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Our Frozen Feathered Friend

on January 11, 2011

Over the weekend we had a bit more snow – not enough to keep us housebound this time, but just enough to put a fresh white coating over the snow that’s been on the ground for a while.

During this beautiful snowfall, I glanced out the window at the bird feeder and saw this pretty little gal, a female cardinal, who appeared to be frozen in place:

I say that she seemed to be frozen there because I watched her in that position for a couple of minutes before going to get my camera, coming back, taking my time zooming in, etc. and then taking the shot. She remained there for quite a while longer even after all that. It’s unusual to see a bird stay motionless in the same spot for such a long period of time – she never even moved her head!

It seemed to me as if she’d been happily eating at the feeder, never noticing that all the other birds had flown away when the snow started, and then suddenly, she turned around and saw the snow coming down pretty heavily. I imagined her staring at it for so long thinking, “Uh ohhhhhhh…what do I do now? Which way is home? I don’t like flying in snow!” LOL

Eventually she did leave, but she was sitting in that same position for more than 5 minutes. Whatever her reason, she gave me a great photo op!

I'm so glad to be warm and toasty with my fleece blankets!


3 responses to “Our Frozen Feathered Friend

  1. Judy says:

    Pretty Photo! I have Cardinals in my yard also. They are such beautiful birds.

  2. Great photo…I can’t believe it was still there after you went to get your camera. That never happens!

  3. great blog If you are the type to update your blog regulary, then you have gained one daily reader in me today. keep up the super work.

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