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The Effect of Dog Toys on Humans….

on June 14, 2011

Haven’t we all experienced those freak-out moments when we unwittingly step on one of our pet’s toys and it scares the living daylights out of us?

Hehehe...I wonder how far she'll fly when she trips over my trap??

Stepping on Daisy’s bunched-up blanket in the dark is one of those things. It’s so soft, it makes me think I’m stepping on Daisy, which sends a major rush of adrenaline through my body, makes me do a crazy sort of twist-dance to get off it before I do any damage to her, then finally results in a major expletive explosion when I turn on the light and realize it was only the blanket, and Daisy is staring at me from across the room, quite entertained by the whole show.

And then there’s Daisy’s Nylabone, the toughest, hardest one they make for “extreme chewers”. Once Daisy starts in on it, it develops these tiny sharp bits all over it (not harmful to her, just painful to us) – beware the barefoot walker! This thing feels like hundreds of teeny-tiny spikes piercing the bottom of your foot, not to mention being thrown off balance by the awkwardness of its shape.

But one of my favorite stories was written up by my blogging buddy Mumsy and Chancy, who has been so terrorized by her dog’s one particular innocent-looking squeak toy that she saw fit to warn other dog owners about it! I laughed so hard at her post, I had to share it with you here. I’ve read it twice and it still tickles me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 😀

Now, where can I put this to scare Mom and get the best laugh?

18 responses to “The Effect of Dog Toys on Humans….

  1. Mumsy and Chancy says:

    Now you have me laughing…tears are running down my cheeks. Love the pictures that fit this post so well. I am glad you enjoyed the post on Chancy’s toy. Oh, I have had my times with those Nyla bones too. Ouch! Daisy is just the most adorable little thing and there is no way I can look at her and not smile. Have a great day today and watch out for those toys that lurk in corners and around places you don’t expect them to be. lol Hugs and nose kisses from us to you all.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Dogs can be such uplifting little creatures, can’t they? You look into those soft eyes and all the days’ cares fade away, at least for the moment. But what bliss those moments bring! Daisy always brings a smile to our faces, even when her mischievous side takes over. 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    LOL! The same thing happens to me. Tiffy leaves more toys around the house than my children ever did. Great post.

  3. Carly says:

    I get that same feeling sometimes when I know a baby is around and I step on something unfamiliar. It’s scary!!

  4. Kas says:

    Very cute post!! I too found myself laughing hard. Our dogs make us laugh and smile with their silly antics and toy habits!!

  5. barb19 says:

    I read Mumsy and Chancy’s post – it was hilarious because the same happens in our house – Poppy’s toys are left all over the place and if I get up in the middle of the night, I never know what I’m going to stand on! Squeaky toys are the worst – they wake up the whole house!
    Those Nyla bones are treacherous – ouch!

  6. Wouldn’t it be a little freaky if dog toys came to life Toy Story style? Maybe that’s why they’re scattered all over the place!

  7. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a mishap with any of Maple’s toys…but I can most definitely relate to your fear of accidentally tripping into Daisy. I’m also constantly kept on my toes with Maple roaming around the apartment!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I find that for us, the smaller the dog, the greater the fear of not seeing them in your path. When Daisy was a baby and VERY tiny, we were so afraid we’d accidentally step on her – she was so frail, it could have been fatal! We were relieved when she grew and developed so much muscle. I’ve always loved the teacup varieties of dogs, but now I’d think twice about having one because it could be too risky for them in our house!

  8. Haha,

    Sometimes Mum says it’s like navigating a minefield walking around our house cos I’m not very good at putting my toys away!! 🙂

    At least she doesn’t have to worry about stepping on my baby teeth anymore, she really hated that feeling when I was little, she managed to collect 5 of them that I left lying around on the carpet as they fell out!! No idea why she’s keeping them!

    Have a fun day,

    Snoopy 🙂

    • raisingdaisy says:

      We had the same thing happen – I’d forgotten all about that! We found no baby teeth from our last dog, but Daisy’s either stuck us in the foot or we’d hear her chewing on something, and it would be a baby tooth. We still have several of them, in a tooth-shaped container right next to DD’s baby teeth! 🙂

  9. The Hook says:

    Great post! Daisy rocks hard!

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