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Monday Morning Chuckle – Whacky Dog Lawsuit

Ugh. It’s Monday. How about a Monday Morning Chuckle to get the week started off right?

This is a TRUE article from a 1995 edition of the Houston Chronicle, although it sounds more like a joke!

Good grief! Could I be sued for stepping on human toes? It's one of my favorite things to do!

A minister and his wife sued a guide-dog school for $160,000 after a blind man learning to use a seeing-eye dog trod on the woman’s toes in a shopping mall. Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc., a 13-year old guide-dog school and the only one of its kind in the Southeast, raises and trains seeing-eye dogs at no cost to the visually impaired. The school is located about 35 miles south of Tampa.

The lawsuit was brought by Carolyn Christian and her husband, the Rev. William Christian. Each sought $80,000. The couple filed suit 13 months after Ms. Christian’s toe was stepped on and reportedly broken by a blind man who was learning to use his new guide dog, Freddy, under the supervision of an instructor. They were practicing at a shopping mall. According to witnesses, Ms. Christian made no effort to get out of the blind man’s way because she “wanted to see if the dog would walk around me”. (Source: Houston Chronicle, 10-27-95)

Have a great day everyone!


The Search For Tough Dog Toys Goes On….And On….

Daisy may be relatively small, but she’s got powerful jaws! We figure she’s about 15 pounds now, and she’s a solid 15 pounds – all muscle. Not what we expected when we brought that frail, bony 2.6 pound puppy into our home a mere 7 months ago!

In fact, come to think of it, yesterday Daisy turned 10 months old! 🙂

Anyway, as I’ve said before, Daisy is VERY tough on toys. We’ve been through 3 Nylabones in that short time – she’s destroyed each one in no time. Every time we got a new one, we found one that was harder and supposedly stronger, but now she even devastated the shiny, hard white one.

She has a strategy, you see – she systematically searches for the weakest spots and then attacks them mercilessly until they soon shred or tear and she’s pulling out stuffing or squeakers.

It’s really frustrating. There have been more shredded toys in our garbage than in some pet shop aisles.

Haha...I'll get you, my pretty!

The other day I went to PetSmart, and a helpful staffer pointed me in the direction of a different type of Nylabone – it’s a weird-looking thing called a Double Action Chew and is specifically made for “powerful chewers”.

We’ll see.

They haven’t tested it on our Daisy.

It’s easy to underestimate a little Havachon like Daisy – she looks so sweet, happy and friendly. And she is. But she’s also a real ruffian with her toys!

She completely destroyed a Level 7 Tuffy toy in about a week – that “Tiger Tested” toy didn’t stand a chance with Daisy! What kind of tigers are they testing these things on anyway? Aunt Ethel’s pet cat named “Tiger”??

We’re now up to the Level 9 Tuffy toy, and it’s holding up better. She found that the weakest spot is the inner binding of the ring, so she’s starting to shred that. ::sigh::

The biggest problem is that manufacturers seem to make the toughest toys in sizes suited to large dogs, so we can’t get them for Daisy. Even the PetSmart staffer thought that was ridiculous.

I also bought a crinkly-sounding flat toy called “Combat”. Sounds tough. Again….we’ll see. I’m holding that in reserve for when the Tuffy toy cries “uncle”.


Snow Day = Snow Play! Another First For Daisy! :)

A continuation of the Year of Firsts – Daisy’s first snowfalls. 🙂

We love snow, we love everything about it.

That incomparable, peaceful quiet that accompanies the falling snow.
The outline of tree branches in that frosty winter white.
The unifying purity that blends landscapes into acres of uninterrupted beauty.
The icicles that decorate the house in nature’s glory.
The sparkle of the snow that embraces the ground in a diamond-clad coating.

We LOVE snow.

And now, so does Daisy.

It seems to energize her…not that she needs any additional energy LOL! But take her out during a snowfall and she races around like she’s celebrating this amazing transformation of her world.

We got about 9 more inches of snow today! DD took Daisy out in her heavy pink coat with the furry collar (given to us by a friend); she stepped into the snow and stopped as if she were trying to figure out what this crunchy cold stuff was. (We couldn’t take her out after the last snowfall because we ended up with over 3 feet of snow – she’d have become a frozen pupsicle! LOL

This snow makes my ears look pretty wild!!

Once Daisy stepped into the deeper snow, she and DD romped around the yard for several minutes. She stopped occasionally to investigate this miracle of nature, pushing her face into the snow, shaking herself off (with no real results!), and racing around with her ears flying helter-skelter.

Several minutes was apparently Daisy’s maximum endurance level – after that, she wanted to return to the warmth of the house! Her legs, feet, and underside were covered in icy balls. We wrapped her in a towel and blow dried her, the snowy balls melting off little by little. And a mini-miracle occurred – it was the first time EVER in her 9 month life that she actually LIKED the blow dryer!! The warmth must have been a welcome feeling after being covered in snow and ice balls.

Once dry and warm again, here was the aftermath of Daisy’s first snow day:



The Day Daisy Got Lost…IN The House!

Did this ever happen to you? It’s an ordinary day and everything’s going along smoothly when all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t seen little poochie-boo for a while. So you call her name, but there’s no response. No little pitter-patter of paws, no thundering herd of puppy.

Hmmm. Curious.

I may LOOK innocent, but I really had 'em going for a while! 🙂

So you go to all of her favorite haunts – her bowls, her blankets, the area rug in the dining room, the sofas – nothing.

Now you’re sure she’s doing something wrong, so you go to all of the places she’s not allowed to go alone – the computer room (too much stuff for her to destroy), DD’s bedroom (too many tempting things like pink fuzzy slippers), the master bedroom (light colored carpeting is not for puppies!) – but still no sign of the Wandering Pup.

Now panic starts to set in. You know none of the doors or windows were open because it’s the middle of winter and it’s below freezing outside. She couldn’t possibly have gotten out.

This is the point at which we started checking ridiculous places like the Christmas tree (could she have climbed into the branches like a cat??), underneath furniture, inside the kitchen cabinets that always remain closed when not in use – but still nothing.

All this time we’re calling and calling her name, rattling treat bags and using every temptation to get her to come to us. Still nothing.

Then someone decided to go into the laundry room to get her food bag because it makes more sound, and as soon as they opened the door – POOF! – out zips Daisy, the Little Lost Havachon!

That happened a couple of weeks ago, and we still have no idea how she got closed in there. Everyone in the house denied going in there that morning (obviously someone didn’t want to take responsibility), but we’re still left wondering how the heck long she was stuck in there and WHY on earth she didn’t yap or whine when we were calling her!

Methinks she’s a bit of a trickster…. 🙂


Our Frozen Feathered Friend

Over the weekend we had a bit more snow – not enough to keep us housebound this time, but just enough to put a fresh white coating over the snow that’s been on the ground for a while.

During this beautiful snowfall, I glanced out the window at the bird feeder and saw this pretty little gal, a female cardinal, who appeared to be frozen in place:

I say that she seemed to be frozen there because I watched her in that position for a couple of minutes before going to get my camera, coming back, taking my time zooming in, etc. and then taking the shot. She remained there for quite a while longer even after all that. It’s unusual to see a bird stay motionless in the same spot for such a long period of time – she never even moved her head!

It seemed to me as if she’d been happily eating at the feeder, never noticing that all the other birds had flown away when the snow started, and then suddenly, she turned around and saw the snow coming down pretty heavily. I imagined her staring at it for so long thinking, “Uh ohhhhhhh…what do I do now? Which way is home? I don’t like flying in snow!” LOL

Eventually she did leave, but she was sitting in that same position for more than 5 minutes. Whatever her reason, she gave me a great photo op!

I'm so glad to be warm and toasty with my fleece blankets!


Daisy, The Card Playing Havachon

While we and our house guests were snowbound for almost a week over the holidays, we played lots of games to keep ourselves amused. During a particularly exciting card game on New Years Eve, Daisy decided that she wanted to get in on the action:

I'd go "all in" on that hand!

She was particularly amused by the fancy card shuffling that went on between hands and actually seemed interested in the game play itself. Who knows – maybe she’ll be doing Vegas one of these days! LOL!


Daisy the Havachon’s Post-Holiday Poopitis

Poopitis (poop-I-tiss) – the condition of being exhausted after too much fun for too long a time, according to Miss Daisy.

Oh yeah, Daisy’s got it: a Level 10 case of post-holiday Poopitis. And this picture shows what it looks like….


After a week and a half of fun with guests fawning over her, tossing her toys, pampering and petting her, and generally making her feel like the Queen of the Realm, Daisy has finally succumbed to the after-effects of all that excitement. She’s been snoozing and cuddling most of the time since they left yesterday, and we’re loving all this cuddle time!

But oh boy, did she ever take advantage of every moment of her popularity – she just loves being the center of attention!


Our Holiday House Guests Are Gone – We’re BAAAACK! LOL

The holidays were wonderful and crazy as usual, and this year we had out-of-state family who came in on Christmas day and stayed until January 6! Kind of a long haul – especially since we were snowed in for FIVE long days!

This was taken well before the full 3' accumulated!

The 3+ feet of snow we got on December 26 was beautiful and we really enjoyed it, but this year our state and township didn’t rush to plow the streets. Budget cuts, fewer employees, blah blah blah. Luckily we had plenty of food in the house, so out came the puzzles, cards, and games!

The only downside was that our living room fireplace chose this time to develop a leak in the flashing. As soon as the first thaw started, I heard a plop-plop-plop coming from the fireplace. I recognized this sound from last year’s leak in the family room fireplace, and my blood ran cold – and it wasn’t the bitter outdoor temps doing it!

Sure enough,water was dripping in liberally inside the firebox (it was a 3-bucket leak!) and there was another stream of water running down the bricks on the face of the fireplace. Only one chimney repair place even bothered calling me back, so I had no choice but to hire them. $374 later (for a 20 minute job), it’s supposedly fixed. We’ll see after the next snow, which is supposed to hit tomorrow.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all! It’s great to be back!


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