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Doggy Antlers – Daisy’s Christmas Humiliation :)

on December 13, 2010

This will be Daisy’s very first Christmas! We’re all looking forward to her jingling around in hew new Christmas jingle collar and watching her reaction when she sees her present of a new multi-squeaker toy that we just know she’s going to love. BUT….

DD just couldn’t resist getting Daisy a set of red and green antlers. I mean, she was drawn to these things like they were the Holy Grail of doggy Christmas accessories. So we got them and tried them on Daisy….with unexpected results!

This is SO humiliating.....

At first, her head drooped slowly as if the antlers were made of lead and weighed a ton. Each time we put them on her, she does the same thing. Then she gets this look of humiliation on her face with her ears flopping down that caused me to take a bunch of blurry pictures because I was laughing so hard!

She finally became somewhat accustomed to them, but I have a feeling that might not last. She was on DD’s lap at the time, and she’s willing to put up with just about anything when she’s enjoying some cuddle time. It could be a very different story when she’s on her own!

In a couple of days I’m hosting a Christmas luncheon, and I’m going to try putting them on her again for that, at least for a couple of minutes. We’ll see how long they last!

3 responses to “Doggy Antlers – Daisy’s Christmas Humiliation :)

  1. tiffy40 says:

    So adorable:) Tiffy gets that same expression on her face when she wears her reindeer antlers and her’s fall off within a few minutes as well. Good luck at the luncheon, I hope Daisy wears them since she looks so cute:)

  2. Merry 1st Christmas Daisy! You look fabulous in your antlers!

  3. […] And when we put the hood on her, she lowered her head as if it weighed a ton and just stood there like a dozing cow. I got down on the floor with her, and once again she shoved her head into the crook of my arm, as if she was so embarrassed by this new contraption. (Very reminiscent of the Great Christmas Antler Humiliation!) […]

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