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Daisy the Sneaky Havachon – More Sofa Wars

Well she’s done it again. I hadn’t been gone from the family room for more than 15 seconds when DD found this….

You'll never find me behind all these comfy blankets!

Daisy The Sneak was at it again. Last time she tried hiding on the couch behind the laundry basket; this time she thought she’d have better luck snuggling in behind a pile of soft fleece blankets.

Frankly, DD hated to make her get down from the sofa – she looked so warm and comfy there! But in the interest of  continuity in her training, she had no choice. We’re trying to get Daisy to understand that she can only come up on our laps when she’s invited and not jump onto the sofas at will. Actually, she does understand, she just chooses not to comply when she thinks she can get away with it!

This saga could run longer than the Rocky series!


Cirque Dreams Holidaze and Our First Snowfall!!

We officially rang in the holiday season this weekend – we did some Christmas shopping on Saturday and then went with some friends to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze on Sunday. It was an AMAZING show – a real feast for the eyes – full of color, sparkle, music, and of course, incredibly gifted gymnasts.

Do I get to go to the next Cirque show?

At my best I could never have hoped to achieve even a quarter of the mind-blowing physical feats these young gymnasts pull off!

On Monday we had our first snow of the season – hours and hours of flurries that didn’t amount to anything, but just looked beautiful coming down. The winds picked up quite a bit, so after a couple hours of Christmas shopping in the morning, I was happy to settle in at my computer with some nice hot cocoa for the afternoon and just watch those flurries through the sliding glass door.

We had been concerned about leaving Daisy alone for the 5 hours we’d be gone on Sunday, but she was fine – no mess, no problems. We were so happy! We came home for an hour to feed her, take her out, and play with her for a while, then we met our friends out for dinner. Daisy was only alone for 2-1/2 hours the second time, and again, she was fine. What a relief!


Frightening Increase in Dog Diabetes – Don’t Let Your Dog Become a Victim!

It makes me sad to think of my poor fellow pups with diabetes! Help protect us with good diets and exercise!

Who’d have thought? Doggy Diabetes? Yikes! I was shocked when I heard that the same disease that’s been escalating in humans is also escalating in dogs.

Did you know that 1 in 10 dogs gets diabetes…and that number is increasing? That’s plenty of reason to find out more about this awful epidemic.

While heredity can be a factor, the good news is that we can take steps to lower the chances of our dogs contracting this nasty condition. What’s the number one controllable thing that puts dogs at risk for diabetes? BEING OVERWEIGHT. And with the holidays upon us, many dog owners like to treat their dogs to extra holiday goodies.

Most of the time, dogs are overweight from love. Sounds weird, but people like to treat their furry friends to all kinds of yummy things, and, sometimes, far too many of them. But sometimes dog foods are the culprits as well.  The Dog Diabetes Guide breaks down the carbohydrate threat lurking in dry dog food and gives alternative feeding solutions.

The site also says that spaying a female dog can lower its chances of getting diabetes; another article lists the top 10 breeds that develop the disease. The Dog Diabetes Guide also states that cortisone and hormone drugs can trigger diabetes, especially in dogs that already have risk factors. The site is chock full of great information and gives many other causes as well as treatments and much more.

It’s important that we dog owners watch our dogs for symptoms of diabetes – after all, it’s not like they can tell you they don’t feel well! The signs are similar to those in humans: frequent urination, excessive thirst, shivering, weight loss without eating less, lethargy, and sweet or fruity breath are among the most common.

Just like doctors warn humans, diabetes is a “silent killer” – take proper precautions diet-wise and be aware of any changes in your dog that may be warning signals. Diabetes can be managed if it’s caught early!


Home Renovation Projects and Pet Safety

Who's that?! What's going on?! I've got my eyes on you!

A few months ago our electric range started superheating. It was pretty scary – you turned on a burner or the oven, and the entire stovetop surface superheated to an untouchable degree.

The unit was a 20 year old all-in-one stove, oven, and microwave unit. I believe in using appliances until they wear out, I’m not one to buy new things just because their styles change.

Consequently, by the time that happens, lots of other things are due for updating, so from one necessity come many related projects.

We’re do-it-yourselfers, so during upgrade periods, we become Lowe’s or Home Depot’s favorite people! LOL

Anyway, a few weeks ago we got a brand new stainless steel range with a matching microwave. The “fun” was in keeping Daisy occupied and away from the electrician when he spent a couple hours updating our old wiring; keeping her away from the range delivery and installation men, who were here for over an hour; and keeping her away from the microwave installer who was also here for a couple of hours. So while DH worked from home and stayed with the workmen, I stripped the bed and treated Daisy to afternoons on our bed, where she’s never allowed to go.

From that vantage point, she could look out two windows and see the road as well as the driveway, where the workmen went back and forth. It was like opening up a whole new world to her – very exciting!

But now come the rest of the upgrades – a new granite countertop, tiled backsplash around the entire work area, and possibly new wall decor – the hands-on part of the project. DH loves putting in tile and he’s great at painting and wallpapering, all of which will take a lot of time to complete.

So I got to thinking about Daisy’s safety with all these potentially dangerous chemicals and sharp objects around – since the projects will take more than a weekend to complete, what should we be aware of, aside from the obvious things like not leaving open paint cans sitting around?

There’s a very helpful article about keeping pets safe during home renovations which gives lots of suggestions and information on things to be mindful of that might not occur to homeowners during that busy, stressful time.  Keeping loose, dangling wires away from pets, keeping dogs away from workmen, making sure pets are nowhere near doors and/or windows that may be opening – all of these things and more are causes for concern.

We do so much research and prep work in getting our homes ready for upgrades – if we’re just as mindful in preparing to protect our pets for upcoming renovations, everything will go smoothly. It’s worth the time and effort!

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Christmas Shopping Weekend Coming

You're going to be gone for HOW LONG??

I’m one of those people who usually gets their Christmas shopping done early; no matter what time of year it is, if I find something I know someone will like, I get it for them and hold it for Christmas. By now I should be down to the last few little extras. But this year I’m WAY behind – I haven’t even started yet! And we have our first Christmas outing with friends coming up, I have Christmas lunches and dinners with friends over the next couple weeks – panic time!

Saturday’s the day – I’m going to hit the stores HARD. Unfortunately everyone else will be doing the same thing….

I usually prefer going to PetSmart, but Petco wisely sent out a coupon for 10 percent off an entire purchase, so I’ll be stocking up there. We wanted to get Daisy reindeer antlers for her first Christmas, but I’m pretty sure she won’t keep them on, so we’re opting for a red velvet jingle collar instead. Probably won’t last 5 minutes, but we’ll give it a try! I’ll have to get a picture QUICK lol!!

Our upcoming Christmas outing will be challenging because we’re going to a show with friends, and between the time it takes to get there, the length of the show itself, and getting back home, it’ll be about 5 hours. Daisy doesn’t do well past 4 hours max. Our friends want to go out for dinner afterwards, but we can’t possibly leave Daisy any longer. And there’s a distinct possibility that she’ll mess in her crate, so bringing them back here afterwards would be….less than desirable. (I don’t even like being here when she has a crate accident!) Not only do we have to clean the crate and blanket when this happens, but we have to put her in the bath immediately and give her a massive scrub-down. Not sure what we’ll do with that situation. ::sigh::

I love having a dog again but these occasional restrictions can be difficult. If I had realized the time problem sooner, I’d have booked her into the local Doggy Day Care for those 5 hours, had her groomed at the same time (in preparation for all the new people she’ll meet during the holidays) and picked her up after the show. We’ll just have to take our chances, I guess. 😛

Hopefully next weekend we’ll do our Christmas baking – rum balls are a strongly requested MUST – and get our tree as well. I’m getting tired just thinking about it, but we really have lots of fun.

Let the festivities begin! 🙂

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Thanksgiving’s Over – On Toward Christmas!

Well Thanksgiving was wonderful as always. Daisy loved meeting her new relatives and they certainly enjoyed playing with her!

Point me to the Christmas tree!

With Daisy’s sensitive tummy, we have a strict “no table food” rule, and I’m happy to say that everyone honored it. Daisy only tried once to tempt an aunt into sharing her dinner by jumping up so her front paws were on my aunt’s lap, but as soon as we told her “down”, she resigned herself to the fact that today was no different from any other, and went about playing.

Now comes the big challenge – decorating for Christmas and keeping Daisy from eating the decorations. We usually put tinsel on our tree – we like the icy look it gives the tree, as well as the Christmas-of-yore feel of it. But I don’t think we’ll be using it this year – according to an article at  Pet Education.com, tinsel is one of those sparkling, moving things dogs are attracted to and will eat, causing blockages that require surgery. Even tree needles can be toxic, so we’ll be vacuuming a lot and keeping a very close eye on Daisy, only allowing her near the tree when we’re there with her.  And we certainly won’t be bringing toxic poinsettia plants in. As a young puppy, she’s curious about everything!

Pedigree Pups has a wonderful article about the dangers of Christmas trees for dogs and how to make them more pet-friendly. One big thing to be cautious of is glass ornaments, which dogs like to play with and can result in serious mouth cuts (we won’t even discuss what could happen if they swallow some pieces). I think we’ll put the glass ornaments higher on the tree this year and put non-breakables at the bottom.

The site also recommends securing the tree so it’s not wobbly, spraying the lower part of the tree with bitter apple or other citrus sprays to make it unappealing to your dog, keeping a cover over the tree’s water supply so you dog won’t drink it, keeping light cords out of the dog’s reach (or at least putting something over them that the dog can’t chew through), keeping ornament hooks off the floor so they won’t cut your dog’s paw or wreak havoc on his insides if he swallows one, and much more. The article is definitely an important dog-owner’s holiday safety guide.

Taking safety precautions will give you and your dog happier holidays!


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