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Oh No! Invaders!

on September 18, 2014

Hi blog buddies, Daisy here, commandeering the blog from Mommy, who has been very negligent about blogging for me. She says that between all the work she’s had lately, the renovations on our house, and looking for new furniture/window treatments/pictures for the walls, the weeks keep slipping by without a new blog going up or reading most of our blog buddies’ blogs.

I say she’s got her priorities wrong.

Anyway, “those people” are invading my house again. I’m sure you’ve all had these invaders around at some time – those guys with tools who go poking around in places my family never pokes around in. All over the house. Everywhere.

The first people were particularly annoying guys because they went into every room. And they made my family turn our house upside down.

My family calls them “electricians”, and apparently they were upgrading the entire house because our fuse box and wiring were so outdated, we were told that we were “sitting on top of a fire”. I don’t know what that means, but by the panicky look on Mommy’s face, I assume it’s not a good thing.

Our fuse box was 50 years out of date, the house wasn’t properly grounded (I really don’t get that – it looks to me like it’s sitting right on the ground….), the whole system was below current code, and there’s aluminum wiring in some outlets and switches that was causing what Mommy called “flickering lights”. I thought it was a fun light show, but it just gave Mommy that panicky look again.

So in July my family emptied out all the furniture that has “stuff” in it and boxed it all up. They unloaded all the bookcases with outlets behind them and there were stacks of books all over the place. All the furniture had to be moved away from the walls, so we now have pathways to get places.

Okay Daddy, I approve of your technique here. You may proceed.

Okay Daddy, I approve of your technique here. You may proceed.

It’s been an upside down wreck around here for two months. Some of the stuff has been put away, but we still have lots of boxes around and furniture that’s not in its right places because the painters came next and the walls had to be clear. Now Daddy’s ripping up the foyer floor and putting down a new one….then the carpet guys have to come…. Will this insanity never end?!

It took the electricians two days to do all they needed to do. It took the painters four days to remove tons of wallpaper and then paint all the rooms Mommy wanted painted. It took Daddy two weekends to remove all the old builder’s floor moldings and put down some nice bigger ones. Who knows how long it’ll take him to do the foyer, since he can only work on it on weekends? Hopefully the carpet guys will be done in a day, but then how long will it take to get all the boxes unpacked?? And what about the furniture delivery guys and the ones who pick up the old furniture??

How long is a pup expected to live like this?!

What’s worse is that every time those invaders come, I have to be kept on leash because I keep barking at them. I wanted to nose around in those little boxes the electricians kept opening up in the walls, but everyone yelled “NO!!” and that’s when the leash came out. How can I supervise if I’m constantly on leash?

I guess I’ll just keep supervising Daddy’s work, he doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂

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2 Brown Dawgs

33 responses to “Oh No! Invaders!

  1. I understand, that’s not really a comfy time for you. butt it’s important that your house is up to date with that electricity-stuff. our power-guy was shocked as he saw our fuse box, he said it’s from medieval… that’s not true, it’s from 1905, what a doofus!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      HAHAHAHA!!!!! That’s like the electrical system at my aunt’s house – it was from the first conversion from gas light to electricity back around 1920. And to make it worse, the company that put it in apparently didn’t really understand electricity and had more fires than any other company back then! She was just lucky all those decades – almost 100 years!!!

  2. Novroz says:

    Poor Daisy. I can understand the annoyance having strangers in the house creating madness like that…but since it is for a good cause you have to bear it for a while.

  3. granny1947 says:

    You are doing a sterling job Daisy…keep it up!

  4. Will and Eko says:

    Someone’s got to keep the contractors on a short leash to make sure the jobs getting done, I’m sure you’re doing a great job supervising.

  5. Jodi says:

    Bless you darling, renovations are the worst!! I love having fresh new things, but can’t stand the disarray until it gets done. Mommy has every reason not to be reading and posting. Hopefully for all of you it will be over soon.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Mommy feels the same way you do – the end result is great, but the road getting there is awful! She’s set a deadline of late October for everything to be done so we can have the holidays in our brand new home. 🙂

  6. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man says:

    Oh, sweet Daisy we are sorry you are having to stay on a leash while all those intruders are there, but you are going to have a very beautiful place to inspect when it is all done. Keep supervising your Daddy and keep him on track so he can get his job all done in record time. Maybe you can help unpack all the boxes when it is time to do that. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. dogdaz says:

    It is good that you are there to supervise Daisy even if it is from a distance.

  8. It’s OK Daisy. As long as everything will be safe now and your Mom will have a nice freshened up house it will be worth it in the end. Yesterday there were men with a huge monster that ate part of our big tree out front! It was very scary!!! We hid, Mazie yelled at them, the Puffs sat on the couch and shook and Mom had to go to work OMC it was not fun 😦 That was just one day. You are very brave to put up with lots of days. Everything will be back to normal soon!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I sure hope so, Marty, I like our nice quiet life! I know how scary it is when those big monsters come and cut down trees, then eat them up. After the Big Storm threw that tree down onto our house, we had four more trees taken down and the noise lasted all day! But I guess it was worth it so we don’t have to worry about our house getting crushed again. 🙂

  9. KDKH says:

    Good to see you again, Daisey, with no health concerns in sight for you or your mom!

  10. kolytyi says:

    Ha, Daisy! I think this is a case of the general incapability of hoooman intelligence. Your pawrents might have read somewhere that Havachons are non-sporting, toy, intelligent, loyal, and social. How on earth can they interpret this characterization in such a way that you are a lazy plush dog who tolerates everything and contemplates the big questions of life while the whole house is a great cacophonous mess for ages?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      All that noise and all those people around the house prevents me from contemplating the meaning of the universe, which I do every day (I almost have it all figured out…). GEEZ!! Have they no respect for a brainy Havachon? 😉

  11. Poor sweet Daisy. Pierson didn’t like it when strangers were in out of our house either. Maya loved it.

  12. Misaki says:

    Hope it gets finished real soon so you can get back to normal

  13. megtraveling says:

    Thank you for explaining everything Daisy! It sounds like you are really needed to keep things moving along. Good job!

  14. Brown dawgs can sympathize. They had invaders in their space this past weekend. 🙂 Hope the work is finished quickly. I bet your humans will love having upgraded electric. Thanks so much for joining the Barks and Bytes hop. Good to see you. 🙂

  15. katiebblogs says:

    Oh that doesn’t sound like fun, having people all over your space! We hope it’s done very soon. So nice to see you around again!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thanks Katie and Cocco! Daddy’s working on the foyer floor today, so I’ve been blocked out. But Mommy is working on her computer in the kitchen so she can stay with me, which makes hearing all those weird noises a lot easier!

  16. Clowie says:

    I expect it will be lovely when it’s all finished, but it must be quite stressful for all of you.

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