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It’s Never a Good Sign When Things Get Too Quiet….

on May 17, 2011

You know how it is. You’re going merrily along through your day when all of a sudden – ::thunder clap:: – you realize things are a bit TOO quiet in the house.

Daisy. Where is she?

She’s not at my feet or on the sofa. I don’t hear any chewing sounds. Now I know there’s trouble in Daisyville.

That’s when I start racing through the house calling her. When there’s no puppy bounding toward me from who-knows-where, I start cringing inside at what I might find. So far that’s included:

  • A Q-tip with cotton swabs missing and a badly chewed plastic stem.
  • Missing chunks of sheetrock from our bathroom remodeling.
  • Daisy’s first (and only) bed with the entire bottom ripped to shreds.
  • Bathroom trash delicately and deliberately spread about like a trail of breadcrumbs.
  • Clean laundry removed from the laundry basket (forcing a rewash).
  • Small accent rugs scattered hither and yon.
  • A chewed computer wire.
  • A flash drive cap, partially chewed.
  • Things chewed beyond recognition. MANY times.

    Daisy, 5 months old, in the bed she liked so much, she shredded it in true Destructo-Pup style.

Sometimes we find the little culprit in the act. You always know when Daisy’s caught doing something naughty because she gives us her version of blushing – she stays perfectly still, and only her eyes follow us. That’s when we know to root around in her mouth to find whatever she’s hiding. And, in typical thug style, many times she’s moved it between her teeth and cheek so it’s hard for us to find.

Either that or she’ll turn her back and run, chomping away like crazy to get the thing swallowed before we can catch her. That happened this past weekend with a long, thin, splintery stick. But this time we won.

I’m just glad that so far, nothing serious has happened. Things can be replaced; Daisy can’t.

When your dog turns into 007, what’s the sneakiest thing he/she has done?

13 responses to “It’s Never a Good Sign When Things Get Too Quiet….

  1. Judy says:

    Tiffy hides food she does not want to eat. It goes like this…
    1. She acts as if she wants “said item”,
    2. You give it to her,
    3. She decides she does not really want it but doesn’t want you to have it either.
    4. She hides it somewhere.
    5. She looks guilty when you ask her about it.
    6. You eventually step on “said item” not expecting it to be somewhere on the floor.
    7. You throw out “said item”.

  2. We are so lucky that Gus isn’t too much of a mischief-maker. He’s not a chewer, so we don’t have to worry about leaving things around.

    He does LOVE to scatter the rugs around, just like Daisy! He normally does it after he’s been given a treat, he’ll toss the treat around and then push the rugs. it’s his little treat playtime routine.

    I get a total kick out of hearing Destructo-Pup stories. 😀

    • raisingdaisy says:

      What a cute little routine Gus has with his treats! You definitely are lucky Gus isn’t a chewer. Having to constantly try to think like Daisy in order to prevent problems can be exhausting LOL!

  3. Does Daisy have a few Kong toys she can sink her teeth into? Kongs may be able to last longer than her bed. 😀

    Luckily, Oscar isn’t a chewer or a troublemaker—He’s a shameless beggar! It’s so hard keeping him on his diet while he’s staring at me eating my meals.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Oh, I know what you mean! My last dog was big on begging too, and we always felt so guilty watching her stare at us with such longing. We weren’t as strict with her diet as we are with Daisy’s (Daisy’s stomach is much more sensitive), so she knew she could pull the pathetic face and break us down! 🙂

  4. Bailey says:

    Daisy, you’re adorable!! I can totally relate to you. You go, girl!

    Woofs & hugs,


  5. The Hook says:

    Has Daisy had ninja training?

  6. Kas says:

    “A Q-tip with cotton swabs missing and a badly chewed plastic stem.” None of our dogs do that, nope! 😛

  7. Kristen says:

    Oh Daisy, who would have thought that you were such a little trouble maker.

    We have gotten so lucky with Bailey. The worst that he had ever done was chew a little bit of the bottom corner molding on the kitchen hallway wall. It was when he was a puppy and teething and I made the mistake of not putting him in his crate during the 10 minutes that I took a shower. All he did was chew a little bit of the white paint off.

    Other than that, Bailey has always known what was his and what wasn’t. He knows his toys are for chewing and that everything else in the house isn’t. However it is tough when we go to other people’s house like my parent’s or Craig’s brothers house. He is always trying to steal Craig’s nephews stuffed animals from their bedrooms, but we cant get mad at him because they look just like his dog toys. He also tries to steal my mom’s stuffed bear collection.

    This past Christmas we were at Craig’s brothers house in the morning opening presents with his brother’s family and parents. Bailey always gets tons of Christmas presents (because he’s spoiled) so as we were rotating through everyone taking turns opening presents, Bailey got his turns as well. Well there must have been a long time between when Bailey last got a present to open so he went over to under the tree and started rooting through the presents. Craig’s parents didn’t wrap the toys that they got Bailey and sure enough he found them underneath all of the other wrapped gifts, and emerged from the presents with his rope toy in his mouth. He just had this look on his face like “What? You guys were taking too long so I got my own present from the tree.” It amazes me every day how he knows what is for him (and a dog toy) and what isn’t.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      You’re so lucky that Bailey respects your property. Daisy seems to think she’s human and entitled to share in whatever we have. It can be cute, but it can also be a problem!

      That must have been a precious moment at Christmas!

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