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Dog Days of Summer = Doggy Sunscreen!

Daisy has both gray and white hair – the skin under her gray hair is black, while the skin under her white hair and underside is a very light pink.

What's this about sunburn? I have lots of pink skin - I need sunscreen!

So I got to thinking – with the dog days of summer upon us early this year, can Daisy get sunburn? Is there any risk of canine skin cancer?

Yep, on both counts. Unfortunately.

Apparently, skin cancer is the number one type of cancer dogs can get. And pink skin burns faster than darker skin; short hair or thin hair allows more of the sun’s rays to reach your dog’s skin.

Did you know that dogs with severe sunburn may have to be hospitalized, bandaged, and given IVs? I sure didn’t.

Sometimes in the summer, dogs can stay outside in fenced-in yards for hours. The dogs love it – until their exposure results in a sunburn. An article on Pet Wellbeing says that much like humans, dogs with sunburn have red skin and may be sick, lethargic, or lose their appetites. And, like humans, they won’t want to be touched.

Unlike humans, it takes more to burn a dog’s skin, which means the exposure is more severe.

The areas most vulnerable to sunburn are those that have little or no hair cover, like tummies, inner thighs, and the inside of ears (for dogs with ears that stand up).  Obviously, the hairless breeds are highly at risk. The article says that a vet visit is important for sunburned pups so the depth of the burn can be assessed. The vet can also recommend a salve to help heal it.


All my pinkness needs protection from the sun! I mean, what if I fall asleep like this outside?!

Preventive measures are always best – if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, ask your vet to suggest a special sunscreen to protect your pooch’s exposed skin. This way, you’re eliminating a lot of pain and suffering for your dog and lessening the chance of canine skin cancer.

Some articles also recommend that dogs with thin or short hair or those with bald spots wear light-weight summer clothing to protect their skin. I’ve seen some really cute summer outfits out there – what better excuse to buy one? LOL!

Have a happy and sun-safe summer!


Buds ‘n’ Blooms

Ah, spring. New life. Growth. Beauty.

This is my wordless salute to the regenerative glory of life. 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!





















All Harnessed Up And Ready To Go!

Daisy loves going to new places, and we wanted her to be as safe as possible in this world of crazy drivers. So I did some research and decided that a car harness is the safest way to protect our little travelin’ pup.

I read that you should use the harness several times on short trips to get the dog used to it, because they generally don’t take to it right away. Well, we tried the harness out for the first time this weekend – I think Daisy rather liked the open-air experience, what do you think? 😉

This is much better than my puppy travel crate! I feel like a person!

“Thrilled” is the word that came to mind! She was SO happy and tried out all kinds of sitting, standing, and lying positions, always with that same happy puppy-pant.

I'm so happyyyyyyyy!

I was shocked to read in a Blog Paws article that there are still a lot of people who drive with their dogs on their laps – while they’re driving! Just take a look in the article at what the AAA (American Automobile Association) says happens to dogs of different weights who are unrestrained by a car harness – it’s terrifying. You’d think that would be enough to convince pet owners to keep their pet as safe as they keep their children.

Anyway, since our first 10-minute drive with Daisy was such a success, we’re going to increase that travel time. We also have a seat protector which we’ll use on our next trip because we know this time we’ll be taking Daisy out to explore. (Isn’t it funny how Daisy’s coloring just happens to match my car interior? LOL!) 🙂

Where are we going next??


Daisy’s Doing the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Again!

We had so much fun with last week’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, we decided to do it again!

This is Daisy’s sillier side – her love of hanging upside-down 😀


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