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Dog Showers in the Home?!

on December 9, 2010

In researching another topic, I discovered an article about dog showers – actual tiled, open shower stalls that people can have installed in their homes so Fido doesn’t track muddy paw prints across your beautiful thick pile carpet or wood floors.

Bath...shower...I don't care, I hate them all!

It’s a great idea, and for people who have the space for it, it could be a worthwhile addition. These showers are completely open in front and have detachable shower nozzles so everything’s done at ground level – no more bending over the side of the tub!

If it’s installed in a utility room with access to the outdoors, dogs never need to set foot in the main area of the home until they’re completely clean. It’s a great concept!

2 responses to “Dog Showers in the Home?!

  1. tiffy40 says:

    So funny, at first when I read “Dog Showers” I thought you were going to blog about a dog version of a wedding or baby shower:) LOL I think a shower for a muddy dog would be a great idea for someone who has room for it…What will they think of next??

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