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Thanksgiving’s Over – On Toward Christmas!

on December 1, 2010

Well Thanksgiving was wonderful as always. Daisy loved meeting her new relatives and they certainly enjoyed playing with her!

Point me to the Christmas tree!

With Daisy’s sensitive tummy, we have a strict “no table food” rule, and I’m happy to say that everyone honored it. Daisy only tried once to tempt an aunt into sharing her dinner by jumping up so her front paws were on my aunt’s lap, but as soon as we told her “down”, she resigned herself to the fact that today was no different from any other, and went about playing.

Now comes the big challenge – decorating for Christmas and keeping Daisy from eating the decorations. We usually put tinsel on our tree – we like the icy look it gives the tree, as well as the Christmas-of-yore feel of it. But I don’t think we’ll be using it this year – according to an article at  Pet Education.com, tinsel is one of those sparkling, moving things dogs are attracted to and will eat, causing blockages that require surgery. Even tree needles can be toxic, so we’ll be vacuuming a lot and keeping a very close eye on Daisy, only allowing her near the tree when we’re there with her.  And we certainly won’t be bringing toxic poinsettia plants in. As a young puppy, she’s curious about everything!

Pedigree Pups has a wonderful article about the dangers of Christmas trees for dogs and how to make them more pet-friendly. One big thing to be cautious of is glass ornaments, which dogs like to play with and can result in serious mouth cuts (we won’t even discuss what could happen if they swallow some pieces). I think we’ll put the glass ornaments higher on the tree this year and put non-breakables at the bottom.

The site also recommends securing the tree so it’s not wobbly, spraying the lower part of the tree with bitter apple or other citrus sprays to make it unappealing to your dog, keeping a cover over the tree’s water supply so you dog won’t drink it, keeping light cords out of the dog’s reach (or at least putting something over them that the dog can’t chew through), keeping ornament hooks off the floor so they won’t cut your dog’s paw or wreak havoc on his insides if he swallows one, and much more. The article is definitely an important dog-owner’s holiday safety guide.

Taking safety precautions will give you and your dog happier holidays!

6 responses to “Thanksgiving’s Over – On Toward Christmas!

  1. Judy says:

    Sound like good advice. It’s good to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tiffy doesn’t really bother with the tree, ornaments or decorations…her big thing is chewing wood, so I guess I’ll have to keep her away from my son’s nutcracker collection:)

    P.S. I’ll keep an eye out for any hitchhiking critters on my Christmas tree. I did have some hitchhikers on a pre-cut tree once though, so I guess it’s good to exercise caution no matter what the circumstance. Definitely not a big fan of bugs:)

  2. granny1947 says:

    Good heavens…all those precautions…worse than having a toddler in the house!!!

    • raisingdaisy says:

      You’re right Granny, I’ve said that too. Actually I think it’s even harder with a dog because you can’t logic with them – “don’t touch those wires or you’ll hurt yourself” means nothing to a puppy! 🙂

  3. Mental Climax says:

    first off, i love your blog title.

    the dog is uber cute i want to own him. kidding!

    have a nice day! guess i have to lurk for more of your oozing writeups.

  4. […] dogs, health, puppies, puppy, safety, sprays, toxic, toxins After writing my blog post about Christmas decorating hazards for dogs, I started thinking that maybe we should do something a little more proactive to keep Daisy away […]

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