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Peek-A-Boo Havachon’s Hide and Seek Game

on April 8, 2011

I talked in another post about Daisy’s one-eyed Havachon Sneak Peek, but when I was looking through her pictures recently, I noticed that she’s a Peek-A-Boo Puppy at heart!

She loves being under, behind, or snuggled in something and staying really quiet, then getting all excited when we finally find her. We could swear she’s laughing – “Haha Mommy, I tricked you!” It’s either a game of Peek-A-Boo or Hide and Seek!

The theme for all these photos is peek —– peek —– peek! 🙂


























3 responses to “Peek-A-Boo Havachon’s Hide and Seek Game

  1. Gus is always peeking, too. It makes for the best photos and they always look a little bit guilty when they’re peeking!

  2. granny1947 says:

    So cute…you are certainly going to have plenty of memories of this pooch…do you have this many pics of your daughter??? 🙂

  3. barb19 says:

    She is a very playful little dog and obviously loves your inter-action! Remind me of my dog Poppy! She’s the most happiest when we are playing games with her!

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