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From Havachon Heaven to Westie Heaven!

on April 18, 2011

No, we didn’t trade Daisy in for a West Highland White!

Westie puppies!

But on Saturday, I had the thrill of accompanying a friend of mine to a breeder’s home to help her pick out an 8-week old Westie from a litter of 3 that just  became available that day. It was so much fun playing with these little puppies! Once I sat on the floor, I was covered in puppies! It was like a dream! If the memory of housebreaking wasn’t still so fresh in my mind, I’m sure one of them would have come home with me.

How cute are they?! Of course, it was impossible to get a non-blurry picture of them, they were in continual motion!

They’re all of 3 pounds and so small they could have walked underneath Daisy without any army-crawling effort at all.

BUT – about an hour into our puppy-fest, someone in the house shouted, “Who let Diesel out?!!” A moment later, a

Meet Oliver, my new puppy nephew! 🙂

GIANT Rottweiler came into the room. When I say giant, I mean he was almost up to my shoulders just standing there (I’m only 5’3″, but STILL) – he was the “extra large” giant type of Rottweiler that only lives to about 9 years old because they’re so huge. I didn’t even know they bred Rotts to be so big! Rearing up, he’d have been eye-to-eye with my 6’3″ husband.

I totally freaked out. I went out the back door until ol’ Diesel was secured again. I wish I hadn’t, though, because just before I left, there was the greatest photo op – Diesel standing there with 3 little white puppies nipping at his ankles! What a sight!

Of course, when I got home, Daisy gave me the BIG sniff-over. Her bouncy exuberance ended within a second, and she practically attached her nose to my pant legs, sniffing carefully as if able to determine the exact breed and age of the “other dog” I’d cheated on her with. LOL  None of our friends have dogs anymore, so she’s not used to having us bring new canine scents into the house.

Hey! Whats this scent on your pants?! Have you been seeing another puppy behind my back??

So without further ado, heeeeeere’s Oliver!

Hes just TOO cute!!

10 responses to “From Havachon Heaven to Westie Heaven!

  1. OMG. Oliver is ADORABLE…and I absolutely love the name. He definitely looks like an Oliver to me. 🙂

    Love that you mentioned it’s like you were “cheating” on Daisy. We say the same thing when we’re around another dog without Gus!

  2. Judy says:

    Oliver is such a cutie! It must have been lots of fun playing with the puppies. I remember when Tiffy was a 2.6 pound puppy, they are quite tiny and oh so adorable when they are so little:)

  3. Kristen says:

    Oliver is adorable and so tiny! I know exactly what you mean about the “You’ve been cheating on me smells.” I often help out with the rescue I foster for on the transport days where the dogs are transported up from the south to our kennel to do their 48 hour state required quarantine, as well as have their vet visits. That normally means me handing at least 15 dogs and the smells of all of them on me when I come home kinda drive Bailey crazy lol. The first thing I need to do when I come home is change my clothes, and possibly even take a shower so that he will stop sniffing me like crazy.

  4. barb19 says:

    Haha – you got the once over from Daisy when you got home! Our Poppy does the same, she is intent on sniffing every part of me to detect who I might have cheated on her with!
    Oliver is gorgeous, I love Westies, they have a beautiful expressive face.

  5. Oh, I just want to cuddle Oliver—he’s such a cutie! I’m sure Oliver will bring years of joy to your friend.

    P.s. I’m also a petite 5’3″ and my hubby towers me at 6’3″. It’s a funny sight when my hubby is walking with little Maple, who barely reaches his ankles (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean)! When out in public, the two of them get their fair share of stares… LOL 😀

    • raisingdaisy says:

      I’m sure he will too. Her family is away this week, so he’s great company for her.

      Here’s one for you regarding height differences – I once got a nasty comment from a 6′ tall woman because I’m short and “took away one of the few tall men that should be left for tall women”! Seriously! And she wasn’t even drinking!!

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