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Bats In Our Belfry!

on August 23, 2016

Well this is one for the books – last weekend (thank God I wasn’t home alone!!) we heard some odd scratching sounds coming from the fireplace. Daisy was alarmed, staring at the glass doors with her ears perked high. I’d have taken pictures if I hadn’t been so freaked out…

I got a flashlight and looked through the doors – and there it was. A bat! And it’s not even Halloween! YIKES!!

A small brown bat had somehow made its way through the chimney cap meshing, past the closed flue and into the firebox. Of course, it was nearly midnight. He was probably trying to get out to make his nightly rounds.



We called a 24-hour emergency animal control place thatย didn’t answer the phone (really?? 24 hour emergency place??) and never called us back…not even the next day. Believe me when I tell you I left them some serious negative feedback.

Even though we have insulation around the fireplace doors, we stuffed rags between the bricks and doors to make sure everything was sealed up, and we put packaging tape over the doors to make sure he couldn’t push his way into the house. I know it’s not logical, but I was totally freaked out!!

All night and the next day he made a racket with his claws scratching up and down the walls of the firebox and climbing up the mesh of the screen behind the glass doors. It was really weird watching him move around, I never realized how creepy a crawling bat looks!



I got another emergency animal control service to come out and had to pay an exhorbitant fee for an emergency Sunday call. At the time, I didn’t care. Here take my money, take it all, just get rid of the &$%! bat!!

The guy came and when he got on the roof, took off the chimney cap and looked down the chimney, he saw two more hanging on the chimney walls! At that point I was ready to pack my bags, hire a realtor and move to Norway. Or Iceland. Wherever there are no bats and no bugs.

The guy said our chimney cap is old and the meshing on it was good for keeping out birds but bats could squeeze through it – apparently they only need an opening the size of a pinky finger to get through. Who knew?! So he put bat netting up that’s supposed to allow the bats to leave but not let them back in. As much as the thought of having bats in our chimney freaked me out, I didn’t want them harmed, and this place uses humane methods to encourage them to relocate.

There's a WHAT in the fireplace??!! A BAT?? PACK MY KIBBLE, I'M OUTTA HERE!

There’s a WHAT in the fireplace??!! A BAT?? PACK MY KIBBLE, I’M OUTTA HERE!

The guy didn’t want to open the fireplace doors to get the other bat out because he was very active and could have gotten into the house. I didn’t want him to die in there, but we had no choice but to let him be. I’m happy to report that the freaky little guy found his way out Sunday night! Apparently there’s a very small opening that has to be there and this little explorer found it, squeezed through it, and ended up where he shouldn’t be. Somehow he found his way back up and escaped. Whew!

They finally came yesterday, a week and a half later, to take the netting off, check the chimneys and put up new chimney caps on both fireplaces – there may not have been any bats in the second fireplace, but I’m not taking any chances!

So we’re out $800 unexpectedly but now I don’t jump every time I hear a sound. On to the next crisis… ๐Ÿ˜‰

33 responses to “Bats In Our Belfry!

  1. we have bats on the attic of our garage… one of this guys entered the house one night… it was like war :o) fortunately only a floor lamp and a clothesrack died in the great battle :o)

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Haha I can imagine the battle you all had! That’s why we didn’t want to open the fireplace doors to try to get him ourselves – we were afraid things would get crazy!

  2. Marty the Manx says:

    Hey it is worth the $$$ in my book too! When you have a crisis/adventure you do it big don’t you ๐Ÿ™‚ Hello adorable Daisy!

  3. KDKH says:

    I had a bat once that flew through an open door and was hanging from the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. After I showed it to all my kids (one was terrified, but the rest of us thought it was pretty cool!), I just shut the bathroom door to keep him there all night. In the morning, when he was sleeping, I scooped him into a shoebox. That evening as it neared dusk, I took the shoebox outside and left the lid off. As darkness fell, he woke up and flew away! Cheap, easy, safe for the critter and us. The issue with your chimney sounds more complicated.Daisy is looking good!

  4. Mary says:

    I bet that was freaky. I will never forget when my boys were little I went to check on them one last time. There was a bat in the bedroom. Scared the hell out of me. We never did figure out how it got in the apartment.

  5. Nylabluesmum says:

    Deer Daisy an Daisy’ss Mumma wee are sorry you were so freeked out over thee batss….mee an LadyMum LIKE batss…..inn fact wee too had a bat come to vizit…his name iss Bandhu (meenss furend inn East Indian). Hee iss quite a cutie…..
    When you have a chance come visit mee Katurday bloggie…
    Wee have a new foto of Bandhu hangin off thee screen an mee on other side that wee will post this comin weekend……
    Mee iss sorry you had to spend that $money$…that iss so xpensive…..PHOOEY!!
    At leest now youss’ will have Peece of Mind…..Priceless rite?
    ***paw patsss*** an ~head rubsss~ Siddhartha Henry~ xxx

  6. Jan K says:

    I’d be freaking out too! We had a bat get into our other house too, and it was hanging up on the cathedral ceiling. I think it pretty much stayed in the same place. I took the dogs and went and hid in another room with the door closed while my hubby got a net to trap it. The darn thing must have been sleeping because he easily snagged it and got it outside – phew! I don’t remember that we ever actually knew how it got into the house (we didn’t have a fireplace, just a woodstove). Yup, I would have paid any amount of money I had to to get it out there (and keep future ones out) if it had come to that though!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Wow that had to be hard for your husband to get a bat off a high cathedral ceiling! I don’t blame you for hiding with the dogs, I’d have done the same…or left until it was over…

  7. GAH! I’m with you and Daisy. Pack Cupcake’s kibble, and let’s all move to Norway! What a story. That’s got to be the best $800 you ever spent! I love a happy ending.

  8. You with the bats, me with the wolves – Blogville is turning into a horror movie! Hope you don’t have bats again any time soon!

  9. Kurome says:

    Wow!! that’s very expensive.

    Anyway, I am glad the bat could find it way out

  10. Oh ugg what an unpleasant surprise. Bats are good because they eat mosquitoes, but they also bring disease so they do not belong in your chimney or your house. Let’s hope they find a new place.

  11. Debra says:

    How awful! And $800 of awful at that! What a crazy circumstance and I’m thinking that this has me beat with our recent call to have a rodent “extraction” from our attic. Any of these creepy characters just give me the willies! Daisy must have really been concerned with the sounds coming from the chimney. You are more humane with your bat than I’m being with my rats…or rat family…all I know is the sounds are keeping me awake at night! I felt my skin crawl just reading this. LOL!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh wow that would freak me out too, especially hearing the sounds at night! At least we could go to the bedrooms, close our doors, and feel comfortable at least that if it somehow got out, we were safely tucked away. I don’t think any of us wanted to be the first to leave our bedrooms the next morning LOL! Daisy was so fascinated with the sounds, but I was surprised that she never barked at it. She just seemed curious and extremely alert!

  12. Bun Karyudo says:

    I’m glad to hear no bats were harmed in the making of this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Leslie says:

    Once, my dog heard some noises late at night, and she kept barking, waking us up. Yes, Bats came and paid a visit in our attic.

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