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Daisy the Havachon’s Post-Holiday Poopitis

on January 7, 2011

Poopitis (poop-I-tiss) – the condition of being exhausted after too much fun for too long a time, according to Miss Daisy.

Oh yeah, Daisy’s got it: a Level 10 case of post-holiday Poopitis. And this picture shows what it looks like….


After a week and a half of fun with guests fawning over her, tossing her toys, pampering and petting her, and generally making her feel like the Queen of the Realm, Daisy has finally succumbed to the after-effects of all that excitement. She’s been snoozing and cuddling most of the time since they left yesterday, and we’re loving all this cuddle time!

But oh boy, did she ever take advantage of every moment of her popularity – she just loves being the center of attention!


2 responses to “Daisy the Havachon’s Post-Holiday Poopitis

  1. tiffy40 says:

    What a cute photo! She looks like she’s enjoying her rest:)

  2. Gus had a case of poopitis (love that) too after our visitors left. It took him (and us) several days to recover!

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