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Daisy has taken a big turn for the worse; please pray for her

on December 3, 2015

We’re asking our blogging friends for a lot of POTP right now. Daisy is in surgery for a severely misaligned and swollen disc. She’s only 5 years old.

For the past week she’s had back pain again and was on meds, but they didn’t do much good. Yesterday she could barely raise her hind quarters without great effort, and she preferred to lie in one spot for hours. Going down one tiny step to the outdoors made her screech.

We knew this wasn’t good. She was moving backward instead of forward, even on meds. We made an emergency appointment with our dear vet, who did some tests and discovered this was a neurological problem. It could be one of three things: a disc issue (bad but not impossible), a tumor (very bad), or a blood clot (the worst). He called an excellent neurologist and sent us straight over to her.

Her first assessment was that with high-powered meds and 8 weeks of crate rest, things could get better, but she could also become paralyzed suddenly. She would also run this risk for the rest of her life. Or we could opt for surgery, with a 95 percent chance of recovery. If Daisy were to become paralyzed, the odds went down to 50/50.

We authorized an MRI so we could make an educated decision; it showed a severely misaligned disc with a lot of swelling. At that point she pretty much took the choice away from us – without surgery, paralysis was a very real possibility and Daisy would definitely live her life in pain. Constant pain.

We wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, but we couldn’t. She’s in surgery now and if she does well, we bring her home Sunday for 8 weeks of crate rest (and some frightening things the surgeon said we’ll see, but we’ll talk about them as they happen).

Meanwhile we are praying harder than we ever have in our lives. We’re asking our wonderful blogging friends to send positive thoughts and prayers to Daisy for a successful surgery and full recovery. We need our sweet little girl to get through this and be her silly little self again. Nothing would be the same without her.


47 responses to “Daisy has taken a big turn for the worse; please pray for her

  1. Mary says:

    Oh no!! I so don’t want to hear this. I’m sending so much POTP. She’s going to be fine, the surgery will work, and she will be pain free.

  2. Me and Nellie are thinking about you all the way from sunny New Zealand (where it is actually rainning for the fourth day in a row).

  3. Jan K says:

    We are sending all the positive thoughts, prayers, and POTP we can muster for Daisy. Our golden retriever Sheba is in surgery today as well to have lumps removed – possibly cancerous. Not a good day, and I am knowing just how you feel. We are thinking of you.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much for taking time out from your own big worries to wish Daisy well, Jan. We’re sending lots of prayers and POTP out to Sheba too – I’ve been so caught up in Daisy’s pain that I haven’t been in the blogging world much lately. We’ll keep sending our positive thoughts out to you and we send you many hugs.

      • Jan K says:

        Please keep me posted on Daisy. I know how hard it is to function and do anything when you’re consumed with worry. I got a post up this morning and the rest of the day….pretty much did nothing but worry. So much for the post I had planned for tomorrow…..the important thing is that Sheba is home now and we wait for lab results to know for sure what we’re dealing with, but it’s most likely cancer of some sort.

      • raisingdaisy says:

        You and I are exactly the same, Jan. Everything seemed to happen so fast when we had to make THE decision, but after that time crawled and I couldn’t focus on anything. I’m so glad Sheba is home and I hope she recovers quickly and without pain. I still hope the lumps are benign, but if not, I’m praying that they got it all and it’ll be over with. We’re praying for you. Thanks so much for your concern.

  4. KDKH says:

    Sending lots of love and healing thoughts. For Daisy and her family.

  5. Wishing all of you the best!! 95% chance of recovery is REALLY good odds.

  6. Me says:

    😥 Sending you all so many positive thoughts…

  7. MaddiethePug says:

    Sending tons of prayers and love!!

  8. Barb says:

    Oh no, poor little Daisy, the pain she must be going through must be terrible for her. We just want to make the pain go away but it sounds like she has a good chance of complete recovery with the surgery. I will keep her in my thoughts constantly today, praying for a good outcome. Keep your chin up; we are with you all the way. ❤

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much Barb, your message touched me deeply. The fact that she’s been in pain and will have another 8 weeks of it upsets me to no end, but at least we’ll be heading somewhere positive. I can’t even tell you how nervous and worried I am.

  9. POTP. She is in our thoughts. Hugs.

  10. Omd! Please let us know how she did! My poor friend. We’re praying! *ear licks* Noodle

  11. Daisy is such a strong and brave girl. She WILL get better and be silly again. Mom and I said prayers for her. Please keep us posted. And stay brave! xoxoxo

    love and licks,

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much to both of you, that means so much to us. We’re trying to stay strong, but sometimes it’s hard. We’re on pins and needles waiting for a report tomorrow, the first 24 hours are the scariest. It’ll be tough to sleep tonight!

  12. Sending all of our prayers for Daisy!

  13. OH NOES! Daisy, know that we are all here pulling for you and wishin’ you the fastest and bestest recovery! I am sendin’ you tons of healin’ vibes and POTP and AireZens!!! And I’m sendin’ your peeps a pitcher of margaritas….that always helps the peeps keep calm….☺
    Thinkin’ of you guys!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Daisy I cross my paws as hard as I can and I hope hope hope for good news… and I asked all friends of blogville for POTP… together we are strong…

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh Easy, that’s so very kind and thoughtful of you! Yes I do believe that in numbers there is strength, especially with prayers and positive thoughts. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your friendship.

  15. kolytyi says:

    Go, Daisy, go, be our little silly Champion!!!! We all want you back! What would we do without your Curliest Cuteness?

  16. Oh my gosh. I am praying the surgery went well. Please keep us updated. Poor little girl.

  17. Sending super strong pug POTP for Daisy. We know the surgery will go well.
    prayers and hugs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much Mr Bailey, Hazel and Mabel. Your support and prayers mean so much to us. The surgery went well and the neurosurgeon says Daisy is standing and moving but she’s not using her rear left leg and can’t walk forward, only backward, which is kind of freaking me out. The neurosurgeon says the fact that she can move is a good sign and it’s too soon to tell about her leg and refusal to walk forward. So we’re still praying hard and feeling very nervous and worried.

  18. Fozziemum says:

    Oh no sweet girl..we just saw this here..have been awol and am so very sorry sweet Daisy has been in such a state..i see from your above reply that she is out of surgery and moving..i hope that soon she is moving forward..it can take time i think for all the bits and bobs and synapses to refire and get their act together..we are sending our love our prayers and very gentle hugs..with senior pets here we always are worried..every day ..so much love coming to you all..Fozziemum xxx ❤ ❤

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much, Bev, we really appreciate it. We’re bringing Daisy home tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and we’re very nervous, even though we can’t wait to have her back where love can help her heal. We know she’s going to be in pain for quite some time, and it’s so hard to hear the cries night and day and not be able to help. We’re just so afraid to do anything wrong, spinal surgery is so serious. But with all the wonderful prayers and kind words everyone is sending us, we feel such wonderful support and that really helps.

  19. Thank you for coming by POTP to leave your url so we could find your blog. We don’t know you but want to add our prayers for Daisy’s recover! We know this is a terrible time for all of you, so we’d also like to leave a warm hug, purrs and paw taps.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much, we really appreciate you coming by to send us such kind words, it means a lot. Daisy comes home tomorrow and while we’re anxious to bring her back home, we’re very nervous about the 8 week recovery – especially those tricky first two weeks. Thanks again for stopping by.

  20. tweedles says:

    You do not know me, but I am here leaving Power Of The Paw healing and prayers for Daisy. I know what its like to have surgerys like this,, because I had a spinal surgery 2 years ago. The medicines the dr assigns will help with the pain,,, I care.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging and supportive words, and I’m so glad your pup came through spinal surgery well. If you can give us any advice or tips, we’d really appreciate hearing about them. We know Daisy will not like being confined to her crate for 2 months, so we’re looking online for information on how to help her deal with that, but a lot of the information is dealing with leg injuries/surgeries and the recovery requirements aren’t quite the same. So far we’ve bought some calming and healing music specifically for dogs. Thanks again for stopping by, your prayers certainly help.

  21. Novroz says:

    aw…sending all positive thoughts and pray for Daisy. She is still so young, I hope she’ll be recovered again soon.

    I finally have time to blog again and so sad to hear this news 😦

  22. amkuska says:

    I am praying for dear Daisy. I don’t have a lot of money, but I’d be glad to send you a few dollars to help pay for her surgery if you need it. 🙂 Let me know.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh my you are MOST kind! Thank you so much for your generous offer, but we’ll manage – thank goodness for credit! Your prayers mean a lot, and those we’ll be glad to accept by the bundle. 🙂

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