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Snow Day = Snow Play! Another First For Daisy! :)

on January 13, 2011

A continuation of the Year of Firsts – Daisy’s first snowfalls. 🙂

We love snow, we love everything about it.

That incomparable, peaceful quiet that accompanies the falling snow.
The outline of tree branches in that frosty winter white.
The unifying purity that blends landscapes into acres of uninterrupted beauty.
The icicles that decorate the house in nature’s glory.
The sparkle of the snow that embraces the ground in a diamond-clad coating.

We LOVE snow.

And now, so does Daisy.

It seems to energize her…not that she needs any additional energy LOL! But take her out during a snowfall and she races around like she’s celebrating this amazing transformation of her world.

We got about 9 more inches of snow today! DD took Daisy out in her heavy pink coat with the furry collar (given to us by a friend); she stepped into the snow and stopped as if she were trying to figure out what this crunchy cold stuff was. (We couldn’t take her out after the last snowfall because we ended up with over 3 feet of snow – she’d have become a frozen pupsicle! LOL

This snow makes my ears look pretty wild!!

Once Daisy stepped into the deeper snow, she and DD romped around the yard for several minutes. She stopped occasionally to investigate this miracle of nature, pushing her face into the snow, shaking herself off (with no real results!), and racing around with her ears flying helter-skelter.

Several minutes was apparently Daisy’s maximum endurance level – after that, she wanted to return to the warmth of the house! Her legs, feet, and underside were covered in icy balls. We wrapped her in a towel and blow dried her, the snowy balls melting off little by little. And a mini-miracle occurred – it was the first time EVER in her 9 month life that she actually LIKED the blow dryer!! The warmth must have been a welcome feeling after being covered in snow and ice balls.

Once dry and warm again, here was the aftermath of Daisy’s first snow day:


4 responses to “Snow Day = Snow Play! Another First For Daisy! :)

  1. granny1947 says:

    Hello RD….lovely post…she is SO cute.
    I have just asked Morgue,on her post, how do dogs go out to poop in the snow?
    Have never thought about this before but is must be a bit of a problem?
    Especially if you are a sausage dog!

  2. tiffy40 says:

    So funny! I love the pictures of Daisy in the snow..LOL Looks like she had a great day:)

  3. It looks like Daisy had a blast in the snow. I love that last picture of her all snuggled up 🙂

  4. […] not complaining – I LOVE snow and icicles and the way they sparkle in sunlight. When there IS […]

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