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The Dog Who Cried Wolf

on May 13, 2011

I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place.

I tell you I HEARD something!!

Daisy barks at everything AND nothing. Now, I know dogs have exceptionally keen hearing, but you’ll see how this case is different when you read the circumstances surrounding Daisy’s “cry wolf” routine.

When we’re in the kitchen/family room/living room area of the house, she only barks when she actually hears something unusual. But when we’re anywhere else, she goes into these constant barking tirades like an intruder was breaking down the door with an ax.

I can’t figure out why she does this. And I don’t want to tell her to stop because I DO want her to bark if something is actually awry.

I end up wasting time running around to check and make sure everything’s secure. So I decided to stop doing that in case it was providing entertainment for Dear Little Daisy. Dear Little Rascal Daisy.

I can't believe you fell for it AGAIN....

It didn’t matter. She still barks at phantoms. And it always leaves me wondering if I’m picking the one wrong time not to check.

Does anyone else’s dog do this? Any ideas how to stop her from crying wolf and teach her to only bark at actual sounds? How do I turn a faker into an honest watchdog? 😛

Happy Friday and a great weekend to everyone!


16 responses to “The Dog Who Cried Wolf

  1. This has recently become an issue for us too. When we first adopted Maple, she was the quietest little bundle of fur. In fact, it concerned us that she never made a peep. About two months ago, she started to become vocal by barking and/or growling at strangers (and some dogs). She’s selective at who she barks at and it confuses us. So far, though, Maple hasn’t ‘cried wolf’. Nevertheless, we’re trying to minimize unprovoked incidences of barking. Your post is really timely for us!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Daisy was ultra quiet at first too, and we also were concerned (Maple and Daisy have a lot in common!). Daisy hasn’t started barking at strangers, but this barking at nothing is really annoying.

  2. granny1947 says:

    I have no idea RD…maybe you will just have to resign yourself to the fact you have a little yapper there!!!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Ack! As long as she doesn’t start whining – I can’t stand that! Daisy doesn’t seem to be big on constant yapping, this is limited to where we are in the house. Maybe she’s been listening to the news too much and is worried about intruders when we’re not near the doorways! LOL

  3. Have you thought that Daisy’s just getting you to practise ‘in case’ there’s a burglar? She needs to know you’re fully prepared to protect her……:)

    I can’t imagine sweet, innocent Daisy being a rascal? 🙂

    Your friend Snoopy 🙂

  4. I wish I had some good advice for you. Gus is not a barker…never has been. He is a whiner – and it’s soooo annoying.

    It’s interesting that her behavior changes depending on what room you’re in. Do you think she feels more comfortable/secure in the living room?

    • raisingdaisy says:

      You could have something there Lori! Any odd sounds always come from the kitchen/living room/family room areas – refrigerator sounds, birds at the bird feeder, etc. When Daisy’s in those areas, she looks around and can see no one is coming in, but from the other areas of the house, she can’t see the doors. I never thought of that before. I think you’ve solved the mystery! 🙂

  5. I wish I could be of help to you! I’ve never had this problem with Oscar because he only barks at particular things like the lawn mower, the garbage truck and the mailman.

    Please let us know how you solve this mystery! I

  6. Oops!

    I’m curious about what’s making Daisy act this way.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I think Lori and Kas have the keys to this – it could be a Bichon trait, and it could be furthered by the fact that Daisy hears odd sounds coming from the fridge and possibly outdoor sounds (plus normal house sounds) that put her on alert when she’s not in the area the sounds are coming from, so she goes into watchdog mode. When we’re in the same area as the sounds, she can look at the doors and know everything’s okay. Thanks again Lori and Kas!

  7. Kas says:

    Oh my goodness this describes my parents bichon to a T. Miss Daisy and “Callie” would make quite the little chorus together!

  8. The Hook says:

    I think all dogs do this at one time or another. Maybe they’re on a different wavelength than us “mere humans”.

  9. She never barks unless someone comes to the door — then she is a great little.

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