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Two Gals and a Dream Cottage

on April 2, 2015

DD and I have taken a girls’ weekend getaway vacation twice a year for the last couple years, and this past weekend was our first four-day getaway for 2015. I thought my blogging buddies might like to come along for the ride. 😀

Two years ago we found an immaculate Victorian cottage for rent that’s only half an hour away and within walking distance of the beach. We were thrilled, especially because it’s clean, cozy, and its ambiance has become a sort of muse that inspires our writing (we’re both writers).

Nothing promotes creativity like inspirational new surroundings where we can shut off our phones and focus on writing…and a bit of fun…okay, way more than a bit of fun…

We’ve been going there for two years now – it’s like our own home away from home (without all the work!).

How charming is this?!

How charming is this?!

It may not be far, but it’s a whole other world, and our four-day break is incredibly refreshing.

A small section of the living room, where we spend most of our writing time snuggled on the couch. :D

A small section of the living room, where we spend most of our writing time snuggled on the couch. 😀

One corner of the bright, homey kitchen.

One corner of the bright, homey kitchen.

Dining room complete with china and crystal in case a formal dinner party should suddenly erupt... ;)

Dining room complete with china and crystal in case a formal dinner party should suddenly erupt… 😉

Plus three bedrooms upstairs: one in blues, one in pinks, and the other in deep rich red, all with coordinated quilts, period accessories and lovely furniture. The upstairs bathroom is done in lavender and white and still has is claw-foot tub and pedestal sink. So sweet.



The town is filled with Victorian beauties and has a LOT of history behind it.

Look at this beauty just a couple of blocks away!

Look at this incredible beauty just a couple of blocks away!

 They call these the "Painted Ladies" of the town - two facing rows of gorgeous Victorian homes right across the street from the beach. Prices? A cool $1.5 million (for those needing repairs) and UP. Beautiful, yes, but location is everything!

They call these the “Painted Ladies” of the town – two rows of gorgeous Victorian homes facing a central parkland and right across the street from the beach. Prices? A cool $1.5 million (for those needing repairs) and UP…way up. Most of the oceanfront homes are Grand Dames that make these look like little sisters. Beautiful, yes, but location is everything!

This is a single family home with a beautiful breezy view from every level.

This is a single family home with a beautiful breezy view from every level.

Some of the town’s most interesting history is still visible today. There were religious Camp Meetings during the 19th century at the church on a large lot of land capping off the end of the Painted Ladies’ street…

The church/auditorium that is the centerpiece of the Tent Colony.

The church/auditorium that is the centerpiece of the Tent Colony.

…and families would stake claims to land on the same lot where they put up actual tents in the summer to be close to where the religious services were held. There were originally 600 tents, now there are 114 permanent “tents”.

More permanent “Tent Colony” structures of today. Furnishings and rugs are removed for the winter and brought back in spring/summer, and a canvas tent is erected over the wooden frame in front of the wood structure you see – the wood structure is only storage. There’s no real privacy. As tiny as they are, “tenters” have made them quite homey and cozy inside!

These “tents” are passed down from generation to generation; one couple has rented their tent for the past 75 years. “Tenters” love the simplicity of their little homes and usually spend all summer there. Quite the juxtaposition against the neighboring Painted Ladies.

Gorgeous Victorian gingerbread, but definitely more difficult to maintain than the tent homes!

Gorgeous Victorian gingerbread, but definitely more difficult to maintain than the tent homes!

I'd love to see that room!

I’d love to see that room!

Imagine the ocean view from that top balcony!

Imagine the ocean view from that top balcony!

No two are exactly alike, from color to gingerbread design.

No two are exactly alike, from color to gingerbread design.

Details, details everywhere.

Details, details everywhere.

Four blocks from our cottage is the town center with NO chain stores, just small, independent shops, indie restaurants, bakeries, etc. Just a few blocks farther is the ocean.

I love the beach during the off season, you wouldn't find me anywhere near it during summer with the crazy crowds!

I love the beach during the off season, you wouldn’t find me anywhere near it during summer with the crazy crowds!

It’s a walker’s paradise and the people are all so friendly. And so many people have dogs that a lot of the shop owners leave bowls of water outside for passing pups! 🙂 In fact, one shop has several bulletin boards with pictures of the pups who visit. 😀

Unfortunately, Daisy couldn’t come along with us, but I don’t think she was too upset – she had Daddy all to herself!

I love Daddy time!

I love Daddy time!

We’re part of the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop!

50 responses to “Two Gals and a Dream Cottage

  1. runningwithellen says:


  2. KDKH says:

    The getaway sounds wonderful! We’re so far from the ocean in Colorado that we can’t go to the beach in a quick getaway. We end up in a cabin in the Rockies. Thanks for sharing such a splendid venue with us. So different!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I would enjoy the cabin in the Rockies too, I’ve always loved the idea of a getaway that’s more remote, especially in the woods. Each has its own beauty and appeal. 🙂

  3. Golden Daily Scoop says:

    Beautiful! Have fun!!

  4. That’s wonderful! And it’s so great that you found YOUR place to relax and to get new energy for the rest of the year. It’s perfect… much better than a spa-hotel!!! And I’m sure Daisy has a great time with her dad too :o)

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Daisy loves her Daddy time, especially since he usually has so much less time to spend with her than we do. Yeah I’m not really into spa hotels or any other types of hotels, they don’t have any ambiance and no real privacy. This offers so much freedom and inspiration. 🙂

  5. scarlybobs says:

    Wow, those houses are amazing!

    How awesome to have such a cool place to go for a short break, and I bet Daisy loves getting spoilt by her daddy 😉

    When we lived in Yorkshire we were so far from the beach I didn’t get to go for years as we don’t drive, and taking two obnoxious dogs on the train is just…no XD

    Now we live about 15 minutes walk from the beach, so it’s kinda like living on a holiday permanently 😀

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I can imagine how great it must be to go to the beach any time you like, especially after not having gone for so long! What a great feeling it must be to live in a place that feels like a year-round holiday. 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    What a cute cute cottage! And those painted ladies, I love those old gingerbread homes. I would probably be one of the tenters though, LOL. What a great place, and right on the beach is even better.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      It’s such a unique little town, one of my absolutely favorites in my state. Very few towns – especially shore towns – remain relatively unaffected by the passage of time. They refuse to cave to chain stores or chain coffee places, and the homeowners truly love their homes and maintain them well. One time I was at an event and a woman told me she lives in that town. I told her that we rent a home there twice a year and would love to live there because everyone’s so friendly (not like most towns in the rest of our state at all!) and she said, “Well don’t say that too loud. We don’t want a lot of ‘outsiders’ buying up homes just to level them and build something new.” I certainly can understand their desire to keep things quaint. 🙂

  7. jan says:

    I love going back in time to a time that i can’t really remember.

  8. Will and Eko says:

    I love me some real estate window shopping. Have to be prepared when you hit the lotto.

  9. What darling houses! Maybe Daisy can go next time! I’m always on the lookout for writing retreats where I can bring the dogs!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      How nice to meet a fellow writer! We tried to get the owner to allow us to bring Daisy, but she was pretty firm about her “no dogs” policy. Maybe now that she knows us better…? We’ll try again next time!

  10. What a cool place. I would love to visit. The cottage you rent is adorable. 🙂 The tent city reminds me of an area where we looked at cabins a few years back. It is right on Saginaw Bay and was started by hunters and fishermen basically putting up tinboard shelters so they could stay there while they hunted and fished. Eventually many built more permanent homes, but some of the ramshackle ones remain. It is amazing how little communities spring up. Thanks so much for joining the hop!

  11. Barb says:

    I love that little house, so cosy and comfy! Even though it was only half an hour from home, it looks like a different world. Now that the owner knows you a little more, perhaps she will change her mind and let you bring Daisy next year; she would love to run on the beach in the quiet season!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Yes that’s what I was thinking – I plan to ask her if we can bring Daisy next time around. The beach there isn’t dog friendly, but we do take Daisy to another dog-friendly beach in the opposite direction. We’ll be doing that before beach season opens at the end of May, I really can’t stand being there with the noisy crowds.

  12. granny1947 says:

    It looks fabulous!!!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with us and all of the gorgeous photos! It made me want to go on a getaway, too!

  14. Mags says:

    Oh, my! I love that beautiful cottage what a great place to stay for a few days. All of those homes are amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your getaway in pictures. I would love to see that place in person. Sweet Miss Daisy looks very comfy and content in her daddy’s lap. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Daisy from us!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Well if you ever visit the northeast, we’ll be happy to take you on a tour of the town! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my photo tour, sometimes pictures are better than words. 🙂 Yes Daisy loves snuggling into her Daddy’s lap – sometimes she almost disappears in his arms! 😀

  15. Jan K says:

    What a lovely little cottage and such a beautiful and interesting town! All of that would inspire me as well. It’s nice to get away even if you don’t go far.
    Daisy sure looks happy at home with Dad too! My hubby doesn’t care to travel much so I go away from time to time with my sisters and girlfriends and it always works out well for everyone. The seacoast is one of my favorite places to visit.

  16. Jodi says:

    Wow, I love it!! I can see how that would really get your creative juices flowing. I think I need to plan a retreat for myself. LOL

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  17. Oh but I DO love these Painted Ladies! They are so well maintained and have such appeal! The story behind this area and they way the homes have remained in families for generations is really delightful. And I’m one of those people who will be at the beach any time of year–even in the crazy crowded summer time! I’d just love this town! Your getaways with your daughter must be very special times. I’m sure they’re productive from a writer’s perspective, but also just some very intentional mother-daughter time. Very, very nice! ox

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I knew you’d enjoy seeing this town, Debra! I think you’d have a great time there. Yes, the mother-daughter time is very special for us. We do get writing done, but more than anything we have fun. 🙂

  18. Misaki says:

    Hope you had a lovely time xxx

  19. kolytyi says:

    I’d rather not show Daisy these pics. She might be upset that she couldn’t have visited that fantastically girlish place with a beautiful, huge beach destined to doggy romping!

  20. amkuska says:

    I am so envious!! Thanks for the pictures!

  21. Reminds me a lot of Cape May. Love the gingerbread!
    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  22. What absolutely gorgeous homes – and the cottage you rented is just adorable.

  23. Novroz says:

    Oh WOW!! Those houses are beautiful!! They look rather like toy houses because of the colors 😉

  24. Have been there many times but not in the past 5 years. I just love the island and miss it. I actually stayed in a friend’s house a few times inside the religion camp. They do have concerts in the atrium in the summer.

  25. Sartenada says:

    Wonderful photos! I am very impressed about the beauty of those houses. Thank You presenting them.

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