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Daisy’s First Autumn Leaf Romp!

on November 22, 2010

We have a large back yard with wonderful big trees that give us great shade for barbecues in the summer….and a yard FILLED with beautiful yellow leaves in fall. Every year I marvel at the gentle cascade of fall finery as it drifts like a lealfysnowfall, covering the lawn in a bright yellow carpet.

It’s Nature at her best and most beautiful.

I LOVE playing in the leaves!

This year we had the added excitement of taking Daisy out for her first fall romp through the leaves. We were anxious to see her reaction to the depth of leaves as well as leaf piles that were bigger than her. We weren’t disappointed!

At first she gingerly sniffed the leaves, then carefully trotted into them. DD coaxed her to run along with her, and once Daisy tried it, she really liked it! They must have run 5 miles up, down, and all around the leaf-strewn yard, finally jumping into leaf piles, where DD covered Daisy with leaves while Daisy snapped playfully at them.

Remember in another post when I said that Daisy is very leery of things that don’t belong or are out of place? Well, that apparently applies to Mother Nature too. Most of the leaves in our yard are the same standard size, but there are several really huge leaves that blow in from a neighboring yard. HUGE. Like bigger than Daisy’s head.

Well, when Daisy discovered one of these leaves, she didn’t like it one bit. She got into her confrontational stance at a safe distance, stretched forward, and sniffed gingerly at this Giant Among Leaves.


Nope. It didn’t convince her that it belonged there. She started barking and barking at it. Later she went nuts when DD put one on her head!

We had a blast and so did Daisy; now we’re looking forward to introducing her to her first snowfall!

One response to “Daisy’s First Autumn Leaf Romp!

  1. Judy says:

    Sounds like a fun fall day!

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