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Here we are again…

on May 19, 2016

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve posted. It hasn’t been because we’re having a great time or traveling the globe – things have been a bit rough in Daisyville for a while, and we had a scare with Daisy just the other day too.

I'm sorry I scared you, Mommy.

I’m sorry I scared you, Mommy.

I’ll get through the nasty stuff quickly because let’s face it – who wants to read someone else’s moans and groans? Here’s what’s been going on, at hyperspeed:

  1. DH’s position was eliminated (along with a number of others) and he was unemployed for over 7 months.
  2. Because of that, I took on a LOT of extra freelance work. I had very little time for the blogging world…or anything else, for that matter.
  3. My knee reached epic proportions of pain and decided to include my thigh joint and ankle in the fun, as well as my other knee. It literally got worse every day, and I reached a point where I could hardly walk at all and was in pain just sitting still. This went on for four months while I saw different doctors, none of whom had an answer.
  4. Because all other doctors failed me, giving me wrong diagnoses (which would have resulted in major unnecessary surgery) as well as a perfectly unacceptable diagnosis that I would never be able to go up stairs or even a curb again, I went outside the box to a functional medicine doctor 2 days a week. He’s an hour away (2 hours round trip travel time when there were no traffic delays plus 1-2 hours spent there) which totally killed those two days for me. So…
  5. I’d end up working into the night and on weekends.

And now…

  1. DH has a new job in a completely different field, which is quite interesting for him.
  2. I’m still doing a lot of extra freelance work, but not quite as much as I was.
  3. The functional medicine doctor turned out to be the only one with the right answer, and now my knees are much better. After six months of testing, treatments and supplements, I’m going up stairs with no problem and only have a little bit of pain when I squat fully down, but at least I can get onto the floor again now. And I’m sure that remaining pain will pass eventually, but even if it doesn’t, I’m FULLY FUNCTIONAL again.
  4. I still work on some nights and some weekends, but it’s not an every day thing anymore.

Whew. It was a rough period of time. And those are just the highlights!

And the other day, Daisy decided to give us a good scare. She suddenly couldn’t lie down and kept walking in slow circles, then she’d stare at me with sad eyes and sit up against me – her sure sign that something’s wrong. When she’d finally lie down, it was very carefully and with a groan. Then she’d keep her neck sticking out like a cow. She wouldn’t sit, lie or walk on anything soft at all, which are her favorite places. Not even on a flat blanket, and she’d stare longingly at her crate, which she loves to nap in.

When she'd finally get down to the floor with a groan, she stayed frozen in this position.

When she’d finally get down to the floor with a groan, she stayed frozen in this position. She couldn’t sleep even though she was clearly tired and didn’t move a muscle until she had to.


Watching all her symptoms, it appeared she was having pain in her neck or upper back. The surgeon said another back problem could develop out of the blue, you can never tell and there may seem to be no reason for it because it can be a degenerative thing. But this was less than a year after her last harrowing surgery. I was so upset for her and prepping for a run to the vet.

That evening we took her for her usual walk, and suddenly she started acting normally after about eight hours of scary behavior. We have no idea what happened or why it suddenly – and I mean suddenly, like someone flipped a switch – went away, but we’re extremely grateful that it’s gone and she seems fine now. We’re treating her like she’s recovering from a back problem every day now to try to prevent anything. To me, that scary day seemed like a warning.

So in this calm between storms, I’m taking the opportunity to post and visit a bit. Fingers crossed that our bad run is over!

29 responses to “Here we are again…

  1. KDKH says:

    Wow. It sounds like you’ve all been through the ringer. What nasty surprises. I’m glad you found the right specialist and avoided surgery. And that Daisy! What a scare! So glad that everything has worked out, even for DH. Happy endings all around!! Yay!

  2. Thanks for the update. All the floor work you did when Daisy had her surgery (and especially afterwards) probably contributed to your sore knee. We’re happy you’re all up and running again. But NO RUNNING! Take it easy.

    Love and licks,

  3. Anitac says:

    Wishing you, your husband, and sweet Daisy prosperity and good health!

  4. Mary says:

    Holy cow, your plate has been full. I’m so glad everything is on the up swing however, and I hope it stays that way. Poor Daisy, I hope that episode was a one off.

  5. Praying that your upswing continues, with your hubby’s job, and with yours and Daisy’s health! DakotasDen

  6. We have been thinking about you! So happy things are getting better and that Daisy is okay. *ear licks* Noodle

  7. Barb says:

    Sounds like you’ve been to hell and back, how terrible for you. Glad you found a doctor who has helped with your knee problem though, and DH getting a new job so you don’t have to take in as much freelance work. As for Daisy giving you another scare – that’s all you needed in the circumstances. It’s so upsetting to us seeing them in obvious pain so let’s hope it’s a one-off thing and I’m sure you’re watching her like a hawk!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      You’re so right, Barb! Daisy is a tough little thing to keep on the straight and narrow because she’ll suddenly dash onto a hardwood floor before any of us even know it and her weak leg will suddenly give out from under her, making her rump go down sideways and twisting her back. It always freaks us out! I’ve been putting area rugs everywhere to give her more traction – this house looks like a patchwork quilt! With all the stuff that hit us during those months, the most common phrase around here was “What next?” I hope we’re all “paid up” for the year and we have some smooth sailing for a while. Still, like I always say, it could always have been worse, we’re still very lucky and very blessed.

  8. Oh man, sounds like you have had your hands full!!! I am SO glads you have made it out the other side of things! And, oh boy, Ma knows about the pain thingie! First it was her elbow, then her ankle, then her thumb, then her other thumb, then….well, you gets the picture! She finally figured out that it was just her getting old, and there was nothing medically she can do. crap. butts, it wasn’t quite as bad as your knee, butts there were a few times when she contemplated cutting off her thumb…BOL!!!! As Bette Davis said, “getting old ain’t for sissies!” Okays, so Ma would say she’s not THAT old, butts she sure feels like it!
    Anyhu, Daisy, don’t scare your peeps like that! ☺ You take it easy, and let your peeps spoil you and lets you have anythings you want….like cookies and margaritas! hehehe
    Ruby ♥

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Heehee Ruby you have the right idea! I’m sorry to hear your mom has been going through so many pains lately. Bette Davis was right, according to my mom!!

  9. Life has not been fair to you recently. I hope the worst is behind you and things improve. Take care of yourselves!

  10. Sorry to read about all of your troubles. I wondered what was going on. I sure hope things will be better going forward. I wonder if Daisy had a pinched nerve that worked out on the walk?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Linda. A pinched nerve or some other kind of relatively minor thing that she may have sparked in her back when she was doing her stretches or back rolls. The surgeon did say that any small thing could possibly set off another round of surgery, which is why we were so alarmed. I’m starting to feel like Daisy’s made of porcelain! I always think of your dogs and how much intense activity they can handle without even a twinge. I guess that’s just the difference between breeds…but I’m also starting to suspect that maybe Daiy’s mother was overbred, something we were *assured* wasn’t the case.

  11. jan says:

    It’s time your life had some smooth sailing. Enough with the dark times.

  12. granny1947 says:

    Oh my goodness, what a dreadful time you have had.
    I do hope Daisy is fine now.
    Lots of love.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Granny, it’s so good to see you again! I’ve missed you and your posts and I hoped that everything was okay. Yes, Daisy’s still doing well, though we’re watching her like hawks! I guess we just always have to expect the unexpected and force her to rest when we see even the slightest issue start. Thanks for stopping by, my friend! 🙂

  13. Jan K says:

    We’re sorry to hear that you went through such rough times, but glad you are on the other side of it now. We missed you!

  14. Marty the Manx says:

    OMG you have had a wild ride! So glad your human life is turning around for you both. Sounds like Daisy had a spasm. Anne gets those still and I have to give her pain meds for that. So glad you are on the bright side of thing!
    Kelly and the Gang

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thanks so much for mentioning the spasm, we never thought of that! I’m glad it passed – I’ve had those a couple of times, and they’re certainly no fun. Poor little Anne, I hope she gets over them quickly. Yes we’ve had a crazy ride that I hope we never have to take again!!

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