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Thursday Barks and Bytes: Warm Winter Havachon

We were shocked to discover that Daisy outgrew her winter coat! Naturally, we only found this out during the first snowstorm, so we needed a new one right away. DD and I couldn’t run out that day, so DH went on the errand.

You know what happens when you send a man out to get a girly coat? You tell him to look for something pink and cute, and he comes home with rugged red. “At least it’s not blue….red is closer to pink than blue is” – that’s DH’s male logic (sorry Will!)

I look like a log in this thing!

I look like a log in this thing!

But I have to say, this puffy red coat is really nice, and it’s rated for temps as low as five degrees….who knew we’d be at -15 this year?! It’s got a cool little pocket on the back that snaps closed, and the hood, which is nice and tight to the head, can also be snapped back off the head onto the coat to keep it off the dog’s head. And there’s a drawstring at the tail end of the coat for those blustery days too.

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

He also got some nice boots that go all the way up the legs, which we really needed, but unfortunately he got mediums and we needed smalls. So we made due with last year’s little booties for the time being.

....I really hate boots....

….I really hate boots….

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on!

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on! (This is not a happy Havachon moment!)

The Bulldog Stance - waiting to be de-booted.

The Bulldog Stance – waiting to be de-booted.

Daisy may not appreciate being dressed in a coat and boots, but we did notice that she stays outside longer now that she’s toasty warm in her new coat and her feet are protected from the snow. And that’s a good thing!

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Mischief Monday: THIEF!

The heat wave here in the northeast has us indoors more than any winter weather we can remember (not counting the hurricane, of course!). Temps in our area are over 100 and the humidity is so high that the heat index registers 115. That’s just not right. Florida has been cooler than this!

We’re only about half an hour from the beach, but people on the beach are actually burning their feet on the sand and ending up going to area hospitals with blisters on the soles of their feet. It’s crazy!

Daisy wants no part of the heat. She doesn’t even like temps in the 80s, let alone this steam bath we’re in. When I open the door to take her out and that blast of heat hits her, she balks like a stubborn mule and I can’t budge her. Now she’s upped the ante and runs under the bed when she sees me getting her harness and leash out! We have a walking date with a friend and her dog next week, which I made for 9 AM so hopefully we won’t melt. Also hopefully this heat wave will break and Daisy will drop her stubborn routine. Whoever heard of a dog not wanting to go out?!

Meanwhile, our container veggies didn’t do so well this year. I think it was either the brand of seeds we used or that too many seeds took and the overcrowding didn’t allow them to produce fruit, but this thief – who clearly thinks he’s a rabbit – didn’t know there weren’t any carrots beneath the lush greenery and was sizing up his attack:

squirrel carrot thief

Those carrot tops are over a foot tall now, and still no carrots can be found beneath the surface. Just roots. Oh well, hopefully next year’s crop with a different brand of seeds and more spacing will be better (though this was never a problem before). Now that the trees are gone and our yard is sunny – TOO sunny, in fact, because with this intense heat I have to keep all the blinds closed in the back of the house since we have no shade anymore – we’ll probably try to put in a real veggie patch next year.

I'll just stay in here and watch everyone else sweat, thank you very much.

I’ll just stay in here and watch everyone else sweat, thank you very much.

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Removing the Threat

Well it’s done. The dreaded deed of removing four beautiful old trees from our property that were threatening our house during storms is over.

Not really something you want to see in your backyard....

Not really something you want to see in your backyard….

I loved those trees. I’m more of a cabin-in-the-woods kind of gal than a toes-in-the-sand beach person, so these huge trees were things of beauty to me.

They brought wonderful songbirds right up to my back windows.

They gave us a lot of shade to cool the house and sit under during the summer.

They dropped vibrant yellow leaves in the fall that floated to the ground like lightweight snowflakes.

They formed a gorgeous white canopy during snowfalls.

But over the past few years, I noticed peeling bark and more bare branches appearing. The arborist said their type only lives for a certain number of decades, then they start dying and pose a real threat to anything around them. So it was time.

But it still wasn’t easy. Although there was a certain amount of entertainment in the process….

Look at this crazy guy! He stretched himself out into an inverted cross shape while being pulled to the top of the tree!

Look at this crazy guy! He stretched himself out into a full inverted cross shape while being pulled to the top of the tree!

Daisy, however, had a field day with all the activity out there. Though I must say, she wasn’t half as noisy as she used to be just a year ago! She was actually a very good girl.

Oh, she was curious….

What's going on out there? Who are all those men? And what are all those noisy metal monsters doing in my backyard??

What’s going on out there? Who are all those men? And what are all those noisy metal monsters doing in my backyard??

But she got used to the noise pretty quickly and only barked, bfff’d, and growled occasionally. I think keeping the back blinds closed helped because she couldn’t see all the constant movement.

So now the front half of our yard is wide open. No more birdies chirping by the house, but the trade-off is that during a harsh rain/wind storm yesterday, I had no reason to fear anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it did come at a dear cost. At least the back half still has some nice trees, and I’m hanging on to them as long as possible.



Monday Mischief: Snow Shocker!!

What happened??? Up until now, Daisy has always LOVED playing in the snow as much as we do. Now, suddenly, she doesn’t like it at all! Doesn’t that go completely against the Doggy Handbook??

We’ve been anxiously waiting for a good snowfall this winter. We had a lot of little teasers – little dustings of flurries – but a couple of weeks ago we were finally braced for a full-blown snowstorm.

And we got it. A wonderful, sparkling, frosty 8 inches of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

snow 2.13

We couldn’t wait to take Daisy out into the snow to play. We got all our gear ready….

Big bear, medium bear, and baby bear gloves ;)

Big bear, medium bear, and baby bear gloves ๐Ÿ˜‰

She seemed mesmerized by the deep white stuff lying outside the door, and she got all excited when her harness and leash made their appearance.

The harness is one thing, but this is going too far!

The harness is one thing, but this is going too far!

But once DD carried her outside and put her down in the snow, she just stood there in her little winter coat, frozen in place. Then, to our surprise, she turned around and pulled toward the door.

Hey, it's cold out here! Someone let me IN!!

Hey, it’s cold out here! Someone let me IN!!

Maybe if I face this way, they'll open that door....

Maybe if I face this way, they’ll open that door….

Weird. So DD picked her up and brought her further into the yard, then put her down and started running with her.

Daisy snow run a

Daisy went part way out, then stopped abruptly, turned, and raced back toward the door. She wanted no part of that icy winter wonderland.

I've had enough of this! I wanna sit by the fire!

I’ve had enough of this! I wanna sit by the fire!

So where’s the mischief? Well, I guess there really isn’t any on Daisy’s part, but if I had to point a finger, I’d say it’s those mischievous little ice balls that collect all over Daisy’s tummy and between her pads. Because this…..



….inevitably leads to this….

....and now I had to suffer through a bath AND a brushing....

….and now I had to suffer through a bath AND a brushing….

….which led to this….

I refuse to show my face in this thing.

….and then this….

I blame YOU for all this!!

I blame YOU for all this!!

So maybe it’s not such a mystery after all as to why Daisy no longer wants to romp in the snow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Early Backyard Harvest

I’ve been so excited about our early summer tomato harvest that I had to share these photos with you.

We raise most of our veggies from seed – our radishes, tomatoes, and peppers usually start producing late summer into early fall. (They’re just babies now!)

But this year I bought a hanging cherry tomato plant to get an early start. A few weeks ago it was loaded with little yellow flowers – look at the boutiful harvest it’s blessing us with now!

So far we’ve already picked over 3 dozen tomatoes! I go out every morning and pick 8-12 fresh tomatoes almost every day. We pop them like snacks! It’s so wonderful not to worry about pesticides – just pick, rinse, and eat.

We’re setting records this week with 100+ degree humid temps, so I garden early and get back into air conditioning by 9 AM. But it’s worth it – these fresh veggies, along with colorful flowers, are my favorite things about summer!

And this is MY favorite thing! ๐Ÿ˜€



Nature’s Oceanside Glory

A couple of weeks ago, when we took Daisy to the beachย (and nature preserve) for the first time in her young little life, I once again felt the soul-enriching beauty of being completely surrounded by nature, with nothing but the call of shore birds and the rippling sounds of distant waves gliding through the inlet.

It was sheer heaven.

If you’re into nature photography like I am, you know the awe-inspiring experience of discovering those little things that tend to be overlooked or taken for granted. I thought I’d share some of those gentle beauties with you here.

Nature’s Patterns: Ripples in the inlet sand left by receding waters when the tide went out.

When is debris beautiful? When the receding sea leaves natural seaweed and driftwood on the beach in rows that look like Poseidon’s staircase.

Cactus growing naturally on the northeastern seaboard? Who knew? Just goes to show what little miracles occur when man doesn’t tamper with nature.

Is it an alien from another planet? A military helmet? Nope, just a horseshoe crab, now protected in this little paradise cove.

Look at this cool guy! I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but he’s one of the more unusual ones I’ve seen around here.

We were fortunate enough to finally see an osprey approaching its nest!

Not sure what this bird is, but his wing span was enormous!

Inlet of shallow rippling water that was fun for Daisy to explore. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll stay on the lookout for more fun things!


Daisy’s Big Weekend Adventure!

What a gorgeous summery weekend we had! Can you guess where we took Daisy for her first big summer adventure?

You got it – the beach! But not just any beach – this is an amenities-free beach and a nature preserve, a completely natural peninsula along our coast. No noisy boardwalk games, no oily fried smells filling the air, no man-made attractions detracting from nature’s beauty.

This was Daisy’s first time on a beach, and we were so excited to see how she’d react to the sand, the new salty-sea smells, the water, and all the other new discoveries.

Why is all that water rushing toward me? Is that a giant bathtub??

What’s that over there?

Needless to say, she LOVED it!

This is one happy pup! ๐Ÿ˜€

What a great time we all had! Daisy was constantly on the alert, chasing birds while they flew overhead, testing the salt water, checking out the sand (and deciding it wasn’t so tasty after all!), and investigating the newness of it all.

This is SO cool!

I’ll be posting more pictures of the great birds and other natural beauties of this place soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Goats, Farms, and Flowers!

The weather has been so beautiful lately – cool, sunny, 50s-60 degree temps – that DD and I decided to take a drive around some neighboring towns. Our favorite one has an interesting combination of wooded areas, farms, and huge mansions; we like driving aimlessly and discovering new sights by taking small roads we’ve never noticed before. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, this weekend we discovered a goat farm! Take a look at these cuties:

Hello there! And who are you??

Mr. Cool, the loner of the herd - look at that funny little tail sticking straight up!

It felt SO good to be out in the wide open; somehow the air always feels fresher and possibilities seem as endless as the views. Areas like this – and in the woods – always bring a smile to my heart.

Can't you just feel the cool breeze on your face and all that fresh air in your lungs?

Although I’m much more of a cottage person than a mansion person (my dream is to live in a charming little cottage by a stream with a wildflower garden), I do enjoy ogling the multi-million dollar estates. Even more, I love looking at the gorgeous flowers their gardeners so lovingly care for.

Outside the long driveway leading to an estate.

Daisy stayed home with DH this time, but next time we’ll take her along so she can enjoy the scenery and new scents. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can't wait to go exploring! ๐Ÿ˜€


Monday Mischief – Lunatic Squirrel!

Is it the unseasonably warm weather that’s driven this squirrel crazy?? Is he climbing fruitlessly trying to find cooler weather for his thick winter coat? There’s no “nut rainbow” at the top of the screen outside our sliding door, so what are you looking for, Mr. Squirrel?

I was on the phone when I saw and heard this nutty visitor, so I hurriedly took less-than-great pictures with one hand.

What are you doing at the top of the screen, silly squirrel?

Didn’t find what you were looking for, eh?

Well that was a fruitless endeavor!

And where was Daisy, our Great Protector, during all this? Snuggled up on Big Blue, right in front of the screen and not even noticing what was going on right over her head!

I'm too comfy on Big Blue to watch for squirrels!

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Daisy Picks Up A Hitchhiker

While we were in FL for Christmas, we discovered something brand new – and it wasn’t fun.

After taking Daisy out for walks, we’d find loads of nasty little green pods stuck in her fur. And I mean STUCK – they had little spikey things sticking off them that caused the pods to latch onto her fur so strongly that we had to cut the fur off. We couldn’t pull them out no matter how we tried.

We found them everywhere – on her legs, paws, tail, stomach….even under her neck and between her pads!

They looked something like this photo, but surprisingly (and happily!) those nasty looking spines were flexible and didn’t hurt Daisy at all.

My family in FL has St. Augustine grass, and these seed pods apparently are weeds that come up in the cooler months. They call them “hitchhikers” because they grab onto socks, pants, and anything else they can attach themselves to.

We still don’t know exactly what kinds of weeds they are, but they could be sandspur, which could hurt if it attached to the skin. Fortunately, Daisy’s fur is SO thick and curly that even these nasties couldn’t get near her skin – a great natural defense system! But she wasn’t too fond of sitting still while we searched her fur and cut them out after every outing.

So just a heads-up to all my traveling blog buddies out there – new areas could host new problems for our outdoor pups, so just check them over after going outside. You never know what might be lurking!

Good grief, what WERE those crazy things?!


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