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Daisy And Her One-Eyed Havachon Sneak Peek

on February 25, 2011

Looking through our pictures, I noticed something several of them have in common: when Daisy’s doing something wrong or being sneaky, she tends to partially hide herself behind something and peek out with one eye.

It’s her Sneak Peek.

I thought these pictures of her sneaky-peeky moments might make a funny collage of sorts:

I know I'm not supposed to be in here....

I'm not supposed to be up here without permission...do you think they can see me?

Heeheehee! Oops - I think my other eye is showing....

Do you think they noticed that I chewed the table? This isn't a very good hiding place...

8 responses to “Daisy And Her One-Eyed Havachon Sneak Peek

  1. Ha…love these photos! What a sneaky little Havachon! Isn’t it funny when they know they’re being mischievious. Gus thinks he’s so cool when he’s being sneaky.

    Happy Friday, Daisy and Family!

  2. tiffy40 says:

    So cute… Love the pics:)

  3. leonabriggs says:

    What a cutie! Almost makes me want to get another dog!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Thanks Leona! We hadn’t had a dog for over 17 years, but when we saw this little pup, we just couldn’t walk away. Now I don’t think I can ever be without a dog again! Thanks for visiting!

  4. barb19 says:

    These are great photos, and so funny! Dogs seem to know when they’ve done something they shouldn’t have, and it shows in their face and in their actions – these ones say “Guilty, sorry mum”! Or even “No, I didn’t do it”!
    Love Daisy!

  5. lackingfunds says:

    The last pic is my favorite! That is one sneaky puppy 🙂

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