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Peeking and Poking – The Real Peeping Toms

on July 25, 2011

We’re among those in the midst of a dangerous, nasty heat wave. Last week we had temps of 102 with a heat index of 110+ for several days, and it’s still bad. It’s absolutely unbreathable out there. I’ve spent more time indoors this summer than I did all winter!

I heard reports that farm animals (particularly cattle) and wild turkeys have been dying from the heat. I didn’t want that to happen to our little (and big) visitors, so I put a tray of water on the patio near the bird feeder so they wouldn’t dehydrate.

Okay, I didn't realize this old pan of my grandmother's is actually a roasting pan and the water got warm....fortunately we didn't end up with turkey soup!

I guess they consider this a safe haven now, and they’re getting more curious about what lies beyond the walls. First they started peeking:

Then they started poking:

Yes, it’s actually tapping on the glass door with its beak! How wild is that!?

Thankfully, Daisy doesn’t like the heat at all, so she’s been lazying about on any pillow she can find. This keeps her away from the glass door, where I’m sure she’d have gone ballistic!

It's too hot to move!

Stay cool, my friends!

20 responses to “Peeking and Poking – The Real Peeping Toms

  1. Mumsy, Chancy and Crew says:

    Looks like those turkeys have moved in. We are with you sweet, adorable little Daisy…we don’t like this awful heat either. Stay cool and enjoy watching your new family members. πŸ™‚ Hugs and nose kisses

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    We’re happy to host wildlife in our yard – as long as they don’t start eating anything in our vegetable garden! πŸ˜‰

  3. The heat has been pretty wild! I’m a dummy and chose to move the weekend we hit record temps. Definitely got my sweat on! Stay cool!

  4. barb19 says:

    The turkeys are making themselves at home and getting quite cheeky now!
    Daisy has the right idea to keep cool – move less!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I thought the same thing when they started peeking in and tap-tap-tapping on the glass! I don’t mind them being outside, but inside is definitely off limits!

  5. Judy says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you are providing the local wildlife with water during this heat wave. I’m sure Daisy would go absolutely nuts if she saw the turkey pecking on the glass….I know Tiffy would LOL. We finally got a break from the heat wave here with the help of a passing storm and I heard that the temps will be falling into the mid 80s the rest of the week. I think that Daisy has the right idea on how to stay cool:) We should all follow her lead:)

  6. The Hook says:

    You have one of the most interesting blogs on WordPress, young lady!

  7. granny1947 says:

    Lovely photos RD…too sweet.
    You are sweltering and we are freezing.
    Want to swap?

  8. Bichonpawz says:

    Love your blog! I am counting the days to Fall also!

  9. Daisy,

    You’ve got the right idea! Your Mum is great looking after the wild life, I wonder if they’ll move in though, they seem to be trying!

    Stay cool buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

  10. Kas says:

    You are too kind!! Although I must admit, how funny is it that those turkeys are drinking out of a roasting pan?!? πŸ˜›

  11. oreoowner says:

    Wow! I hate the heat too when it gets that hot…my dog does the same thing!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I guess some breeds of dogs can handle the heat better, but Daisy isn’t one of them. We keep her coat short, but it’s really thick! Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚

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