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Daisy’s Discovery of the Mirror World

on November 11, 2010

How can you be in there and behind me at the same time?

It seems like Daisy thinks she’s discovered an alternate universe in the reflection of our oven door. 🙂

As I was preparing dinner, I looked over and saw Daisy standing perfectly still, staring into the empty oven. Or at least I thought she was staring into the oven – she seemed transfixed by the plain black surface.

Then I realized that she was standing at a slight angle, and that her head in the reflection  was angled up toward me! Could she really have been watching me through the reflective oven surface?

So I waved at her – or rather, at the oven door. Her ears were perked up as she seemed to be trying to comprehend this odd but peculiarly familiar Otherworld that existed in our kitchen. She didn’t flinch; she stood frozen in place. I smiled and waved a couple more times, and then she started to get it – she slowly wagged just the tip of her tail at this Oven Door Phantom.

Then I said “hello” to her as I waved; she looked back at me, looked into the glass, and then started wagging her tail with more enthusiasm. I guess she finally realized there was no Stranger Danger in that Oven Door Phantom!

One response to “Daisy’s Discovery of the Mirror World

  1. Judy says:

    That’ cute:) Tiffy barks and growls at those mysterious beings in the window, it’s pretty funny actually.

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