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Daisy’s Spay Recovery Update

on October 27, 2010

I’m starting to see some signs of the “old Daisy” coming back again!


My crate feels particularly cozy these days....


This morning Daisy was more alert, with her ears up and her eyes brighter and more wide open. Slowly but surely, she’s getting her “zing” back!

She still has the weird jumping and running bursts, but I’m starting to think that the pain is lessening while itching is increasing. When she walks, she keeps trying to scratch her abdomen with her right hind leg.

She’s spending most of her time curled up in her crate this morning, so her usual activity level and interest in her toys and the outdoors haven’t returned yet. But she did get very excited and danced around happily when I came into the kitchen, which she wasn’t able to do for the past two days. These are good signs.

I’m keeping an eye on a rather large bluish area on the side of her abdomen; it looks like a subdermal bruise or blood accumulation. Hopefully it’s somewhat normal. Since my last dog was completely bandaged after her spaying, I have no frame of reference as to what dog bellies can look like after this type of surgery. From what I’ve read, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as no blood leaks from the incision and the area doesn’t feel hot.

Fingers crossed that it’s nothing unusual and Daisy continues her progress!

One response to “Daisy’s Spay Recovery Update

  1. tiffy40 says:

    It’s great to hear that Daisy is starting to feel better:) I’m sure she’ll be back to herself in no time at all…

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