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Daisy Says Goodbye

on May 18, 2011

DD is the last one to leave the house in the morning, and since I work from home, I get to witness the little “farewell ritual” Daisy performs every single day.

Daisy on a Monday after DD leaves, sad to see the fun weekend leave with her.

Most days, she sees DD off at the garage door (always trying to sneak out the door with her), then races to the front door so she can watch DD drive off. She’s at that front door like a shot – she gets there before I’ve even locked up behind DD.

Once she knows DD’s driven off safely – she watches until her car is completely out of view – she trots over to the sliding glass door to see who among our bird and wildlife buddies are visiting our yard.

But Monday mornings are a bit different. She actually sulks a bit after DD leaves. She’s spoiled from a weekend of impromptu playtimes and runs in the yard, TONS of cuddle time, and lots of comings and goings.

I don’t think Daisy’s very fond of Monday mornings.

On rainy Mondays she’s particularly clingy and asks ever so gently to be held once everyone’s flown the coop. She’ll stare at me from the doorway and then walk slowly over to me, putting her front paws up on my leg lightly, giving me that face that could melt even Hannibal Lecter’s heart.

How can I not cuddle her? It’s such a precious time. She sits on my lap, puts her front legs over my arm and just melts into me, where she’ll stay for as long as I let her.

Unlike the rest of the world, I love Monday mornings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bye bye, DD!

Now, let's see who's visiting my back yard!

26 responses to “Daisy Says Goodbye

  1. Judy says:

    That’s so cute:) Tiffy is more of a stalker when I leave and if I am in the yard and she’s in the house, she will change her vantage points from window to door to window just so she doesn’t miss anything.

  2. That is so precious – and I can see why you love Monday mornings so much. Gus is not much of a cuddler unless something frightens him, i.e. a fly buzzing around his head. It’s terrible of me to say, but I love those moments!

    It sounds like Daisy gets a case of the Monday’s! I can relate!

  3. The Hook says:

    Daisy rules! Great post. I never thought I’d enjoy reading about our canine friends, but I can’t get enough Daisy!

  4. Aww, how cute. I can almost hear the pitter-patter of Daisy’s little paws and she moves from garage door to front door to glass door. What a busy little bee!

    That’s what I miss about living in a house—windows and screen doors that look out on to the street and yard. We live in an apartment so Maple doesn’t have any way of peeking out the window or door when either my hubby or I leave the house. She’ll just sit behind the solid wood door and listen intently until she hears the elevator door close…then she’s off and getting into all kinds of mischief!

  5. granny1947 says:

    Have I mentioned this before? I just love that pooch of yours!

  6. She is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kristen says:

    That’s so cute. Bailey doesn’t even care when we leave for work. He just lays in his bed and watches and is like “Okay, bye”

  8. Aw, Daisy! I’m not a huge fan of Mondays either because it’s back to the grind. I work from home, too, and although I’m home to keep Oscar’s company, I don’t necessarily have the time to play with him. I think he’d chew away at my computer cords if he had the chance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Luckily, Oscar doesn’t suffer from crazy separation anxiety when I do leave the house. He’ll just crawl into bed and sleep until I get back. My first dog before Oscar would cry and howl like he was being dognappedโ€”it was so hard to hear!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh, that’s so hard when they cry! Daisy used to be like that, but she adjusted after a few weeks (a few *heartbreaking* weeks!) once she realized that we always come back…and she gets a treat just before we leave…bribery can be a beautiful thing! LOL

      • Kas says:

        Ours get their stuffed Kongs when we leave, so they actually look forward to us leaving (which actually makes me sad lol).

      • raisingdaisy says:

        Haha we can’t win, can we?

      • It’s so interesting to hear of what others do before leaving the house. When both my hubby and I have to leave the apartment together, we’ll always make sure to work Maple into a sweat by playing fetch or chase until she surrenders from happy exhaustion. Then, she’ll be like “Ok, enough, just go already! You can leave me to rest and sleep now.” Works every time!

  9. bonnie says:

    awww ciote! I luv it too when my dog needs to be held or cuddled, but mine has a bit of separation anxiety…

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh, that’s so hard to handle! When Daisy had separation anxiety, we always felt so bad when we had to leave her, even for a little while. Thanks for visiting!

  10. barb19 says:

    With a face like Daisy has, I couldn’t bear to leave her! She’s obviously a ‘people person’;)
    When we go out and have to leave Poppy at home (that doesn’t happen often), she knows the routine as soon as we put our shoes on, and she goes off and sulks in a corner! She give us “the look” and we feel so guilty.
    Our pets really do get under our skin!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Hi Barbara! So good to see you back! I hope your move went smoothly and you’re adjusting to your new home.

      Yes Daisy loves people – and dogs – and whatever crosses her path! LOL

  11. Bailey says:

    Awww, Daisy — you’re such a cutieee! I know how hard it is when our family leaves us home — I don’t like it one bit!

    Woofs & hugs,


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