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Is Daisy a Reincarnated 1960s Hippie Protester?

on March 17, 2011

LOL! If there is such a thing, we’ve decided that in one of Daisy’s past lives, she was probably a hippie protester from the 1960s.

I could swear she's smiling! Probably planning her next lie-in behind that look of innocence!

Why? Because whenever she’s lying on the couch and we want to take her off, she turns herself into The Immovable Force. She opens her eyes WIDE and keeps her whole body limp, actually pressing her head downward into the couch.

Which results in:

  • making her feel much heavier than she is;
  • making it difficult to keep her from slipping through our hands;
  • making it nearly impossible to support her body and spine so nothing gets hurt;
  • giving her an extra few seconds on the cushy couch;
  • making it absolutely impossible to put her down without snuggling her close for a deep cuddle.

Her attitude is “You wanna move me? Go ahead and try!”

No way, no how are you moving me!

It reminds me of those hippie protests I remember watching on television as a child – sit-ins, lie-ins, etc. where the protesters would make their bodies go completely limp when police tried to remove them from the scene.

That’s our little Daisy. Maybe for Halloween we should dress her in a tie-dye shirt with love beads and put a band around her head…. 😉

3 responses to “Is Daisy a Reincarnated 1960s Hippie Protester?

  1. Tiff says:

    How funny LOL:) If she dress like a hippie, don’t forget a cool pair of shades.

  2. I would LOVE to see her in a tie-dyed shirt and headband! And it definitely looks like she’s smiling in that photo. Smart girl. 🙂

  3. barb19 says:

    Daisy is obviously very smart and has a mind of her own!
    I think she would look pretty cool dressed like a hippie!

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