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The Day Daisy Got Lost…IN The House!

on January 12, 2011

Did this ever happen to you? It’s an ordinary day and everything’s going along smoothly when all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t seen little poochie-boo for a while. So you call her name, but there’s no response. No little pitter-patter of paws, no thundering herd of puppy.

Hmmm. Curious.

I may LOOK innocent, but I really had 'em going for a while! 🙂

So you go to all of her favorite haunts – her bowls, her blankets, the area rug in the dining room, the sofas – nothing.

Now you’re sure she’s doing something wrong, so you go to all of the places she’s not allowed to go alone – the computer room (too much stuff for her to destroy), DD’s bedroom (too many tempting things like pink fuzzy slippers), the master bedroom (light colored carpeting is not for puppies!) – but still no sign of the Wandering Pup.

Now panic starts to set in. You know none of the doors or windows were open because it’s the middle of winter and it’s below freezing outside. She couldn’t possibly have gotten out.

This is the point at which we started checking ridiculous places like the Christmas tree (could she have climbed into the branches like a cat??), underneath furniture, inside the kitchen cabinets that always remain closed when not in use – but still nothing.

All this time we’re calling and calling her name, rattling treat bags and using every temptation to get her to come to us. Still nothing.

Then someone decided to go into the laundry room to get her food bag because it makes more sound, and as soon as they opened the door – POOF! – out zips Daisy, the Little Lost Havachon!

That happened a couple of weeks ago, and we still have no idea how she got closed in there. Everyone in the house denied going in there that morning (obviously someone didn’t want to take responsibility), but we’re still left wondering how the heck long she was stuck in there and WHY on earth she didn’t yap or whine when we were calling her!

Methinks she’s a bit of a trickster…. 🙂


4 responses to “The Day Daisy Got Lost…IN The House!

  1. tiffy40 says:

    Good to hear you found her. Tiffy sometimes gets closed into a room by accident. I guess that’s just what happens with small dogs. I can honestly say I’ve never lost my German Shepherd in the house. Things like that just don’t happen with big dogs. LOL

  2. Gus has gotten accidentally closed into rooms too. When we open it, he gives us a “hey, why’d you shut me in here?” look. Glad you found her!

  3. They are so stealth-like in the their movements! Back when it was just Tobi, I came home after a run to town, opened the door, and called out to Tobi to come outside and potty. When she didn’t come, I searched frantically for her, only to learn she had slipped out the door without me knowing it. Gave momma a scare! 🙂

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