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Havachon Under Wraps….By Choice!

on March 3, 2011

What a nut!

Yes, this blanketed torpedo shape actually is a Havachon puppy. See the tiny bit of furry tail at the top?

Daisy’s taken her blanket loving mummy impersonation to new heights. She now brings her blanket on the sofa with her, so for laughs I tossed it over her so it completely enveloped her from head to tail.

This silly girl liked it!

She ended up taking a 2-hour nap wrapped in her blanket, furthering her mummy impersonation. Even when she sat up for a minute and I could see her head turning as if she was looking around, she never came out from under that blanket.

I need to find a blanket that looks like mummy wrappings for Halloween and maybe a sarcophagus-shaped doggie bed! LOL She’d be a natural!

This is the life!


Hey, I feel a draft back there....

Thaaaat's better!

8 responses to “Havachon Under Wraps….By Choice!

  1. OMG…I love the photo where you can only see her back legs. What a nut! 😀

  2. tiffy40 says:

    I agree with Daisy. At 37 degrees, I would be under wraps as well!

  3. tiffy40 says:

    I agree with Daisy. It is 37 degrees here and I like to be under blankets as well:)

  4. lackingfunds says:

    This puppy is too much! I LOVE the second picture with just her little upside down feet sticking out of the blanket!

  5. barb19 says:

    I love the photos – the second one especially with her legs sticking out! She is one crazy little puppy!

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