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Monday Morning Chuckle: Strangest Dog Names

on March 7, 2011

So VIP Pet Insurance publicized a list of the top 50 strangest dog names they’ve ever heard. These are actually the names of dogs whose owners applied for pet insurance!

Here are a few of the wildest:

I may be goofy, but at least my name isn't!

Sirius Lee Handsome
Zip Drive
Muppet Bundle
Low Jack
Rush Limbark
Peanut Wigglebutt (can you imagine the vet calling that name out in a crowded waiting room??!)
Spatula (don’t let this one get around – those nutty celebs who name their kids things like Diva Muffin and Audio Science [I kid you not, just follow the link!] would probably steal it!)

And of course, there’s the classic old joke about a dog named Herpes because he wouldn’t heel…. 🙂

Have a happy Monday everyone!

5 responses to “Monday Morning Chuckle: Strangest Dog Names

  1. tiffy40 says:

    And I thought Tiffy’s nickname “The Who” was unusual:)

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    And we thought Daisy’s nickname “Fluffer Nutter” was silly! And that’s only one of her nicknames! LOL

  3. We passed a dog at the park a few weeks ago whose name was Bonkers. The funniest part about it was that the mom was (obnoxiously) scolding the dog. “Bonkers, stop it! Stop jumping around!” We looked at each other and thought…that’s what you get when your dog’s name is Bonkers!

  4. barb19 says:

    Some crazy names on that list! Can you imagine the looks you would get calling your dog to heel and shouting, “Come, Sirius Lee Handsome”?
    The worse name we have for Poppy is “Grumble Bum” since she had a major problem with her anal gland last year! Thing is – it suits her!

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