeing unprecedented numbers of stink bugs already, and they’re trying to figure out what’s causing such a dramatic increase in their population. At least now I know why I’m seeing so many of them.

I’m not going to like the next 4 months, I just know it.

What just buzzed me? Let me at it!

DD doesn’t mind stink bugs; she thinks they’re cute (!), so when we find one in the house, she gently coaxes it onto her hand, then she takes it outside and lets it go. She’s my hero.

I hate the things. I know they don’t bite or sting, but they just freak me out. So when I was home alone and one boldly buzzed by my head, I got out the vacuum. Since I can’t crush them or put the fear of God into them by chasing them because they’ll stink the place up in retaliation, I thought I’d just vacuum it up.


Apparently even dead stink bugs release their noxious fumes. Because a couple of days later, I noticed a most objectionable smell in the house. Naturally I suspected Daisy, but it wasn’t her this time. It took us hours of thinking and nose-pinching before I said, “I vacuumed a stink bug the other day, could that be it?”

It was. I’ll never do that again.

If I eat a stink bug, I might make an even sillier face than this!

So the other night, when another stink bug buzzed us, I immediately grabbed Daisy and held her so she wouldn’t try to eat the thing. It’s small and moves, which makes it a perfect playmate for Daisy that she can also turn into a snack when it no longer gives her something to chase.  DD did her magic and got the stinkin’ creature out of here. But I started wondering – are stink bugs poisonous to dogs if they do eat them?

Apparently not. Thank goodness! BUT – the stink bug’s stench comes right out through the dog. YUCK! Dogs who eat stink bugs throw up several times and get a weird look on their face, probably because of the awful taste. At least this is what I’ve read in a bunch of online forums.

There’s a great article on this in The Anipal Times, which confirms that these yucky bugs are nothing more than irritants to cats and dogs and can cause not only vomiting but also foaming at the mouth.

I really hope we get through the summer without Daisy eating one and turning into a frothy, vomiting stinker!


The Birds, The Bees, and Daisy

Ah, spring! The season “when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love”, and a young Havachon’s fancy turn to birds, bees, squirrels, chipmunks, and anything else she can chase or bark at.

Daisy, the Spring Sentinel

Our yard is green and blossoming! (Just wait until the dog days of summer, when I’ll be saying our lawn is scorching to an awful crunchy brown because of water rationing!) And with that, beautifully colored birds from reds to neon yellow to blue are visiting our bird feeder that stands only several feet away from our sliding glass door.

This is Daisy’s daily Disney Land. Once I open the blinds and pull them back, giving her full view of nature and its glories, she parks herself in front of that door like a Sphinx and watches all the little critters scampering, flying, and, sometimes, taunting her.

On really nice days, I open the sliding glass door and just leave the screen closed – that’s when her nose goes into overdrive. All I hear is sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff followed by a hard snort so she can start the process all over again.

The Taunting Squirrel has already come back looking for her, sitting up on its hind legs with its front feet on the glass, making tapping sounds and studying what lies inside, beyond the glass. No doubt looking to start his teasing routine all over again. Fortunately it was a very gray, humid day, and Daisy was napping on the couch. But the day is coming when he’ll find her at the door, and then the chaos that ensues will wake the neighborhood!

A cardinal who always visits our feeder with two females.

Here’s a peek at life in our yard; I’m hoping to get a picture of the red-crested woodpecker who lives in the tree just beyond the feeder – several generations of his family have been raised there!

A devoted couple - this pair of mourning doves is ALWAYS together!

Another guest.

Cute neon goldfinches that always visit us in a group of 5 or 6!


Daisy’s First Spring Romp – A Havachon Blur

What weird weather we’re having! Yesterday hit 81 degrees, 10 degrees higher than predicted. It was great to open all


the windows and warm the house without the cost of using the furnace, but still, I’d like to enjoy spring weather without jumping straight into summer…..

Daisy just loved sitting in front of the open sliding glass door, watching the birds flit about, listening to them sing their spring welcome songs, and going into a barking frenzy whenever a squirrel flew by.

When DD got home from work, she took Daisy out for her first romp of the spring. Wow, did she ever enjoy that! It calmed her down for the rest of the evening. What a difference from last year when we first brought her home in May – she was afraid to go outside at all, and when we finally coaxed her out, she’d run 5 steps and stop, trying to eat everything in her path. Back then, the trimmed grass was actually taller than she was!

Watch out, all you birdies, here I come!

DD is planning to do this every evening until temps hit 90+ or it’s raining out. Which it’s supposed to do for the next two days, when the thermometer is supposed to drop back down 30 degrees – see what I mean about weird weather? Not slight fluctuations – MAJOR ones!

After Daisy’s run about the yard yesterday – she had so much fun that she was just a little Havachon blur – she happily panted away indoors, followed by the inevitable post-workout collapse! 🙂

Whew! What a great workout!

Spring romp aftermath! 🙂


Spring Has Sprung All Over Me

This is embarrassing. And I can’t even blame it on Daisy. 😉

The good news is – spring has sprung! And here’s the proof positive:

And here’s the proof negative:

Why are there always so many more weeds than flowers? And why are they so much hardier?

Anyway, while spring is happily popping out in the garden, it’s popping out all over me indoors too. That’s the embarrassing part.

Yesterday I went into the hall closet to get a roll of paper towels from the top shelf. I’m not tall, so it’s a tippy-toe job for me. During my awkward stretch to that high shelf, I felt my arm bump a bottle of shampoo that was on the edge of the second shelf and heard it tumble to the floor.

What a character - can't you just see it in that little face?

Okay, fine. But as I crouched down to pick up the bottle, I was barraged by an avalanche of other closet goodies – bandaids, Advil, vitamin C drops, hand lotion, toothpaste – they all rained down on me like a spring shower.

Clearly, Mother Nature had vectored indoors just to give me a wake-up call that the spring cleanup awaiting me inside was as necessary as the spring cleanup awaiting me outside.

And what did my little buddy Daisy do? She took advantage of the fact that I’d been reduced to a huddled mass laughing hysterically on the floor, completely surrounded by closet contents. She charged at me like a thundering herd of buffalo. Then she couldn’t decide whether to sniff the items, jump on me, or lick me to pieces. Her tail was wildly wagging back and forth at the speed of a helicopter blade. All of which only served to make me laugh even harder.

Until afterwards, when the reality of the closet clear-out hit me, adding yet another big thing to do to my already mile-long To Do List. Ugh.

For now, the rain shower of closet contents is back in the closet, balancing precariously on the shelf again. My temporary solution is – next time I’ll just ask someone else to get a roll of paper towels. 😉


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