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Respecting the Dreaded Pot Lid – A Havachon Tale of Obedience

on November 10, 2010

I had mentioned a while back that our vet suggested we use a whistle to help train Daisy through her more stubborn areas of obedience training. We kept forgetting to buy one, so we started using a pot lid and spoon instead. The idea was to make a sudden, sharp noise that would get her attention and stop her from doing whatever naughty behavior she was doing; then, once we had her attention, we could give her the command and praise her for obeying.

The pot lid and spoon worked like a charm, and we haven’t had to use it for quite a while. Until now.

Daisy’s going through a jumping phase, which I know will become a permanent part of her behavior if we don’t stop it now. Could be puppyish enthusiasm, but it’s probably just part of her exuberant nature;

See? I DO know how to behave when I want to! 🙂

either way, it has to stop. I can’t even count how many homes I’ve gone into where the family dog jumps all over everyone – and this is kind of scary when the dogs are BIG. Then you sit down and they continue to jump, either onto your lap or just in an annoying way where they claw at your arm and side.

Like the Dog Whisperers and Dog Listeners and all the other dog experts say, this can be a sign of dominance and/or anxiety (neither of which is good for the dog), but for humans, it can be just plain annoying when it’s not encouraged by the recipient of all that attention. It can also be damaging to clothing and, if the dog’s nails aren’t clipped, it can leave you with some pretty nasty welts and/or scrapes. Not to mention shedding dog hair!

Daisy jumps on us repeatedly like a bouncing super-ball when we walk into the room; she jumps a foot into the air and against the glass doors when she sees a squirrel or chipmunk outside. And she jumps against the baby gate when someone’s on the other side who she wants to greet, eventually causing the gate to fall with the potential to hurt herself. Her jumping is out of control, and her frenzied state makes her incapable of caring about our commands to stop, let alone even hearing us!

So out came the pot lid again. And once again, it’s working like a charm.

She HATES this thing.

I don’t even have to clang it with the spoon anymore – all I do is take it out – she immediately hears that tiny little metallic sound when I pick it up. She jolts to attention, freezes in place, eyes wide, and then backs off with her eyes fastened on the lid. Since I have her full attention, I give her the NO JUMP command over and over, and then praise her for listening.

It works so fast that after using it a few times in one day, I only had to walk toward it, put my hand on it, and she snaps to attention. Yesterday morning she started her usual jumping and shrieking routine as DD prepared to leave for work, and the minute she saw me pick up the lid, she backed right off and calmed down. I put the lid down and continued to give her the “No jump” and “Quiet” commands, and she stayed quiet and calm. DD took a couple more minutes to leave, which should have thrown Daisy into a frenzy, but it didn’t. She stayed. After DD left, I gave her a treat and praised her more.

Half an hour later, her squirrel buddy started teasing her again. She started her maniac jumping at the glass door, but this time she listened to my “No jump” command without my even having to go near the pot lid.

Today was even better. When DD was getting ready to leave, Daisy started her frantic jumping. I looked at her warningly and just happened to catch her eye – she looked at me, stopped mid-jump, and backed off, quieting down immediately. She stood still and just wagged her tail at DD. After DD left and I praised her, she proudly trotted toward her biscuits and received her prize.

You gotta love good home remedies! 🙂

One response to “Respecting the Dreaded Pot Lid – A Havachon Tale of Obedience

  1. tiffy40 says:

    It is so funny that we posted about the same subject on the same day, I guess great minds think alike:) It’s great that you are making so much progress with Daisy and I like the pot and lid idea. Maybe the next time Miss Tiff gets a letter from a wayward dog she could offer that advice to them.

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