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Happy Havachon Halloween!

on October 29, 2015

Fall and Halloween go hand-in-hand around here. It’s my favorite season and it’s tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday. And since my birthday is October 30 – yes, Mischief Night! Bwahaha! – there’s lots of extra celebrating going on. 🙂 So I enjoy every precious second of it.

From our vet’s highly decorated office (notice the fireplace – it used to be a house, and he kept it warm and homey):

vet's autumn

vet's in autumn

To walks in my favorite park:

autumn tree red

This tree is actually quite red, but my smartphone isn’t smart enough to get the color right!

autumn trees with geese

To visits to those wonderful family-owned garden centers:

pumpkins at farm

mums in bloom



And last but certainly not least, Daisy’s attempt at striking fear into our hearts with her definitive Mark of the Vampire:

See Mom? I told you there was a canine vampire here! ::heeheehee!::

See Mom? I told you I turn into a vampire at night! ::heeheehee!::

I look innocent when I'm cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I'm really hiding vampire fangs...

I look innocent when I’m cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I’m really hiding vampire fangs…

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop!

22 responses to “Happy Havachon Halloween!

  1. Oh you wrote a scary message on that paper :o) that’s a wonderful decoration,

    • sorry the wp-gremlin sent my post before I was ready… I love your vets office, fortunately Easy is not one of his patients… he probably would re-decorate this fireplace to a really scary scenery :o)

      • raisingdaisy says:

        HAHA Yes but it would be unique and so very Easy that everyone would love it! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Daisy had made perfect fang holes in that bag, it was too funny!

  2. The vet’s off ice is fabulous. So many geese that make a lot of poop. Brown dawgs could help with that….lol. Better rest up Daisy, the big night is coming. Thanks so much for joining the hop!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      The vet goes all-out for every season and every holiday. I can’t imagine how much time his staff spends decorating that place! Yes there’s a lot of poop around the lake, we have to watch our step! I’m sure Daisy will have a Bark-A-Thon on Halloween! 😀

  3. oh my you DO go all out and it is amazing!! Happy Early Birthday!

  4. Mary says:

    Cute decorations. And I can only imagine how beautiful that tree really is. Daisy is just much too innocent!

  5. Will and Eko says:

    Your vet is pretty confident in the clients – I could see one of my pups taking out that installation for sure.

  6. Marty the Manx says:

    Happy Halloween and an early Happy Birthday!!!!! Give that beautiful Daisy a cuddle for all of us!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  7. Oh, Daisy! You are the least vampire-y doggie I have ever seen. Princess, maybe, but vampire? NEVER!

    Love and licks,

  8. Jan K says:

    Beautiful Halloween there! Daisy looks very mild mannered, but those are the ones you have to watch out for, right? 🙂
    Happy Halloween!

  9. Halloween is the Man’s favourite too! Hope he doesn’t bite us like you bit that paper!

  10. OMD, our vettie’s office used to be a house too! It doesn’t have a cool fireplace in it though.
    I LOVES your vampire fangs! BOL Oh, I MEAN, I don’t thinks you did that AT ALL! Nopes! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  11. Jodi says:

    Well Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    Loved your photos, especially your vet’s office, what a lovely place. Does It make it easier on Daisy that it used to be a house, or does going to the vet not bother her? Fall is my favorite time of year too, it’s so dang pretty.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you Jodi! I love how the vet’s office is always so seasonally decorated, they put so much care into it. Nope, nothing makes the visit easier on Daisy; since she was spayed there, she’s hated going back. She likes the vet himself, but she’s very apprehensive and trembles while we’re there. I’m much the same when I know a needle is in my near future! 😉

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