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First the Earthquake; Now We’re Bracing For Hurricane Irene

on August 25, 2011

Nervous? You bet I am!

Earlier this week we had the effects of the DC earthquake, now we’re prepping for a hurricane. This isn’t supposed to happen in the northeast!

I live not far from one of the the shorelines where Hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit Saturday night into Sunday with Force 2 strength.

Our governor has already evacuated a southern county in our state, and now he’s considering evacuating ours.

So I checked the government website with all the information about evacuation preparedness – did you know that animals other than seeing eye dogs are NOT permitted in emergency shelters? I sure didn’t.

Part of me says to stay put, the other part says DRIVE WEST. To another state out of Irene’s reach.

I don’t think DH is going for the idea. So I guess we’ll hunker down, bring in the patio furniture, take in the plants, and pray.

I’m most worried about DD and DH’s cars that will be sitting in the driveway – experts say that cars can be overturned in 115 mph winds, which we’re supposed to have. Not sure what to do about that; I mean, what if they come crashing into the house?!

Anyway, my blogging friends, I hope to see you all next week. They’re predicting 3-4 days without power at the very least, so I may not see you all for a while.

Let’s just hope we’re still here! ::shudder::

15 responses to “First the Earthquake; Now We’re Bracing For Hurricane Irene

  1. oh my goodness! Take care of yourself and your family! I lived in Japan and experienced earthquakes and typhoons. Typhoon is just want they call hurricanes in the pacific and once went though a supertyphoon, which is a category 5. On a tiny island there’s no place to go, so you just gottta have all your emergency supplies and stay away from the windows. Luckily our cars never got damaged during these storms, which was amazing since I did what I wasn’t supposed to and would look out the window and saw the stuff flying everywhere. Stay safe!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh wow, that’s REALLY scary! I’m so glad you made it through okay. I hope I can keep my husband from constantly looking out the windows, he’s the type of person who won’t believe anything is all that serious until disaster strikes. Thanks so much for your good wishes.

  2. Judy says:

    We are bracing ourselves for the hurricane as well. Hopefully we won’t be too hard hit. Stay safe.

  3. barb19 says:

    If you stay in the house, find a room with the least windows and put a mattress over you in case of broken glass, and hold Daisy as she will go into panic mode with the deafening noise of the hurricane.
    We have lived through cyclones and are still here to tell the tale!
    Animals tend to freak out so keep them close to you at all times, with plenty of water, food, and torches.
    You will be in my prayers; stay safe and post as soon as you can to let us know you are ok.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thanks so much for the advice and good wishes, Barbara! I’ll definitely post as soon as we have power (I’m sure it will go out). I’m hoping we’ll be able to stay in our home; so far there are only mandatory evacuations right along the shore line – we’re a bit inland from that. Last night I was seriously considering packing up and moving far inland for Saturday and Sunday, but the family overruled me. They feel it’s better to stay in case any windows get broken so we can at least board up the gaps and stop the wind and rain from coming inside. Hopefully that won’t happen – the thought of that really scares me.

  4. 2browndawgs says:

    Stay safe! Will be thinking about you.

  5. Oskar says:

    We are saying pawerful prayers that Irene doesn’t cause too much destruction & that you’ll all be safe.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  6. We’ve been away from the blogging scene for quite a while but decided to pop back online to check on our buddies in the East.

    Stay safe! We’ll be back on the blogosphere in a few days to make sure you’ve weathered the storm. 🙂

  7. As wonderful as nature is with all its awesome splendor, it can also be quite horrific. We’ve all either heard about its unrelenting power or actually experienced it. But having to live through an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week is a bit much.

    We live in California and so we’re continually shaking to the tune of whimsical earthquakes. Some of those shakes are mild enough to go unnoticed while others are treacherous.

    Please stay safe!

  8. I hope the worst of it is over and that calmness has followed the storm. Nonetheless, it’s probably best to stay indoors for now and keep Daisy close by your side. Take care of yourselves!

  9. Hey Daisy,

    I’ve got my paws crossed that all is well with you!

    I’m thinking of you,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  10. Hope you all made it through the storm all right. Here in Upstate NY we had serious winds and rain, but others had it much worse!!

  11. The Hook says:

    Never a dull moment, right? Stay safe.

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