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Living in Daisy’s House

on June 9, 2016

That’s pretty much what our house has become – Daisy’s house. We just live around the changes.

We’ve had to make so many modifications to help prevent our little girl from injuring herself again that it seems like this is more Daisy’s house than ours. And why do we continually need to make all these modifications? Because our Daisy is a nut, a silly little looney-bird who won’t just run, she has to sprint out of control; who can’t just jump, she has to jump off the ground with all fours and do a mid-air spin; who refuses to allow any neighborhood noises to go by without racing wildly through the house barking like a madpup, trying to figure out what direction it’s coming from and who committed this horrific offense. No wonder one of our friends nicknamed her “The Blur”!

Daisy is a hundred-pound wolf trapped in a 15-pound snuggle-loving sweetheart. But sometimes that wolf comes out, and it usually results in a yipe and a trip to the vet.

So we make continual modifications every time we see a behavior that says “I can do anything, I don’t need to be careful and I certainly don’t need to listen to you!”

Daisy’s larger crate is now the centerpiece of the family room since it takes up so much more space with the ramp DH built for her. We even had to move the coffee table away.

Daisy's famous crate, with a Tempurpedic foam bed covered with soft, warm fleece. And a custom-built (by DH) ramp with support underneath. Is that enough to keep her safe, do you think?

Daisy’s famous crate, with a Tempurpedic foam bed covered with soft, warm fleece. And a custom-built (by DH) ramp with support underneath. Is that enough to keep her safe, do you think?

And of course there’s the huge, long runner we put through the kitchen to take her from one carpeted room to the next because she constantly slips on the wood kitchen floor.

"This is much better. Now I don't fall all the time.

“This is much better. Now I don’t fall all the time.”

But that wasn’t good enough. Daisy likes to stand by me at the kitchen counter when I’m cooking, and that meant going off her cross-room runway. So she’d either slip, which caused her body to twist, inviting yet another injury, or she’d keep her back legs on the runner and do a frustrated tap dance with her front feet on the floor, complaining with grumbles and whines that she couldn’t get near the action. Result? We put another shorter runner down to give her access to that side of the kitchen.

With no coordinated runner to be found, we were stuck with this. But it works!

With no coordinated runner to be found, we were stuck with this. But it works!

Still not good enough – Daisy would charge at the sliding glass door on the other side of the kitchen whenever she saw birds or squirrels…which is all the time. So we added this.

We now live in a patchwork kitchen.

We now live in a patchwork kitchen.

And of course, all couches and chairs must be blocked off so Daisy doesn’t jump up on anything.

Very inviting, don't you think? :P

Very inviting, don’t you think? 😛

But we still weren’t done – the surgeon told us to carry Daisy down even one step leading into or out of the house…and in the next breath she recommended not picking her up. So……

DH made ramps for every door with non-skid strips. So now the outside of our house is as ridiculous as the inside.

DH made ramps for every door with non-skid strips. So now the outside of our house is as “Daisied” as the inside.

DH also made carpet-covered ramps for the cars, so she can get into and out of the seats without being lifted. Now the only time we pick her up is to put her in the sink for her bath.

Oh God, not more bath pictures...

Oh God, not more bath pictures…

I will not look at you in this humiliating condition.

I will not look at you in this humiliating condition.

You know I hate you right now, don't you?

You know I hate you right now, don’t you?

34 responses to “Living in Daisy’s House

  1. ha no wonder that Casa Daisy is the centerpiece :o) my mom’*s friend watched your blog and she bought a crate for her havachon too… as soon as she installed the crate it was occupied by her cat… and now Bailey avoids the crate because he thinks that the big kitty will eat him once :o)

  2. Fozziemum says:

    Oh bless your hearts…we had a similar thing here..rug central ramps etc..we do indeed live in their house 🙂 keep getting better Daisy 🙂 xx

  3. Mary says:

    What we do for our pups. Have you seen those crates that fit under a coffee table? Then it serves two purposes.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I hadn’t seen those! They might actually be too short for Daisy, though – she can stand up in this one and still have a little room over her head. But that would have been ideal!

  4. Me says:

    It’s not just enough that our lives revolve around our pups, our houses have to too!

    Our puppy has managed to tear a ligament doing zoomies at the start of the week…six weeks ‘crate’ rest here we come >__<

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh no!! We know what that’s like – Daisy jumped her way into an ACL/meniscus tear a couple of years ago that the surgeon said was the worst he’d ever seen. One thing that really helped calm Daisy down during crate rest when she’d get restless was some music we found online specifically made to calm dogs. It was created by a musician and a vet working together, and I can tell you it definitely works! Every time Daisy would get restless and start whining, we’d play that music and she’d be lying down and sleeping within a few minutes. I believe it was called Through a Dog’s Ear, but there were others as well (you’ll find more selections if you put that in Amazon). We didn’t have time to wait for a CD so we just downloaded some of the tracks and they were like magic with Daisy.

      • Me says:

        Oh awesome, thanks for that we’ll definitely check it out 🙂

        Nyx gets to the stage where she is tired and ready to settle, but instead she just whines and works herself up; I’ll bet it would be REALLY helpful to have some calming music to play then!!

      • raisingdaisy says:

        I hope it works as well for Nyx as it did for Daisy!

      • Me says:

        So Nyx had worked herself right up and, even though she should have been tired, she was just throwing a strop. We popped her in her crate with puzzle feeders and shut the door, but she was just whining and chewing at the bars. Then I remembered the music, so I found some on YouTube, put it on…and Nyx settled within two minutes of us starting it, and has been sleeping for 15 minutes now as it plays!!!


      • raisingdaisy says:

        I’m so glad it helped!!! 😀 I hope the rest of her recovery goes smoothly.

  5. jan says:

    It seems that dogs are not just part of the family, they are the center of the family.

  6. Cupcake says:

    OMGoodness, D. Your parents are serious about keeping you safe. If you manage to hurt yourself, it certainly won’t be because they didn’t TRY! Be careful you silly girl!

    Love and licks,

  7. OMD, you house looks like mine!!!! I have very slippery paws, with NO traction whatsoever, so since I was a wee lass, Ma has had carpet runners all overs the house AND backyard! We have weird concrete that is very slippery, so that is why there is carpet all over our backyard! Ma says it’s fugly, butts at least I’m not breakin’ my leggies!!! Oh gurl, we live the life, rights??!
    Oh, and I have BANNED Ma from takin’ pics of me in the bath….I can’t let anyone see my FABulous furs all wet and flat….☺
    Ruby ♥

    • raisingdaisy says:

      HAHA Ruby tell me how you got your mom to stop taking bath pics of you so I can use the same thing! I tried not looking at her but she STILL takes the darned pics! My mom was happy to hear that our house isn’t the only one that’s got patchwork floors. She’s frustrated because she can never find inexpensive runners that are color or pattern coordinated, it’s just whatever the store has that day. And every time I slip, another runner goes down! To tell you the truth, I like all the soft surfaces better than the hard floor…but don’t tell mom that… 😉

  8. Mags says:

    Sweet Daisy you are such a loved and lucky girl to have such loving pawrents to see to your special needs. We have patchwork floors too because Chancy runs and slides down on the flooring that we have. He is like you with the jumping and running. We do what we need to so as to keep you sweeties safe. We couldn’t help but smile at your “Oh, no not again bath look”, sorry. We think you look cute even with your bath look. You are just adorable no matter what. We hope you never have another injury sweet Daisy. All the ramps, runners and your crate look like they are going to be a big help for you. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. kolytyi says:

    Daisy is just a stinking rich middle-aged, opps, I mean, young lady with a beautiful castle and a well-trained 3-member staff. The only complain could be about her life that the staff seems to interpret ‘stinking’ in a literal sense.

  10. Jan K says:

    I’m kind of wishing I’d taken out stock in throw rugs, or I was a salesperson or something that could offer you a great deal on multiple matching rugs. 🙂
    So much of what we have done at our new house already is because of the dogs; well you know, to the point that our contractors even know that the dogs come first.
    We were just chuckling this morning when the sun came in through the window we just had put in, and Cricket was lying in the sun puddle – “Well, of course we put that window in just for her, so she had a sun spot to lie in” (which just happened to fall right onto a comfy rug).

  11. Novroz says:

    Things people do for their lovely pets never stop to amaze me 🙂

    You’re a lucky dog, daisy 😉

  12. Debra says:

    Oh my goodness! If you haven’t already tried it, do check out Overstock.com. They’re a great source for carpets and runners, and you do seem to need more than the average. LOL! Daisy may be a silly, rambunctious pup, but I also hope she’s grateful. 🙂 I know you make the accommodations out of love, but this cannot be easy!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      It’s not easy, and I find myself making explanations as soon as anyone walks into the house so they don’t think we’re just a bunch of kooks or carpet hoarders LOL!!! Daisy seems to manage well on tiled bathroom floors, so I’m hoping we’re done with the “alterations”. I’m sure if things remain comfortable for too long, Daisy will come up with some new challenge…

      • Debra says:

        It kind of reminded me of when my kids were small. I always had clutter! We do what we have to do for children and our pets! I never thought I’d make peace with white fur on everything! Lol!

  13. What we won’t do for the furry ones. You are taking such good care of Daisy.

  14. Marty the Manx says:

    That is what my house looked like when Oskar’s arthritis got worse. the rugs everywhere has been a reality again her for over a year for Mazie. It is just part of life as we know it when you love your furbaby!

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