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Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Go To Dinner

I just had to share this observation with you, even though it has nothing to do with Daisy.

George, I TOLD you we should have come earlier! 😉

Our bird feeder ran out of seed this morning. Naturally, DH put the big jar of seed away in a spot that’s inaccessible to me, so these poor birds will have to find another source for the day.

But a funny thing happened. The male cardinal landed on one of the perches, checked for food and, finding none, he cleverly hopped around to each perch on the four sides of the feeder, checking the openings on each side.

Discovering that his favorite food source had run dry, he looked around, then flew away. Seconds later, Mrs. Cardinal flew onto the perch and double-checked for food.

So I ask you – is the animal world any different than the human world when it comes to relationships? If a man goes into the fridge looking for milk and finds none, doesn’t the woman always go in right after to double-check his claim?

The only difference is that in the human world, the woman usually FINDS the milk that was staring the man in the face the whole time….



The Birds, The Bees, and Daisy

Ah, spring! The season “when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love”, and a young Havachon’s fancy turn to birds, bees, squirrels, chipmunks, and anything else she can chase or bark at.

Daisy, the Spring Sentinel

Our yard is green and blossoming! (Just wait until the dog days of summer, when I’ll be saying our lawn is scorching to an awful crunchy brown because of water rationing!) And with that, beautifully colored birds from reds to neon yellow to blue are visiting our bird feeder that stands only several feet away from our sliding glass door.

This is Daisy’s daily Disney Land. Once I open the blinds and pull them back, giving her full view of nature and its glories, she parks herself in front of that door like a Sphinx and watches all the little critters scampering, flying, and, sometimes, taunting her.

On really nice days, I open the sliding glass door and just leave the screen closed – that’s when her nose goes into overdrive. All I hear is sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff followed by a hard snort so she can start the process all over again.

The Taunting Squirrel has already come back looking for her, sitting up on its hind legs with its front feet on the glass, making tapping sounds and studying what lies inside, beyond the glass. No doubt looking to start his teasing routine all over again. Fortunately it was a very gray, humid day, and Daisy was napping on the couch. But the day is coming when he’ll find her at the door, and then the chaos that ensues will wake the neighborhood!

A cardinal who always visits our feeder with two females.

Here’s a peek at life in our yard; I’m hoping to get a picture of the red-crested woodpecker who lives in the tree just beyond the feeder – several generations of his family have been raised there!

A devoted couple - this pair of mourning doves is ALWAYS together!

Another guest.

Cute neon goldfinches that always visit us in a group of 5 or 6!


Snow…Daisy… Havachon Winter Wonderland!

No need for words today, the pictures tell the story of our 14+ inch overnight snowfall and one happy Havachon puppy! Have a cup of cocoa while you visit with us, these pictures will give you chills even if you’re in a warm climate!

During the snowfall. Wheeeeee!!!!

Daisy modeling her new winter coat during the snowfall.

Put the cocoa on! I'm ready to come inside!

Over 14 inches!

Nature at her most beautiful in winter.

Only room for one at the Avian Diner

Large branches weighed down into the snow.

Back yard beauty…..





























Waiting his turn at the feeder

Back yard beauty


The Seed is Always Sweeter on the Other Side of the Bird Feeder

We finally have a true winter in the northeast, with lots of snow, ice, and freezing rain. Temps below the freezing mark for many days in a row – no wimpy winter this year!

Light snow today, followed by a Nor’easter tomorrow through Thursday with “significant” accumulations.

Yesterday had below zero wind chills.

As a result, the winter birds are looking for food, since so many of their usual sources remain buried in snow or are encased in ice. So we keep our bird feeder filled, and in return, they give us the beauty of their presence.

I knew it was going to be a rough winter back in fall, when I saw the squirrels’ bodies beefing up beyond their normal winter fullness and their tails thicker than ever.

And the birds were getting fatter and fatter in preparation for the long winter months ahead. While the weather forecasters predicted a mild winter, Nature knew differently.

The perches on our 4-perch bird feeder are constantly filled with birds and there’s a waiting line! One bird waits its turn on the squirrel baffle, one on top of the feeder, another on top of the pole, a bunch in the tree branches watching and waiting. Another dozen or so pecking at the fallen seed on the ground, just waiting for an opening above.

Waiting their turn...with a dozen more on the ground and more in the trees

But the puzzling thing is: when there’s plenty of food in every trough, why do they always have to move to another perch and pull food from that side? Why is the seed always sweeter on the other side of the bird feeder?

Sometimes they even go so far as to push another bird off its perch so they can taste the delicacies around the corner. Other times, when there are fewer “customers” at the Avian Diner (LOL!), they go from perch to perch, around and around the feeder, sampling morsels from each.

It’s all the same stuff. Wild Bird Food. Period.

I’ve noticed that the female cardinal’s colors are suddenly getting brighter on her neck and under her tail; even her beak seems to be a brighter orange.

Deep winter blesses us with abundant beauty.


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