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A Havachon’s Favorite Toy – Her Ear

on April 7, 2011

What a little nut! We’ve noticed that one of Daisy’s favorite playthings is – her ear!

What a nut!

Now, I’ve seen and heard of some dogs who play with their ears, but this silly girl likes to use her paws like hands, going into all kinds of weird contortions trying to push an ear into her mouth. Her ears aren’t all that long, so it’s a stretch.

Once she’s got it, loud chewing noises cut through the room. And I mean loud, like a child who’s chewing a wad of gum with its mouth open.

She’s not chewing the solid part of her ear, she’s chewing the hair hanging beyond it. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that she’s creating some pretty nasty knots in her ear hair, all of which are on the underside, not visible when you look at her.

And I can’t cut them out because they’re large enough to leave a thin area of hair or a missing chunk of hair.

Seriously, with all her blankets and Nylabones, why would she want to do this? Is it akin to thumb-sucking for dogs? What on earth does she get out of it?? ::eye rolling::

Now, where did I leave that ear toy??


4 responses to “A Havachon’s Favorite Toy – Her Ear

  1. lol…she is such a funny little girl! I wonder if it is similar to thumb sucking? We’ve never noticed Gus suckling on his ears, but he does suckle some of his toys.

    I love that you were able to snap a photo with her ear in her mouth!

  2. Judy says:

    Daisy is quite the character. I love the expression on her face in the photos… It’s as if she’s thinking “What’s the big deal about the ear thing anyway?” Priceless:)

  3. granny1947 says:

    Because I can Mommy…because I can!

  4. barb19 says:

    Is she bored? She has plenty of toys and blankets to chew, so why her ear?
    It may look funny, but you have to stop it before it becomes a bad habit, because she will be swallowing some of her fur every time she does this. It could end up as a problem in her tummy, (like a fur ball in a cat).
    When you see her chewing her ear, take her mind off it by playing with her, throwing a ball or something – it will help to get her out of that bad habit.
    Good luck!

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