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The Search For Tough Dog Toys Goes On….And On….

on January 14, 2011

Daisy may be relatively small, but she’s got powerful jaws! We figure she’s about 15 pounds now, and she’s a solid 15 pounds – all muscle. Not what we expected when we brought that frail, bony 2.6 pound puppy into our home a mere 7 months ago!

In fact, come to think of it, yesterday Daisy turned 10 months old! 🙂

Anyway, as I’ve said before, Daisy is VERY tough on toys. We’ve been through 3 Nylabones in that short time – she’s destroyed each one in no time. Every time we got a new one, we found one that was harder and supposedly stronger, but now she even devastated the shiny, hard white one.

She has a strategy, you see – she systematically searches for the weakest spots and then attacks them mercilessly until they soon shred or tear and she’s pulling out stuffing or squeakers.

It’s really frustrating. There have been more shredded toys in our garbage than in some pet shop aisles.

Haha...I'll get you, my pretty!

The other day I went to PetSmart, and a helpful staffer pointed me in the direction of a different type of Nylabone – it’s a weird-looking thing called a Double Action Chew and is specifically made for “powerful chewers”.

We’ll see.

They haven’t tested it on our Daisy.

It’s easy to underestimate a little Havachon like Daisy – she looks so sweet, happy and friendly. And she is. But she’s also a real ruffian with her toys!

She completely destroyed a Level 7 Tuffy toy in about a week – that “Tiger Tested” toy didn’t stand a chance with Daisy! What kind of tigers are they testing these things on anyway? Aunt Ethel’s pet cat named “Tiger”??

We’re now up to the Level 9 Tuffy toy, and it’s holding up better. She found that the weakest spot is the inner binding of the ring, so she’s starting to shred that. ::sigh::

The biggest problem is that manufacturers seem to make the toughest toys in sizes suited to large dogs, so we can’t get them for Daisy. Even the PetSmart staffer thought that was ridiculous.

I also bought a crinkly-sounding flat toy called “Combat”. Sounds tough. Again….we’ll see. I’m holding that in reserve for when the Tuffy toy cries “uncle”.


6 responses to “The Search For Tough Dog Toys Goes On….And On….

  1. Gus is such a wuss with toys…I had no idea he was such an exception to the rule until we started blogging. I can only imagine how frustrating (and expensive) it is when toys are ruined. Daisy is one tough cookie!

    Happy 10 month birthday, Daisy!

  2. Judy says:

    Maybe Daisy should develop her own line of “Tuff, Daisy Tested” toys for small dogs:)

  3. granny1947 says:

    Hello RD….I stopped buying Jasmine toys a long time ago.
    She either chews them up in no time flat or,if they squeak, she buries them!
    She now keeps an old bone and throws that up in the air and plays cute when she wants to go out.
    Have a great evening.

  4. kloppenmum says:

    Daisy is very cute, pity about the toys! We have three small boys, so they would love to have a dog around the house…they will eventually…when I’m up to looking after one!
    Just thought I’d de-lurk, after reading your comment on simplelifeofacountrymanswife. Hi, from New Zealand.

    • raisingdaisy says:

      Hello Kloppenmum and thanks for commenting! It’s so nice to “meet” you! Wow, three small boys….that makes caring for a new puppy seem like nothing! Do you have any idea what type of dog you’d eventually get?

  5. kloppenmum says:

    I’d love to get two Irish Wolf-Hounds, but my husband keeps telling me…big dogs…big do-doos! Ouch. We shall see.

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