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Daisy and the Predictability of Life

on May 5, 2011

I hate routine. I’m not a routine-oriented person. When I worked in the corporate world, the thing I hated most (besides the politics) was the strict routine of going to the same place at the same time every single day, and doing generally the same things with the same people.

Do what you will, I know EXACTLY how things work around here!

Up at 6. Out by 7. In by 8:30. Break at 10:15. Lunch at noon. Break at 2:30. Leave at 4:30. Home at 6.

And then do it all again the next day and the next, month after month, year after year. It’s just not for me.

I know lots of people feel a sense of stability and security with a daily regimen like that, but not me. I get stir crazy.

Once I resigned from the corporate world, I felt f-r-e-e. As a freelance journalist (notice the word “free” in there LOL), I make my own hours and write about different things all the time. Every person I interview for articles is different, every client is unique, and researching diverse topics opens up new worlds for me.

I love it.

Daisy, on the other hand, is a creature of habit. And even though I do everything possible not to fall into any routines (including changing the order in which I do everyday tasks just so I won’t get bored), she’s shown me that certain things are completely predictable, no matter how much I don’t want them to be.

I know what you'll do even before you do!

When I first come out of the bathroom in the morning, there’s Daisy sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for me. (I gotta say I love that! Nothing brightens up a morning like a cute little face waiting for you at an ungodly hour.) She trots ahead of me and stands by the computer, knowing that the first thing I’m going to do is boot it up. Then she grabs her blanket for the inevitable trip down the hallway to chat with DD while she gets ready for work.

As soon as I walk out of there, she trots on down the hallway and plops herself on her blanket next to the computer chair, knowing full well that’s where I’m heading. I hate being that predictable! Once DD comes in, she knows we’ll see her off at the door and watch her drive away.

As I close the front door, Daisy either parks herself once again by the computer or jumps onto the sofa where she can see me at the computer. As soon as I stand up, she trots to the bathroom door and waits, knowing I’ll be getting into the shower.

See what I mean? Predictable.

I guess it’s unavoidable. I may do small everyday tasks in different order to try to trick my brain into believing that there are no routines in my world, but Daisy has shown me that I’m only fooling myself. ::sigh::

Maybe someday I’ll rock her world by showering first, moving the computer into a different room, and having DD leave through a different door. I wonder if her whole day would be off-kilter…. πŸ™‚


18 responses to “Daisy and the Predictability of Life

  1. barb19 says:

    Don’t confuse her – you will spoil her feeling of security!
    Poppy is the same – she knows our every movement (unlike you, I am a person who likes routine), so it’s not hard for her to know what we’re going to do next!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I think dogs generally do like the consistency of routine. But I also know Daisy enjoys the surprises of impromptu outings and unexpected guests, so I guess we’ve struck an acceptable balance! πŸ™‚

  2. Judy says:

    We are so much alike! If there one thing I can’t stand more than anything else in the world it’s a boring, routine life…Yuck! I admire your courage for following your dreams and striking out on your own. I am trying to do the very same thing right now and left my job a little under a year ago. I have a lot of freedom and adventure now…just not much money:( Hopefully that will come along too:)

    Daisy doesn’t strike me to be a very predictable dog with all her unique ways and quirky/cute habits. Although some things she does may be predictable, I’m sure she’ll always keep you guessing about some things:)

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Hang in there Judy – success will come!

      You’re right, Daisy is not a predictable dog at all. We never know what will happen next – I guess she just wants the comfort of have US be predictable! LOL

  3. Oh, I’m definitely a routine person. Even on my ‘off’ days, I still need some kind of schedule to keep me going, otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start and would feel lost the whole day. I actually hoped Maple would love routine as much as I do, but I think she has taken after her Popsy (the hubby) who is my complete opposite!

  4. I am a routine person! I’ve mentioned my Type A ways before on the blog – and what’s funny is that I was just scheduling my weekend before I read your posting!

    It works for me – and for Gus. He is definitely a creature of habit, too. What’s bad though is that neither of us do well when our schedule unexpectedly changes.

    So, I’ll pipe in for Daisy and say, “don’t do it! don’t change the routine!”. πŸ˜‰

  5. The Hook says:

    Our canine friends love routine, don’t they? Great post.

  6. Oscar and I are very much creatures of habit! Oscar expects belly rubs every morning and I find that I can’t start my day without giving him the attention he wants! πŸ˜€

  7. Kas says:

    Our dogs are creatures of habit, and I try to be for my sake (I like having some structure). But, we’re all flexible so I guess that’s good – life definitely can throw you some curveballs every once in a while!

  8. My Mum thinks she’s in charge of our day, but it’s so me……take today for example, Mum didn’t need to get up for anything special so didn’t set the alarm, I set mine though – 6am on the dot I did my gentle paw on the side of the duvet and sat smiling at her (Come to think of it she didn’t look too smiley?!).

    Plus, I also know we have to get Cory to school by 8.10am – I start to hurry everyone along from about 7.45 and get really restless, I do laps around the kitchen if they don’t hurry up and are still sitting at the table – only when Mum finally picks up my lead do I relax, well I don’t want Cory to be late……you’ve gotta stick to some routines…….

    Mum does keep me on my toes with which door we’re gonna leave through though, she’s ALWAYS changing it, that’s kinda annoying!!

    Hope you have a fun day,

  9. raisingdaisy says:

    You certainly are one SMART and responsible pup! I’m sure your family really appreciates all your efforts to keep them on time! πŸ™‚

  10. Kristen says:

    Dogs are definitely creatures of habit and thrive on routine. Bailey has his routines and habits and I can tell he gets bothered when they are thrown off. I also completely believe that he understands and knows the difference between week days and weekends. He knows his weekday routine. He knows that we both leave him and his entire day is going to be pretty much the same all week. Although, I’m pretty sure he knows that weekends are different and when its a weekend. Weekends we stay home and sleep in with him and our activities tend to revolve around him and are more unpredictable. Monday rolls around and he is happy to fall back in his weekday routine.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      You’re right about the weekday/weekend thing – Daisy gets so excited when the weekend finally arrives, and I definitely see her looking a little disappointed when everyone leaves for work on Monday morning. I’m here with her all day, but DD “the cuddler” and DH “the rough play guy” aren’t here, and it’s back to the old weekday grind. LOL!

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