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Monday Mischief: I Got ‘Em Back!

on August 13, 2012

Daisy insists on taking the blog over again today. There’s no fighting a strong-willed Havachon!

Hi blog buddies! Daisy here.

So many of you had such wonderful suggestions on how I could get back at my family for taking me to the groomers. FleaByte  said that when my family’s not looking, I should chew up their stuff, and Long Life Cats and Dogs, Doggy’s Style,  The Misadventures of Misaki all agreed that I should  find some poo outside and roll in it – great idea!  One of the funniest suggestions came from Scrappy, who said I should take a picture of my family early in the morning, before they have a chance to get ready – that’d fix them GOOD! LOL!

But I got them back with an even more sinister plan….I caught kennel cough at the groomer’s place. Yep, I was honking and coughing and whooping all night last Monday, and since I sleep in the hall between their bedrooms (so no one can get up without me knowing about it!), I kept them up for hours on end. ::evil laugh::

I sacrificed a lot for this revenge. I didn’t feel too good; I could eat but I was a little sluggish and Mom said I had those big doe-eyes like I didn’t know what was happening to me. Oh, I knew alright! ::sinister chuckle::

But it kinda backfired on me a little, because Mom took me to the vet the very next day, and I got a shot. Poo. But on the positive side, I get to take pills twice every day for 10 days, and Mom gives them to me in peanut butter – woohoo!!

I just kinda stared off into space with glassy eyes for the first few days after I started taking my pill….I felt so doped-up, I could swear my family was moving in slow motion. It was a pretty wild ride! 😉

Now, you might ask how a pup who’s up to date on all her vaccines managed to get kennel cough. Well, Mom asked the vet the same thing. He said that the Bordatella vaccine protects against 3-4 of the most common strains of kennel cough, but I was tricky enough to catch one of the 30+ less common strains!

I’m feeling much better now; in fact, I stopped coughing as soon as my wonderful vet gave me that shot and Mom gave me my first cough pill when we got home. But I’m not allowed to run or play chasing games for 10 days…..another little glitch in my plan. Oh well, sometimes you have to make sacrifices! 😉

(Special “hi” shout-out to 00frog, if you happen to read this!)

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46 responses to “Monday Mischief: I Got ‘Em Back!

  1. KSO says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m glad your feeling better and I hope you keep on improving! Betty likes to eat her pills with peanut butter also, not so bad if you get to take your medicine that way right?

  2. granny1947 says:

    Oh dear Daisy…get completely better right away!

  3. O how sad, you got an unliked hairstyle and this caugh too. Hope you are really well soon, beautiful Daisy!!!

  4. Oh noes, sorry to hear you got sick. Hope you’re getting lots of cuddles and treats 🙂

  5. Judy says:

    Sorry to hear of your cough. So happy that you are feeling better.

    Your friend,

    Tiffy the Yorkie

  6. 00frog says:

    Oh, the ol’ Peanut Butter Pill trick! I’m not sure how, but my last dog managed to learn how to separate the pill from the peanut butter and, as if it were the goal of the entire excercise, she’d bark excitedly at the pill when she managed it. Perhaps you can take some of your cleverness and figure it out as well.

  7. jan says:

    We hope you get a lot of attention from your humans.

  8. Wow, that’s too bad. But I’m glad you’re feeling better. Don’t be catching any more uncommon bugs….OK?

  9. kdkh says:

    Hope you recover soon. I think you should get extra nap and snuggle time.

  10. Flea says:

    Oh man! Kennel cough is not a fair trade AT ALL!! Get your rest. You’re nothing without your health, you know!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I’m getting better every day! I really like the peanut butter with pills, but I’m not so happy that I can’t run and play. Guess I won’t be using that revenge tactic anymore! 😉

  11. Bassetmomma says:

    Poor Daisy! You got them back alright, but you’d better rest up the next while and make sure you get all better! 🙂

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I’m doing lots better now Janet, but I still have several more days of medication and the vet still says I shouldn’t be running around. It’s hard to sit still when you feel fine!

  12. Colby says:

    That was quite the sneaky plan, but it sure was a huge sacrifice for you. I like the idea of rolling around in poo 🙂

  13. Hey Daisy,

    First of all I’m very glad that you’re feeling better

    BUT secondly – that was a Masterpiece buddy!! No more groomers for you now – EVER!!! How could they risk another sleepless night?

    Great work fellow Mischief Maker,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  14. Paws To Talk says:

    Happy you are better! Nice piece of mischief!
    Bella and DiDi

  15. kolytyi says:

    OMG, Daisy, you seem to have misunderstood what kinds of things contains Easy’s Bad Idea Catalog! Please, consult with him about your ideas! Although – it worked!!

  16. Oh poor Daisy! And poor family! You’ve had surgeons and doctors for a month now! Maybe deep down Daisy felt she needed a little more attention, you know, like she was left out of the medical attention? I don’t suppose she’d have the ability to fake her symptoms, do you? Just in case, I’d keep an eye on her once the pills are all gone. She sounds a little too enthusiastic about the peanut butter! Debra

  17. 2browndawgs says:

    Yikes sorry to read you are sick. That is the bummer of kennel cough. The vaccine is like the human flu vaccine and they guess as to which strains will be around. Feel better soon.

  18. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Well, sweet Daisy that was not a real good way to get back at them. We hope you are all better now. Next time it is pay back time we hope you don’t do something as drastic as this time. We know you had no control over that though. We are sorry you got sick. Hugs and nose kisses

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I’m feeling like my ol’ puppy self again Mumsy, but fortunately for me, I still have more pills left to take with peanut butter! Mom’s having a hard time keeping me from running around, though.

      • Chancy and Mumsy says:

        You just keep getting better sweet Daisy. We hope after you take all your pills you are doing great and you will still get to have peanut butter sometimes.

  19. megtraveling says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Maybe you can catch up on some movies like “Dogs and Cats” or other educational topics that you might like… 🙂

  20. Papoe says:

    Aw…so sorry to hear you being sick Daisy…although it sounds like you are having fun with your sickness 😉

    good to know you are getting better :hug:

  21. Cutie! Glad you’re feeling better!

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