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Cirque Dreams Holidaze and Our First Snowfall!!

on December 7, 2010

We officially rang in the holiday season this weekend – we did some Christmas shopping on Saturday and then went with some friends to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze on Sunday. It was an AMAZING show – a real feast for the eyes – full of color, sparkle, music, and of course, incredibly gifted gymnasts.

Do I get to go to the next Cirque show?

At my best I could never have hoped to achieve even a quarter of the mind-blowing physical feats these young gymnasts pull off!

On Monday we had our first snow of the season – hours and hours of flurries that didn’t amount to anything, but just looked beautiful coming down. The winds picked up quite a bit, so after a couple hours of Christmas shopping in the morning, I was happy to settle in at my computer with some nice hot cocoa for the afternoon and just watch those flurries through the sliding glass door.

We had been concerned about leaving Daisy alone for the 5 hours we’d be gone on Sunday, but she was fine – no mess, no problems. We were so happy! We came home for an hour to feed her, take her out, and play with her for a while, then we met our friends out for dinner. Daisy was only alone for 2-1/2 hours the second time, and again, she was fine. What a relief!


2 responses to “Cirque Dreams Holidaze and Our First Snowfall!!

  1. Judy says:

    Sounds like a fun show. Glad to hear that Daisy was able to do well also:) We had our first flurries yesterday too, they didn’t amount to much but boy was it cold! Feels even colder today, alot windier, but minus the snow.

  2. granny1947 says:

    Sorry…not shouting…always forget the caplocks.
    I would be happy with a little snow right now…it is a real scorcher here!

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