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Snowmeggedon? I think not…

on January 28, 2015

They called it “Snowmeggedon”. I call that snowverkill. A real snowverreaction.

Okay, I’ll stop.

When I was growing up, this “winter event” would have been called a snowstorm. Yes, it had the potential to be a blizzard with about 3 feet of snow, but even so…what was it we used to call that? Oh yes, a BLIZZARD.

Only the beginning...

Only the beginning…

Now everything has to have huge hype and a silly name. The one smart thing they did, though, was to enforce a travel ban for our state and our neighboring state of New York. They closed all bridges and tunnels, and they even made it a crime to drive a vehicle from 8 PM last night “until further notice”. They wanted to keep the roads open for plows and emergency vehicles, which is really smart. It’s unfortunate that they actually have to threaten people in order to get them to use common sense and stay off the roads, but for some reason there are too many people who don’t listen when governors and mayors simply tell them to stay off the roadways. The result of making it a crime to drive was that there were far fewer accidents and deaths, which is definitely a good thing. Hooray!

I’ll get off my soapbox now and move on to the beauty and cuteness of this wonderful snowstorm that we’ve been hoping for all winter. We’ve got about a foot and a half on the ground! It came down for over 24 hours straight. 😀

And what is Miss Daisy doing? Two things, primarily – playing and cuddling. But not in that order.

Daisy doesn’t like deep snow, probably because she’s only several inches off the ground herself and the snow is over her head at this point. Understandable. But a couple of days ago we got a few inches, which froze so she could romp on top of it.

Blurry racing photos always mean FUN!

Blurry racing photos always mean FUN!

But this morning the snow was so deep, she absolutely refused to take a walk. She got to the edge of the open patio and tried to run back inside. DD was insistent, so Daisy did the next best thing:

Surely a patio is as good as grass in a storm, no?

Surely a patio is as good as grass in a storm, no?

We now have a lovely yellow patch on our patio. Daisy absolutely refused to venture into the 18 inches of snow, and who can blame her?

She headed straight back for the door, ready to engage in her most favorite snow day activity:

Now THIS is what snow days are for!

Now THIS is what snow days are for!

We’re so happy we finally got a decent snowfall…even if it wasn’t a “snowpocalypse”… 🙂

40 responses to “Snowmeggedon? I think not…

  1. Daisy I so agree…. you must feel like that Roald Amundsen once as he walked to the north pole :o) I also agree for the names… all things are “super” and “hyper” now and we have a “GREXIT” in euope for the trouble with the “greek gift” :o(

  2. KDKH says:

    I’m jealous that you’re getting snow while we have sun in Colorado. Because everyone expects a big snow here periodically, we never get silly names. It’s just snow. But during these big snows in the big city, the government has gotten more liberal with recommendations that employers allow employees to work telecommute or for businesses to open late or close early on those days to reduce traffic. It all helps. How sensible! When I was younger, they would never think of such a thing!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Well bring the doggies out to romp in the snow with Daisy, what fun they’d have! That’s so true about how much more liberal companies and governments are now, and it’s such a good idea for them to do that. Telecommuting has made things so much better. When I was in my early 20s and still living at home, my father and I would brave blowing winds, heavy snows, iced roads and every other condition (sometimes all combined!) to get to and from work. We lived halfway down a steep hill on a heavily traveled main road, and the roads were so icy that I remember standing still crossing a street and sliding right into the main roadway with no way to stop myself. It was really scary, but it was a fact of life back then. So much better now!

  3. Mary says:

    It’s hard when they are little. I used to shovel a patch for Roxy on the grass, otherwise she would never go out.

  4. scarlybobs says:

    We are sooo jealous of your snow!! It snowed here today…for all of ten seconds >__<

  5. Will and Eko says:

    My dogs also follow the “If there’s snow, I go” bathroom rule.

  6. jan says:

    We never get snow here but my dogs don’t even like cold morning dew.

  7. runningwithellen says:

    Wonderful little boots!

  8. Barb says:

    Daisy is so funny, and I don’t blame her for not going out in that deep snow to do her duties! We don’t have that problem here because we don’t get snow in Queensland, but Poppy refuses to even go out when it’s raining!
    Daisy knows where she is better off – inside in the warmth, preferably having cuddles!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Daisy used to refuse going out in the rain too, but she’s better with it now that we have a larger raincoat for her. She still comes in quickly, but at least she goes! Yes, Daisy shares our appreciation of indoor winter sports – cozy cuddles on cold days. 🙂

  9. You could have shoveled a little path for the poor thing. I don’t blame her for not diving in. 🙂

    Didn’t NYC only get like 6 inches? Here that is just a normal winter day. No need for a travel ban. 😉

  10. kolytyi says:

    Oh, poor Daisy, your pawrents and not only lazy but also uninventive! They are too bone idle to shovel away the snow – ok. But why on Earth (or rather: snow piles!) are they not capable of provide you with a pair of doggy-cross-country skis?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      They actually did shovel me a path and a “poop patch” after the snow stopped falling; it was useless to shovel it during the storm because it just filled up again really fast. They’re posting a picture of it next week so no one thinks they didn’t consider me!

  11. Coccolino says:

    Daisy, I am so with you. No venturing out in snow. It really just means cuddle time!

  12. Jodi says:

    You got about the same amount of snow as we got. And my dogs will do their business on the deck when it is covered in snow. I can’t say as I blame them there, it looks just like the ground!

    They’ve had trouble finding spots to potty in on our walks, most times they have to go right in the street.

    I think the reason a lot of folks don’t stay in, is their employers. For instance, my husband gets no person time, so if he takes time off it’s unpaid. When it’s a full day’s pay, that can really impact the budget.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Your absolutely right about employers who don’t care about people’s safety in bad weather (that’s how I see it, anyway). I hadn’t considered that because DH’s and DD’s employers closed early the day of the storm and also the whole next day. They can work from home, so it’s not really a loss for their companies. I work from home all the time anyway, so weather only impacts me if I have a meeting with a client – and they’re usually just has happy to cancel if it’s snowing! But your point is yet another good reason for NYC and NJ to have shut down transportation and made it a crime to drive during the storm – employers had no way to force people in.

  13. I agree with you, everything today seems to have to have a hype. A blizzard is a blizzard…..We grew up with them. Stayed home when they happened. Dug out when they ended. Simple. I am not sure what I think of it all now days! The Puffs are split. Abbe likes snow and Anne hates it. Mazie takes it as one more thing to “deal with”. Hope you all stay warm!
    Marty’s Mom

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Our last dog was a much bigger dog and she LOVED playing in the snow, chasing snowballs, etc. So Daisy’s opposite attitude surprised us at first – we thought all dogs loved snow! We’re staying bundled up, apparently lower temps are settling in, and another couple rounds of snow. 🙂

  14. Jan K says:

    I had a feeling this snowstorm wasn’t going to live up to the hype (and I loved your words for it). We only got 6-8 inches, we are just north and east of where it hit hardest. I’m glad they were prepared though….better safe than sorry I think.
    Our dogs do love the snow but on occasion if it’s really cold and blowing, they won’t venture off the deck to do their business. But when it’s covered in snow, who can blame them? It’s all the same to them…they don’t know or care what’s underneath!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I agree, I think it’s better to err on the side of caution.
      My husband never puts much stock in the more extreme weather predictions (though I always make sure we’re prepared anyway!). They’ve been right at times, of course, but he always remembers the time they predicted a “huge Nor’easter” and told us to get supplies, warned of power outages and flooding, and what we ended up with was a simple rainfall. LOL But of course Mother Nature doesn’t follow the meteorologists’ predictions, she changes her path and ferocity as she sees fit. 😉

  15. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man says:

    Well, sweet Daisy we are thinking that is one reason for patios so you did good sweetie. We would not want to go for a walk in that deep snow either if we were as tiny as you. You look so cute in your little boots and coat. Keep snuggling and all of you stay warm in the cold and snow. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. megtraveling says:

    Daisy looks adorable in her red coat – and she’s smart enough to want to look at the snow from inside!

  17. Misaki says:

    Look at all that lovely snow! My idea of heaven!

  18. You are so right about all the hype! One of my closest friends lives in Boston and is often telling me something similar. I will make a comment to her based upon what I’ve heard and she will quickly reinterpret the situation, often saying, “It’s just snow.” I love your enthusiasm, but poor Daisy has a reaction that would be similar to mine. “No, I’m not going outdoors…and you can’t make me!” 🙂

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